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Ny Hellesund
Amaldus Nielsen Morgen Ny Hellesund.jpg
Amaldus Nielsen painting: Morning at Ny-Hellesund
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Location of the village
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Ny-Hellesund (Norway)
Coordinates: 58°03′12″N07°50′25″E / 58.05333°N 7.84028°E / 58.05333; 7.84028 Coordinates: 58°03′12″N07°50′25″E / 58.05333°N 7.84028°E / 58.05333; 7.84028
Country Norway
Region Southern Norway
County Agder
District Kristiansand
Municipality Kristiansand
Søgne (pre 2020)
2 m (7 ft)
Time zone UTC+01:00 (CET)
  Summer (DST) UTC+02:00 (CEST)
Post Code
4644 Søgne
The two white cairns at Helgoya, rebuilt after World War II, was set up to make the sound recognizable from the ocean (Skagerrak). Hellevardane.jpg
The two white cairns at Helgøya, rebuilt after World War II, was set up to make the sound recognizable from the ocean (Skagerrak).

Ny-Hellesund is a village area and outport in Kristiansand municipality in Agder county, Norway. The village area is located on a cluster of three main islands about 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) south of the main harbour at Høllen. The three islands are Monsøya, Helgøya, and Kapelløya. The islands formed an outport because they all have good harbors and approach conditions.


Ny-Hellesund has 21 permanent residents (in 2015), but in the summer there are many more temporary residents who live in holiday cottages, guest houses, and boathouses. There is considerable boat traffic through the main channel between the three islands: Hellesundet (Helle Strait). In addition, a large number of boaters utilize the fine harbor conditions in the large, sheltered area between the islands of Helgøya and Kapelløya. [2]

Ny-Hellesund was from the 18th century known for its pilot station, customs station, guesthouses and fisheries. Ny-Hellesund can be regarded as one of the best preserved outports in the region. The ongoing preservation of the cultural environment here began in 2009. The MF Høllen is a ferry that travels to and from Ny-Hellesund several times each day. Ny-Hellesund is also a former shipyard, called "Verftet", which is now converted into a restaurant and guesthouse. The site is designed by artist Per Fronth. [3] [4]

Many Norwegian painters such as Johan Martin Nielssen and Amaldus Nielsen have portrayed Ny-Hellesund over the years.


Olavsund (English: Olav Strait) is the strait that runs between Kapelløya and Helgøya in the central part of Ny-Hellesund. According to legend, it was formed when Saint Olav struck with his sword against the mountain on the run from pursuers. In the narrowest part of Olavsund, it is said that it is possible to see the outline of St. Olav's face in the mountains. Legend says that St. Olav built a chapel on the island Kapelløya (English: Chapel island) as a thanks to the rescue. There are some plans to rebuild the chapel using designs by Sverre Fehn. [5]

Coastal fort

During World War II, the German occupying military forces built a coastal fort on Helgøya. Work began in 1942 and included Russian prisoners of war in the work. The purpose of the facility was to protect coastal traffic and the west entrance to Kristiansand.

The fort was originally called "Norway's little Gibraltar." The fort had a workforce of 150. It was armed with four 10.5-centimetre (4.1 in) coastal artillery guns had a range of approximately 12 kilometres (7.5 mi). To protect the fort, there were machine guns, mortars, and flame throwers. Furthermore, the fort was equipped with radar, searchlights, and smoke systems. All together there were 31 buildings there along with 26 bulletproof stone bunkers in the area.

The fort was abandoned in 1945 and many of the buildings were demolished and equipment and facilities were removed in an attempt to erase its memory over the following 30–40 years. In 1987, however, restoration work was begun. Several of the 10.5-centimetre (4.1 in) M/13 Schneider guns are back in place. Fortification, trenches, roads, and tunnels in the area is secured and repaired, so the area is easily accessible. [6]

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Søgne was an independent municipality until January 1, 2020 when the municipality was merged with the municipalities Songdalen and Kristiansand into the "new" Kristiansand municipality. It is located in the traditional district of Sørlandet, just outside of the city of Kristiansand, Norway. It is located in the traditional district of Sørlandet. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Tangvall. Other villages in Søgne include Ausviga, Eig, Høllen, Langenes, Lohne, Lunde, Ny-Hellesund, Trysnes, Vedderheia, Ålo, and Åros.

