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Nerdist Industries, LLC
IndustryDigital entertainment
FoundedFebruary 2012
Founder Chris Hardwick and Peter Levin
United States
Owner Legendary Digital Networks

Nerdist Industries, LLC is part of the digital division of Legendary Entertainment. Nerdist Industries was founded as a sole podcast (The Nerdist Podcast) created by Chris Hardwick but later spread to include a network of podcasts, a premium content YouTube channel, a news division (Nerdist News), and a television version of the original podcast produced by and aired on BBC America.



Nerdist Industries was formed in February 2012 after Hardwick and Peter Levin (GeekChicDaily) merged their separate entertainment projects into Nerdist Industries, after which GeekChicDaily was rebranded Nerdist News. The newly formed company began to produce additional podcasts under the Nerdist Industries banner as well as producing content and webshows for its Nerdist YouTube channel. In July 2012, Nerdist Industries was acquired by Legendary Entertainment. It was announced that Nerdist Industries would operate independently with Hardwick and Levin as its co-presidents. [1]

Peter Levin left Nerdist Industries in 2013 and now heads Lionsgate's Interactive Ventures and Games. Hardwick then took over, and served as chief executive officer until 2015, when he relinquished operational control until the expiration of his contract in 2017, with the original Nerdist podcast and archives remaining under Hardwick's control under the new title ID10T with Chris Hardwick . His presence with the company, including as founder, was clarified and removed from the website on June 15, 2018 after abuse allegations were made against him by a former girlfriend. [2] [3] [4] On August 10, 2018, his name was then returned to Nerdist's website. [5]

Nerdist News

Nerdist News (founded February 2012; formerly GeekChicDaily) is the Nerdist branded pop culture newsletter, founded and originally operated by former Nerdist Industries CEO Peter Levin. The cross-platform publisher currently has two newsletter publications, Nerdist News and TOKYOPOP. GeekChicDaily became Nerdist News after it merged with Nerdist to form Nerdist Industries in February 2012. [6] [7] In late 2013 Nerdist News transitioned to a web series on YouTube channel "Nerdist", hosted by previous IGN Daily Fix presenter Jessica Chobot that airs five days a week to bring the latest news in nerdy pop culture.

Nerdist Podcast

The Nerdist Podcast, the flagship podcast of Nerdist Industries, is a weekly interview show launched February 8, 2010 "about what it really means to be a nerd" hosted by Web Soup and Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick, who is usually accompanied by Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. [8] The audio podcasts are typically an hour in length and include conversations with notable comedians or entertainers, sometimes at their own home. [9] Guests are varied, though typically relate to either stand-up comedy, nerd culture, or both, and have included CM Punk, Rob Zombie, Stan Lee, Ozzy Osbourne, Jeri Ryan, Drew Carey and several cast and crew of Community , Doctor Who , and Star Trek: The Next Generation .

In late 2017, Hardwick's future with Nerdist Industries and parent company Legendary Entertainment became unclear. Although still technically CEO of Nerdist Industries, he considered his role to have become advisory, and no longer felt connected with the company. As his contract with Legendary approached its end with no discussion about renewing, Hardwick – who retains full rights to the podcast, including its catalog of back episodes – decided to move the podcast. Since he didn't have rights to use the Nerdist name on the podcast without heavy fees, and as part of a new venture, in February 2018 it was renamed to ID10T with Chris Hardwick. [10]

Nerdist Podcast Network

During 2011, Nerdist began releasing various other podcasts. As of January 2016 the full range includes: [11]

Inactive/former podcasts

Nerdist Showroom

The Nerdist Showroom, also known as NerdMelt or the NerdMelt Showroom, was a performance space operated in collaboration with, and located inside, Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, California. The showroom opened in April 2011 and ran through March 2018. It featured the Nerdist logo near the entrance, plush chairs, dark walls, and a far off green room. Performances included live stand-up comedy, storytelling shows, sketch comedy, movie screenings, writer's panels and podcast recordings. It was also the home of the Comedy Central television series The Meltdown with Jonah & Kumail. Past performers include Louis C.K., Jim Gaffigan, Dan Harmon, Kumail Nanjiani, Jonah Ray, and Robin Williams. [17]

The Showroom closed with Meltdown on March 31, 2018, after the building's owners sold it to a developer planning to construct a new residential development along two blocks. [18] [19]

YouTube channel

Content featured on Nerdist's YouTube channel. includes: [20] [21]


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GeekChicDaily was a multi-platform publisher of pop culture based newsletters, founded by Peter Levin and Gareb Shamus and operated by CEO Peter Levin.

Nerdist News is a Nerdist-branded pop culture newsletter launched in February 2012. It was founded and operated by Nerdist Industries' CEO, Peter Levin, and its CCO, Chris Hardwick. It was hosted by Jessica Chobot.

@midnight with Chris Hardwick was an American late night Internet-themed panel game show, hosted by Chris Hardwick, that aired Monday through Thursday nights between October 21, 2013 and August 4, 2017 on Comedy Central. @midnight with Chris Hardwick premiered on October 21, 2013. It was syndicated internationally in Australia on SBS2 and The Comedy Channel, in the United Kingdom on Comedy Central Extra, and in Canada formerly on MuchMusic and later on The Comedy Network.

<i>Harmontown</i> comedy podcast started in 2012

Harmontown was a weekly live comedy podcast that aired from June 16, 2012 to December 3, 2019. It was hosted by writer Dan Harmon, best known as the creator of the television series Community and Rick and Morty, and actor Jeff B. Davis, best known for his work on the improvisational comedy series Whose Line Is It Anyway?Harmontown began as a monthly live comedy show in Los Angeles, California at the NerdMelt Showroom on May 23, 2011, but the show became weekly after Harmon was fired from Community. Since the summer of 2012, each episode of Harmontown had been recorded and released as a podcast, first by Feral Audio through 2017, then Starburns Audio starting in 2018.

<i>The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail</i> television series

The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail is a stand-up comedy television series that aired on Comedy Central in the United States. It was hosted by stand up comedians Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani. It was filmed in the Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles. It originated as a weekly live show in 2010, and then on July 24, 2014, an edited version began airing on Comedy Central in eight-episode seasons.

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