Nitsa Tsaganea

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Nitsa Tsaganea
Νίτσα Τσαγανέα
Eleni Laskari

17 Februar 1899
Died30 April 2002
Spouse(s) Christos Tsaganeas

Nitsa Tsaganea (Greek: Νίτσα Τσαγανέα; born 17 Februar 1899 – died 30 April 2002) was a Greek actress of theatre and film.



Eleni Laskari was the second wife of actor Christos Tsaganeas. Her most famous movies were Enas iroas me pantoufles and Oi Germanoi xanarhonte . [ citation needed ]

Tsaganea died on 30 April 2002 and was buried at the Athens First Cemetery, next to her daughter, actress Liana Vitsori. [1]


YearFilmTransliteration and translation
1957 The Germans Are Coming Οι Γερμανοί ξανάρχονται (Oi Germanoi xanarhonte)
1950s One Lantern, One Life Μια λατέρνα, μια ζωή (Mia laterna, mia zoi)
1958 Enas iroas me pantoufles Ένας ήρωας με παντούφλες
1959 Pos pernoun oi pantremenoi Πώς περνούν οι παντρεμένοι
1962 O Thodoros kai to dikanno Ο Θόδωρος και το δίκαννο
1963 Osa kryvei i nychta Όσα κρύβει η νύχτα (As Long As the Night is Hidden)
1967 To pio lambro asteri Το πιο λαμπρό αστέρι (The Most Shining Star)
1971 I krevatomourmoura Η κρεβατομουρμούρα
1982 Alaloum Αλαλούμ

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