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Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League
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Leones de León
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La Liga Nicaragüense de Beisbol Profesional (LNBP) was inaugurated on March 30, 1956, in Estadio Nacional. The first game was between the teams from San Fernando and Bóer. The Nicaraguan public's excitement for baseball grew as foreign professional teams and foreign players came to play in their country. Due to economic difficulty, the league had to shut down in 1967. The teams from Bóer and León were the most successful teams in those years with three championships each. The professional league was re-established in 2004.


Current teams

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Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League team locations





1957–58 Leones de León
1958–59 Oriental
1959–60 Leones de León
1960–61No champion
1961–62 Marlboro (Panamá)
1962–63 Indios del Bóer
1963–64 5 Estrellas
1964–65 Indios del Bóer
1965–66 Indios del Bóer
1966–67 5 Estrellas
2004–05 Leones de León
2005–06 Tigres de Chinandega
2006–07 Indios del Bóer
2007–08 Indios del Bóer
2008–09Season suspended
2009–10 Leones de León
2010–11 Indios del Bóer
2011–12 Indios del Bóer
2012–13 Tigres de Chinandega
2013–14 Gigantes de Rivas
2014–15 Indios del Bóer
2015–16 Gigantes de Rivas
2016–17 Tigres de Chinandega
2017–18 Tigres de Chinandega
2018–19 Leones de León
2019–20 Leones de LeónTigres de Chinandega 4–1
Indios del Bóer8
Leones de León6
Tigres de Chinandega4
5 Estrellas2
Gigantes de Rivas2
Marlboro (Panamá)1

Individual leaders


Home Runs
2004–05Adolfo MatamorosChinandega.378Luis IglesiasChinandega4Marlon AbeaSan Fernando33
Marlon AbeaSan Fernando4
2005–06Bárbaro CañizaresBóer.352Michel AbreuBóer14Wilson BatistaChinandega42
2006–07Justo RivasLeón.377Clyde WilliamsBóer16Clyde WilliamsBóer40
2007–08 Ofilio Castro San Fernando.351Luke GorsettChinandega6Danilo SoteloSan Fernando32
Jimmy HurtsSan Fernando6
Marcos SánchezSan Fernando6
2009–10 Jimmy González Granada.363Lenín AragónBóer6Lenín AragónBóer38
Edgard LópezLeón38
2010–11José CampusanoBóer.363Brian NicholsLeón10Manuel MejíaBóer37
2011–12Renato MoralesGranada.387Esteban RamírezChinandega12Wuillians VásquezBóer51
2012–13 Yurendell DeCaster Chinandega.416 Yurendell DeCaster Chinandega13 Yurendell DeCaster Chinandega56
Ramón FloresChinandega13
2013–14 Wuillians Vasquez Chinandega.351Ronald GarthGranada8Esteban RamírezChinandega35
2014–15 Yurendell DeCaster Rivas.368Rudy Van HeydoormRivas6Ramón FloresRivas38
2015–16Jonel PachecoChinandega.427Juan C. TorresGranada6Ronald GarthChinandega30
2016–17 Wuillians Vasquez Rivas.407 Wuillians Vasquez Rivas11 Wuillians Vasquez Rivas55
2017–18Javier RoblesBoér.354 Curt Smith Chinandega6Elmer ReyesRivas34
2018–19Elmer ReyesBoér.360Juan SilverioBoér6Juan SilverioBoér19
2019–20Ofilio CastroLeón.409Alvaro GonzalezChinandega10Elian MirandaChinandega31
Alvaro GonzalezChinandega31


2004–05Julio RaudezSan Fernando1.46Julio RaudezSan Fernando10–3Miguel PérezLeón99
2005–06 Wilton López León1.34Julio RaudezChinandega10–0Devern HansackLeón89
2006–07José Luis SáenzSan Fernando1.96 Wilton López León8–2Willy LebrónSan Fernando/León89
2007–08 Wilton López León1.45Diego SandinoSan Fernando10–0Juan FigueroaBóer60
2009–10Wilfredo AmadorLeón1.95Wilder RayoLeón7–2Melvin CuevasGranada57
2010–11Carlos EstrellaGranada1.19Rodney RodríguezGranada8–5Rodney RodríguezGranada93
2011–12Eric BlackwellLeón2.75Wilder RayoLeón8–3Juan FigueroaGranada74
2012–13Wilder RayoLeón2.06Juan FigueroaGranada7–1Juan FigueroaGranada79
2013–14Carlos EstrellaRivas1.62Carlos TéllerBóer7–0Santos HernandezGranada71
2014–15Rodney RodríguezBóer2.29Paul EstradaChinandega8–1Rodney RodríguezBóer58
2015–16Austin DavisBóer1.12Roger LuqueGranada5–2Paul EstradaRivas52
Abraham ElviraChinandega52
2016–17Gustavo MartínezGranada1.95José RosarioRivas7–1 Frankie de la Cruz Granada58
2017–18Jorge BucardoBóer1.56Manauris BaezBóer5–0Paul EstradaBóer49
2018–19Luis Angel MateoLeón3.29Jorge BucardoLeón3–0Luis Angel MateoLeón35
2019–20Isaac SilvaLeón2.59Carlos SanoChinandega4–0Carlos SanoChinandega37

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Baseball is the national game of Nicaragua, and is one of the most popular sports in the country. Nicaragua has a professional baseball league, the Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League, consisting of four teams, playing in the winter, and an amateur league, El Campeonato German Pomares, playing in spring and summer. The national baseball team has been successful in the past, mainly throughout the 1970s. In many pick-up games, players have to improvise due to lack of equipment. Often, grapefruits, and rocks are used as baseballs. Nicaragua and near-by Panama are two countries who have baseball as their national sport, rather than soccer, the national sport of many Central American countries.

The 2010–11 season in Primera División de Nicaragua will be divided into two tournaments and will determine the 57th and 58th champions in the history of the league. The season will begin on July 25 and end on December 12. It will also provide the sole berth for the 2011–12 CONCACAF Champions League.

The 2010–11 Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League season finished with the Indios del Bóer winning the competition.

The 2011–12 season in Primera División de Nicaragua will be divided into two tournaments and will determine the 59th and 60th champions in the history of the league. It will also provide the sole berth for the 2012–13 CONCACAF Champions League. The Apertura tournament will be played in the second half of 2011, while the Clausura will be played in the first half of 2012.

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