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Kristiansand, historically spelled Christianssand and Christiansand, is a city and municipality in Agder county, Norway. It is the fifth largest city in Norway and the municipality is the sixth largest in Norway, with a population of around 112,000 as of January 2020, following the incorporation of the municipalities of Søgne and Songdalen into the new and revised municipality of greater Kristiansand. In addition to the city itself, Statistics Norway counts four other densely populated areas in the municipality: Skålevik in Flekkerøy with a population of 3,526 in the Vågsbygd borough, Strai with a population of 1,636 in the Grim borough, Justvik with a population of 1,803 in the Lund borough, and Tveit with a population of 1,396 in the Oddernes borough. Kristiansand is divided into five boroughs: Grim, which is located northwest in Kristiansand with a population of 15,000; Kvadraturen, which is the centre and downtown Kristiansand with a population of 5,200; Lund, the second largest borough; Søgne, with a population of around 12,000 and incorporated into the municipality of Kristiansand as of January 2020; Oddernes, a borough located in the west; and Vågsbygd, the largest borough with a population of 36,000, located in the southwest.

Lillesand Municipality in Agder, Norway

Lillesand is municipality in Agder county, Norway. It is part of the traditional district of Sørlandet. The administrative center of the municipality is the town of Lillesand. Some of the larger villages in Lillesand municipality include Åkerøyhamn, Brekkestø, Gamle Hellesund, Helldal, Høvåg, Ribe, Skottevik, Trøe, Ulvøysund, and Vesterhus.

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Egersund is a town in Eigersund municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The town is located along the southwestern coast of Norway, about 75 kilometres (47 mi) south of the city of Stavanger. The town is situated along a strait which separates the mainland from the island of Eigerøya. The 6.36-square-kilometre (1,570-acre) village has a population (2015) of 11,473 which gives the town a population density of 1,804 inhabitants per square kilometre (4,670/sq mi).

Kristiansand Region Metropolitan Region in Kristiansand, Norway

Kristiansand Region is a statistical metropolitan region in the counties of Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder in southern Norway. It is centered on the city of Kristiansand. The region consist of 6 municipalities in the centre of Southern Norway. Vennesla, Songdalen, and Birkenes are inland municipalities while Kristiansand, Søgne, and Lillesand are coastal municipalities. Kristiansand is the largest municipality in population in the region and Birkeland is the largest in area.

Southern Norway Region of Norway

Southern Norway is the geographical region (landsdel) along the Skagerrak coast of southern Norway. The region is an informal description since it does not have any governmental function. It roughly corresponds to the old petty kingdom of Agder as well as the two former counties of Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder. From New Year 2020, the two counties have been merged into one county, Agder. The total combined area of Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder counties is 16,493 square kilometres (6,368 sq mi). The name is relatively new, having first been used in Norway around 1900.

Brekkestø Village in Southern Norway, Norway

Brekkestø is a small village on the southern coast of Norway. It is located on the island of Justøya within the municipality of Lillesand in Aust-Agder county, in the region known as Sørlandet. The village is mainly on Justøya, but there are houses and docks spread over several adjacent rocky islands. Many of the homes built around its compact harbor are white, wooden cottages with red tiled roofs, typical of the area. Brekkestø has a small general store, a filling station that provides fuel for boats only, and an ice cream kiosk open during the summer season. The village post office, located near the waterfront, was closed in 2002. Justøy Chapel is located just north of the village. The small village of Åkerøyhamn lies about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) to the southwest on the small, nearby island of Ågerøya.


