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NetEase, Inc.
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Type of site
Traded as Nasdaq:  NTES
NASDAQ-100 Component
FoundedJune 1997;24 years ago (1997-06)
Headquarters Hangzhou, China [1] and George Town, Cayman Islands
Founder(s) Ding Lei
Key peopleDing Lei (CEO)
Products Online services
Revenue Increase2.svg CN¥ 59.24 billion (2019) [2]
Operating income Increase2.svg CN¥ 13.79 billion (2019) [2]
Net income Increase2.svg CN¥ 21.43 billion (2019) [2]
Total assets Increase2.svg CN¥ 112.12 billion (2019) [2]
Employees18,129 (December 2017) [3]
Divisions NetEase YanXuan
NetEase Cloud Music
NetEase Games (Thunder Fire)
NetEase Games (Interactive Entertainment)
NetEase Games (Montreal)
NetEase D&R Center Lab
NetEase Wisdom Enterprise
NetEase News
Subsidiaries Titan Studio
Sakura Studio
Ouka Studio [4] [5]
NetEase office in Hangzhou NetEaseHangzhouOffice.jpg
NetEase office in Hangzhou

NetEase, Inc. (simplified Chinese:网易; traditional Chinese:網易; pinyin:WǎngYì) is a Chinese Internet technology company providing online services centered on content, community, communications, and commerce. The company was founded in 1997 by Ding Lei. NetEase develops and operates online PC and mobile games, advertising services, email services and e-commerce platforms in China. It is one of the largest Internet and video game companies in the world. [6] NetEase has an on-demand music-streaming service (NetEase Music). The company also owns several pig farms. [7]


NetEase video games include, the Westward Journey series, Tianxia III, Heroes of Tang Dynasty Zero, Ghost II, [8] Nostos and Onmyoji. NetEase also partners with Blizzard Entertainment to operate Chinese versions of their games, such as World of Warcraft , StarCraft II , Overwatch . [9]


The company was founded in June 1997 by Chinese entrepreneur Ding Lei, and grew rapidly due in part to its investment in search engine technology. [10] In 2012 the company's official English name was changed from, Inc to NetEase, Inc. [11]

Early in the company's history, top executives quit amid possible ad revenue misreporting [12] and buy-out talks with i-Cable Communications and others were reported. [13]

In 2008 the domain attracted at least 1.8 million visitors annually by 2008 according to a survey. [14] In 2010 the site was the 28th most visited site in the world according to Alexa's internet rankings. [15] NetEase's official website address is This was attributed to the past when Chinese internet users had to dial "163" to connect to the internet, before the availability of broadband internet. [16] NetEase is the largest provider of free e-mail services in China with more than 940 million users as of 2017. In addition to, the company also runs, and more. [17]

Expansion and acquisitions

NetEase launched their first Western Headquarters in August 2014 bringing one of the largest tech companies in China to the US. [18] In January 2020, NetEase discussed secondary listings with the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing. [19]

In 2018 NetEase invested US$100 million into Bungie for a minority stake in the company and a seat on its board of directors. [20] In December of the same year NetEase invested in New Zealand developer A44 (Formally known as Aurora 44), [21] and it sold its comics business to Bilibili. [22] In 2019 NetEase obtained a minority stake in Quantic Dream for an undisclosed investment. [23]

In June 2020 NetEase established a Japanese studio called "Sakura Studio" to develop next-generation console games. [24] [25]


The company has a history of partnerships with other companies. In 2008, Blizzard Entertainment partnered with NetEase to bring some of their games to the Chinese market. [26] In April 2012, NetEase began testing a restaurant recommendation mobile app called "Fan Fan". [27] [28] In 2017 NetEase made an agreement with the American company Marvel Comics to develop a comic based on a Chinese superhero. In addition 12 comic copies by Marvel would be released online, such as The Amazing Spider-Man , Captain America , and Guardians of the Galaxy . [22]

The company collaborated with to provide Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in China. [29] In 2014, NetEase launched an online course platform with educational content. [30]

Chinese government regulation

In October 2020, the Cyberspace Administration of China ordered NetEase to undergo "rectification" and temporarily suspended certain comment functions after censors found "inappropriate" comments on its news app. [31]

Gamers trying the new release of Speedy Ninja at PAX 2015 PAX SPEEDY NINJA.png
Gamers trying the new release of Speedy Ninja at PAX 2015

Games developed or published

NetEase publishes many mobile games, including Onmyōji, Fantasy Westward Journey , Cyber Hunter and Identity V .

Licensed online games

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