Night Express (film)

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Night Express
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Directed by Marcel Blistène
Written by René Jolivet
Jacques Viot
Produced by Roger Ribadeau-Dumas
Starring Roger Pigaut
Sophie Desmarets
Paul Demange
Cinematography Charles Bauer
Edited by Raymond Louveau
Music by Marcel Stern
Société Française de Cinématographie
Distributed byLa Société des Films Sirius
Release date
19 September 1948
Running time
80 minutes
Language French

Night Express (French: Rapide de nuit) is a 1948 French crime drama film directed by Marcel Blistène and starring Roger Pigaut, Sophie Desmarets and Paul Demange. [1]


The film's sets were designed by the art director Jacques Colombier.


A woman tricks an apparently naïve young man into carrying a suitcase full of stolen goods into a railway station.


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