Northern Ireland national Junior football team

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Northern Ireland Juniors
Nickname(s) Green and White Army, Norn Iron
Association Irish Football Association
Confederation UEFA (Europe)
Head coachHarry McConkey
Captain William Armstrong
Most caps Brian Hylands (25) [1]
Home stadiumvarious
Kit left arm nirelandh2010.png
Kit left arm.svg
Kit body nirelandh2010.png
Kit body.svg
Kit right arm nirelandh2010.png
Kit right arm.svg
Kit shorts.svg
Kit socks long.svg
First colours
Kit left arm greenshoulders.png
Kit left arm.svg
Kit body greencollar.png
Kit body.svg
Kit right arm greenshoulders.png
Kit right arm.svg
Kit shorts.svg
Kit socks greentop.png
Kit socks long.svg
Second colours
First international
Saint Patrick's Saltire.svg  Ireland 0–11 Scotland  Flag of Scotland.svg
(Glasgow; 15 February 1890)
Biggest win
Ulster Banner.svg  Northern Ireland 5–0 Luxembourg  Flag of Luxembourg.svg
(Luxembourg; 1 October 2000)
Biggest defeat
Saint Patrick's Saltire.svg  Ireland 0–11 Scotland  Flag of Scotland.svg
(Glasgow; 15 February 1890)
UEFA Regions Cup
Appearances2 (first in 2007)
Best resultFinals Group Stage

The Northern Ireland Junior national football team, commonly referred to as Northern Ireland Juniors, represents Northern Ireland in international association football matches for teams selected outside national professional leagues. Originally selected on an all-Ireland basis, the team is now limited to selecting players appearing in intermediate and junior leagues within Northern Ireland. A number of players have graduated from the Junior international side to the senior international side, notably Norman Uprichard and Dick Keith who played at the 1958 World Cup. The most recent player to graduate to the senior team was Stuart Dallas.



Ireland Juniors played their first representative match against Scotland in 1890. The Scots became the primary opponents for Ireland Juniors through to the 1990s with only occasional matches against Wales and the Republic of Ireland for variety. [2]


The main competition for junior level national teams in Europe is the UEFA Regions Cup. Northern Ireland Juniors first entered in 2000 but a change in the rules mean that since 2007 the national team has been unable to enter and a regional select has entered in its stead. [3] Since this change the Eastern Region have been the representatives five times and the Western Region once having won a play-off.

In addition Northern Ireland Juniors regularly compete in the International Quadrangular Tournament along with Scotland, the Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man. Northern Ireland have won this competition three times, in 1995, 1996 and 2017.

Current squad

The following players were selected for the Junior International Quadrangular Tournament held in Glasgow, Scotland from 11–14 October 2017. [4]

Kit NumberPositionNameClub
1 GK Jordan Williamson PSNI
12 GK Paul Wells Limavady United
2Dale Montgomery Loughgall
3William Armstrong (C) Harland & Wolff Welders
4Scott McMillan Harland & Wolff Welders
5Dean Curry Institute
6Ryan Deans Harland & Wolff Welders
7Dylan Wilson PSNI
8Jordan Gibson Lurgan Celtic
9Warner Mullen Lurgan Celtic
10Ryan Campbell Dergview
11Ricky Thompson Dollingstown
13Ryan Morrow Institute
14Aaron Walsh Maiden City
15Ryan Arthurs Knockbreda
16Adam Gray Ballyclare Comrades
17Stewart Nixon Ballyclare Comrades
18Stephen Curry Institute
19Mark Kelly Ballyclare Comrades
20Craig Harris Harland & Wolff Welders

Competition Records

UEFA Regions' Cup

1999 [5] Did not enter
2001 [6] Qualifying Round Flag of Luxembourg.svg 311184
2003 [7] Qualifying Round Flag of the Netherlands.svg 310243
2005 [8] Qualifying Round Flag of Slovenia.svg 311163
2007 [9] 1Finals – Group Stage Flag of Bulgaria.svg 9531116
2009 [10] 1Intermediate Round Flag of Germany.svg 311133
2011 [11] 1Intermediate Round Flag of North Macedonia.svg 621366
2013 [12] 1Finals – Group Stage Flag of Italy.svg 95221512
2015 [13] 1Finals – Group Stage Flag of Ireland.svg 6411157
2017 [14] 2Intermediate Round Flag of Moldova.svg 300326
2019 [15] 1Intermediate Round Ulster Banner.svg 310234

Since 2007, Northern Ireland has been represented by the winner of a play-off between the Eastern Region1 and Western Region2.

