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Nesh (Pashto : نېش ولسوالۍ, Persian : ولسوالی نیش) is a mountainous district in the northern part of Kandahar Province, shifted from Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan. It borders Oruzgan Province to the west, north and east and Shah Wali Kot, Khakrez and Ghorak districts to the south. The population is 14,884 (2019). [1] The district center is the village of Naish, located in the central part of the district.

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Zabul Province Province of Afghanistan

Zabul is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, located in the south of the country. It has a mostly rural population of about 289,300. Zabul became an independent province from neighbouring Kandahar in 1963. Historically, it was part of the Zabulistan region. Qalat serves as the capital of the province.

Uruzgan Province Province of Afghanistan

Uruzgan, also spelled as Urozgan or Oruzgan, is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. Uruzgan is located in the center of the country. The population is 333,500, and the province is mostly a tribal society. Tarinkot serves as the capital of the province.

Daykundi Province Province of Afghanistan

Daykundi, also spelled as Daikundi, Daikondi or Dai Kundi, is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, located in the central part of the country. It has a population of about 723,980, which is a Hazara Province.

Districts of Afghanistan

This is a list of districts of Afghanistan, known as wuleswali. These are secondary level administrative units, one level below the provinces. The Afghan government issued its first district map in 1973. It recognized 325 districts, counting wuleswalis (districts), alaqadaries (sub-districts), and markaz-e-wulaiyat. In the ensuing years additional districts have been added through splits, and a few eliminated through mergers. In June 2005, the Afghan government issued a map of 398 districts. It was widely adopted as by many information management systems, though usually with the addition of Sharak-e-Hayratan for a 399 district total. Here is a link to a clean rendering of the 399 district set as a spreadsheet from an official Afghan source. It remains the de facto standard, as of late 2018, despite a string of government announcements of the creation of new districts.

Ghorak district(Pashto: غورک ولسوالۍ‎) is situated in the northwestern part of Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. It borders Helmand Province to the West, Oruzgan Province and Naish District to the North, Khakrez District to the East and Maywand District to the South. The population is 8,600 (2006). The district center is the village of Ghorak, located in its western part.

Deh Rawood District District in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan

Deh Rawood is a district in Uruzgan Province, southern Afghanistan, and the name of the town that serves as district seat. Deh Rawood lies along the Helmand River. The tribes in the district are Pashtun, dominated by the Noorzai and Populzai sub-tribes.

Jan Mohammad Khan was a politician in Afghanistan, who served as Governor of Oruzgan Province from January 2002 to March 2006, member of the National Assembly, and a special adviser to President Hamid Karzai. He was an elder of the Popolzai Pashtun tribe in Oruzgan and a close ally of Hamid Karzai.

Maulavi Abdul Hakim Munib is an Afghan politician, born about 1971. He was Governor of Oruzgan province from March 18, 2006 through August 2007, when he was replaced.

Tarinkot Place in Uruzgan, Afghanistan

Tarīnkōṭ, also spelled as Tarin Kowt, is the capital of Uruzgan Province in southern Afghanistan in the Tarinkot District. Tarinkot city has a population of 71,604 (2015), with some 200 small shops in the city's bazaar.

Shah Wali Kot District

Shah Wali Kot District is situated in the northern part of Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. It borders Khakrez District to the west, Naish District and Oruzgan Province to the north, Zabul Province to the east and Daman and Arghandab districts to the south. The population is 38,400 (2006). The district center is located in the most southern part of the district. The district has been known as a stronghold of the Taliban forces.

Koh Band District District in Kapisa Province, Afghanistan

Kohband District is situated in the northwestern part of Kapisa Province, Afghanistan. It borders Kohistan District to the west, Parvan Province to the north, Nijrab District to the east and Mahmud Raqi District to the south. The population is 26,133 (2019). The district center is Hajjikheyl located in the western part of the district. The people mostly speak Pashayi language.

Zazi Maidan District, or Jaji Maidan or Dzadzi Maidan, is located in the northeastern part of Khost Province, Afghanistan. It borders Bak District to the west, Paktia Province to the north, and the Kurram Agency of Pakistan to the north and east. The estimated population is 26,766 (2019). The district center is the village of Zazi Maidan, situated in the eastern part of the district.

Battle of Chora

The Battle of Chora took place in and around the town of Chora, in Afghanistan's Orūzgān Province, during June 15–19, 2007. The fighting was between ISAF and Afghan forces on one side and Taliban forces on the other, for the control of the Chora District centre, regarded by the Taliban as a tactical target because it provides ground access from unsecured Gizab district in the north to the provincial capital of Tarin Kowt. According to some press reports, the fighting was the largest Taliban offensive of 2007 in Afghanistan, and resulted in the death of one American, two Dutch and 16 Afghan soldiers, as well as approximately 58 civilians and 71 Taliban fighters.

Sirkanay District

Sirkanay District is situated in the central part of Kunar Province, Afghanistan. It borders Pakistan to the south. The population is 39,292 (2019). The district administrative center is the village of Serkanay at 775 m altitude. To the north the district borders the Kunar River, which irrigates the small part of arable land. Drought is the major problem of the people. The majority of the houses (70%) were destroyed during the wars. Many young men live and work in Pakistan.

Rozi Khan was a Pashtun Barakzai tribal leader in the Afghanistan province of Orūzgān. In the 1980s he was a Mujahideen commander fighting against the Soviets. In 2001 he was appointed police chief of Orūzgān province by President Karzai, a position he held until 2006. He was made governor of Oruzgan's Chora District in mid-2008.

Azra District is a district of Logar Province, Afghanistan. It is located in the eastern part of the district and is 140 km from the capital Kabul. It was moved from Paktia Province. The district is geographically isolated from the capital of Logar. The primary agriculture in the district is hemp. The population in 2019 was estimated to be 22,588.

Tagab may refer to:

Janikhel District (Paktika)

Janikhel is a district in Paktika Province, in eastern Afghanistan. It was created in 2004 out of a part of Khairkot District.

The Battle of Doan was a ground battle in the War in Afghanistan fought in Doan Village on 9 September 2011 between forces of the Taliban and elements of the Afghan National Army accompanied by units of the Australian Army deployed under Operation Slipper. The Taliban fired harassing fire at an Australian and Afghan patrol near the village of Doan, in Oruzgan Province, causing the loss of one Australian vehicle, with one soldier wounded. One person was arrested, while casualties on the Taliban side are unknown.


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