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Nikolai Lazarevich Tarasov (Armenian : Նիկողայոս Ղազարոսեան Թորոսեան, 1882, Moscow – October 1910, Moscow) was an Armenian–Russian oil-industrialist and dandy, who was a devotee of the theatre. [1] [2]



He was born as Nikoghayos Torosian in a family of Armenian traders from Armavir. [3] From 1906 he financially supported Moscow Art Theatre and became a member of theatre's direction. In 1908, along with his friend Nikita Balieff, he co-founded the Moscow Bat theatre (La Chauve-Souris), [4] to organise comedy evenings for members of the Arts Theatre.

He committed suicide in 1910. Tarasov's tomb at the Moscow Armenian Cemetery is a modernist style work by sculptor Nikolai Andreev.

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