Quadrangular Tournament

Flag of Ireland.svg 1993–94Did not enter1
Flag of Scotland.svg 1994–95Final1st211043
Flag of the Isle of Man.svg 1995–96Final1st220031
Ulster Banner.svg 1996–97Final2nd201123
Flag of Ireland.svg 1997–983rd place play-off4th201114
Flag of Scotland.svg 1998–993rd place play-off4th200218
Flag of the Isle of Man.svg 1999–20003rd place play-off4th200213
Ulster Banner.svg 2000–01 League [16] 3rd310225
Flag of Ireland.svg 2002-03League4th301239
Flag of Scotland.svg 2004–05League3rd311134
Flag of the Isle of Man.svg 2007–08League3rd302167
Ulster Banner.svg 2009–10League4th302124
Flag of Ireland.svg 2013–14League3rd310236
Flag of Scotland.svg 2017–18League1st321083

1 A Mid Ulster side represented Northern Ireland

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The Union of European Football Associations is the administrative body for association football, futsal and beach soccer in Europe, although several member states are primarily or entirely located in Asia. It is one of six continental confederations of world football's governing body FIFA. UEFA consists of 55 national association members.

Scottish Junior Football Association

The Scottish Junior Football Association (SJFA) is an affiliated national association of the Scottish Football Association and is the governing body for the junior grade of football in Scotland. The term "junior" refers to the level of football played, not the age of the players. The closest equivalent terminology would be non-League football in England, the difference being that junior football in Scotland is not similarly integrated into its football league system. Founded in 1886, the SJFA is responsible for disciplinary matters within the grade, certain player registration procedures and organising the annual Scottish Junior Cup. Other league and cup competitions are organised by three regional committees. The association headquarters are at Hampden Park, Glasgow, which is Scotland's national football stadium. There was an earlier Scottish Junior FA, which was founded in Glasgow in October 1880. This body also ran a Scottish Junior Cup competition during 1880–81 season but appears to have disbanded at the end of that season.

Northern Ireland national football team Team representing Northern Ireland in international association football

The Northern Ireland national football team represents Northern Ireland in international association football. From 1882 to 1920, all of Ireland was represented by a single side, the Ireland national football team, organised by the Irish Football Association (IFA). In 1921, the jurisdiction of the IFA was reduced to Northern Ireland following the secession of clubs in the soon-to-be Irish Free State, although its team remained the national team for all of Ireland until 1950, and used the name Ireland until the 1970s. The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) organises the separate Republic of Ireland national football team.

Scottish Amateur Football Association

The Scottish Amateur Football Association (SAFA) is the organising body for amateur football across Scotland. An affiliate of the Scottish Football Association, the SAFA has in turn 50 regional associations affiliated to it and some 67 different league competitions organised by these associations. There is estimated to be over 35,000 amateur footballers in Scotland, and all of their competitions are co-ordinated at some level by the Scottish Amateur Football Association. The SAFA was formed in 1909 with the purpose of legislating for and fostering the amateur level of football in Scotland.

Scottish Cup Association football competition in Scotland

The Scottish Football Association Challenge Cup, commonly known as the Scottish Cup, is an annual association football knock-out cup competition for men's football clubs in Scotland. The competition was first held in 1873–74. Entry is open to all 98 clubs with full membership of the Scottish Football Association (SFA), along with up to eight other clubs who are associate members.

Association football is organised on a separate basis in each of the four constituent countries that make up the United Kingdom (UK), with each having a national football association responsible for the overall management of football within their respective country. There is no United Kingdom national football team. Football has been the most popular sport in the UK since the 1860s. Rugby union, rugby league and cricket are other popular sports.

Steven Davis

Steven Davis is a Northern Irish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Scottish Premiership club Rangers and is the captain of the Northern Ireland national team. Davis made his full international debut in 2005 and has since been capped 124 times at senior level to become the most capped player in Northern Ireland, scoring twelve goals. He captained his nation at UEFA Euro 2016.

No United Kingdom national football team exists, as there are separate teams representing each of the nations of the United Kingdom in international football.

Isle of Man official football team

The Isle of Man Representative County football team is the IOMFA football team of the Isle of Man and is controlled by the Isle of Man Football Association. The team plays in a yellow and red home kit and an all navy blue away kit.

The Gibraltar national football team represents Gibraltar in international football competitions, and is controlled by the Gibraltar Football Association. Gibraltar applied for full UEFA membership and was accepted by the UEFA Congress in May 2013 and can therefore compete in the UEFA European Championship beginning with the 2016 tournament for which the team competed in UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying Group D. On 13 May 2016 Gibraltar became a member of FIFA at the governing body's 66th Congress which was held in Mexico City. Gibraltar is the smallest UEFA member in terms of both area and population.

The Scotland women's national football team represents Scotland in international women's football competitions. Since 1998, the team has been governed by the Scottish Football Association (SFA). Scotland qualified for the FIFA Women's World Cup for the first time in 2019, and qualified for their first UEFA Women's Championship in 2017. As of July 2019, the team was 22nd in the FIFA Women's World Rankings.

Philip Anthony Hughes is a former Northern Ireland international footballer who played as a goalkeeper.

Daniel Lafferty

Daniel Patrick "Danny" Lafferty is a Northern Irish professional footballer who plays as a left back for Derry City.

Great Britain Olympic football team Mens football team representing the United Kingdom at the Summer Olympic Games

The Great Britain Olympic football team is the men's football team that represents the United Kingdom at the Summer Olympic Games. The team is organised by the English Football Association (FA) as the footballing representative of the British Olympic Association. The team only competes in the Olympic Games. In other international football tournaments, the Home Nations of the United Kingdom are represented by their own national teams, a situation which pre-dated the establishment of a GB team.

{{Infobox National futsal team | Name = Republic of Ireland | Badge = | Badge size = 130px | Nickname = The Boys in Green | Association's = [[Football Association of Ireland]

 [Ireland Futsal Union]] 
Northern Ireland national under-19 football team

The Northern Ireland national under-19 football team also known as Northern Ireland under-19s or Northern Ireland U19s represents Northern Ireland in association football at under-19 level. It is controlled by the Irish Football Association and began under the name of Ireland Youth when the Home Nations first held a round robin of friendly matches in 1948. The same year they entered the first International Youth Tournament, now the UEFA European Under-19 Football Championship. Their best performance was in 1963 when they finished as runner-up. The team evolved into the Northern Ireland under-18 team then the current under-19 team. As well as the UEFA Under-19 Championships the team also enters the annual Milk Cup. In addition, the team plays regular friendlies, sometimes as an under-20 or under-18 team by agreement of the opposing association.

The Scotland national semi-professional football team was a football team that represented Scotland. The Scotland semi-professional team competed in the Four Nations Tournament and was organised by the Scottish Football Association (SFA). The team was disbanded in 2008, when the SFA board decided to stop providing the finance needed for the team to operate. At the time the team was disbanded, players in the three senior non-leagues, the East of Scotland Football League, Highland Football League and South of Scotland Football League, were eligible for selection.

The Scotland national amateur football team was the amateur representative team for Scotland at football. It was formed in 1926 and continued until 1974.

2020–21 UEFA Europa League European club football competition

The 2020–21 UEFA Europa League is the 50th season of Europe's secondary club football tournament organised by UEFA, and the 12th season since it was renamed from the UEFA Cup to the UEFA Europa League.

Scotland national football team results (unofficial matches)

From 1870 to the present day, the Scotland national football team have played various matches that are not accorded the status of official (FIFA) internationals by the governing body, the Scottish Football Association. These include early matches against England prior to the first-ever official international in 1872, wartime fixtures between 1914–1919 and 1939–1946 when official competitions were suspended, overseas tour matches played by a Scotland XI of varying strength and status, and others as specified.


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