Blindleia is an 20-kilometre (12 mi) long inland waterway in the municipality of Lillesand in Aust-Agder county, Norway. The strait starts in the Gamle Hellesund or Ulvøysund areas in southern Høvåg in the southwest and it continues northeast past the city of Lillesand. It is a salt water fjord passage that is protected from the open sea by an elongated archipelago of skerries and larger islands. There are several narrow gaps as part of the waterway, some of them only 10 metres (33 ft) wide.

Høllen Village in Southern Norway, Norway

Høllen is a fishing village in Kristiansand municipality in Agder county, Norway. The village is located at the mouth of the river Søgneelva, between the villages of Eig to the west, Tangvall to the north, and Åros to the east. Høllen is part of the greater Søgne urban area. It has a well-protected harbour and over the centuries has had shipyards, a post office, and it was the site of a Thing in the 1500s. There is regular ferry boat service to Ny-Hellesund from Høllen.

Høvåg Former Municipality in Southern Norway, Norway

Høvåg is a former municipality in Aust-Agder county, Norway. The 77 km2 (30 sq mi) municipality existed from 1865 until its dissolution in 1962. It was located in the southern part of the present-day municipality of Lillesand. The administrative centre of the municipality was the village of Høvåg where the Høvåg Church is located. Old coastal settlements in Høvåg include Ulvøysund, Gamle Hellesund, Skottevik, Kjøbmannsvig and Åkerøyhamn. The village of Høvåg is located midway between the towns of Lillesand and Kristiansand.

Festung Norwegen was the German term for the heavy defence and fortification system of Norway during the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany in World War II. Some, including Reichskommissar Josef Terboven, thought that these fortifications would serve effectively as a last perimeter of defense of the Third Reich in the event of Allied victory on the continent. It turned out that they kept German troops away from mainland Europe and thus helped to end the war more quickly.

Flekkerøy District in Southern Norway, Norway

Flekkerøy or Flekkerøya is an island and residential district in Kristiansand municipality in Agder county, Norway. The district is located within the borough of Vågsbygd, and it consists of 4 main neighborhoods: Berge/Andås, Kjære, Lindebø/Skålevik, and Mæbø/Høyfjellet. The district covers all of the island of Flekkerøya which lies within the city of Kristiansand. Since 1989, the island has been connected to the mainland through the Flekkerøy Tunnel, a 2,320-metre (7,612 ft) long subsea road tunnel. The island has 3,632 inhabitants. Flekkerøy Church is located on the island.

Justøy island in Norway

Justøya or Justøy is an island in Lillesand municipality in Agder county, Norway. The 7.9-square-kilometre (3.1 sq mi) island lies just south of the town of Lillesand with the Skaggerak to the east and the Blindleia strait and the mainland to the west. The name comes from Old Norse word Jóstr.

Odderøya Island in central Kristiansand, Norway

Odderøya is an island and neighborhoods in Kristiansand municipality in Agder county, Norway. The 0.7-square-kilometre (170-acre) island lies immediately to the south of the city centre of Kristiansand and it is connected to the mainland by four bridges. The island creates a natural division between the eastern and western parts of the port of Kristiansand.

Kvadraturen (Kristiansand) Borough of Kristiansand in Southern Norway, Norway

Kvadraturen is the city center of Kristiansand in Vest-Agder county, Norway, with a population of 6,750 (2015). The borough is made up of the centre together with the harbour to the south and the more rural district of "Eg" to the north. Kvadraturen is the administrative centre of the municipality of Kristiansand as well as the administrative centre of Vest-Agder county, but is far smaller in area than the other boroughs in the municipality, such as the borough of Grim to the north and west, and the borough of Lund to the east.

Gamle Hellesund Outport in Southern Norway, Norway

Gamle Hellesund is an outport in the Høvåg area in the municipality of Lillesand in Agder county, Norway. It is located on the island of Helløya in the coastal archipelago about halfway between the village of Ulvøysund to the southwest and Åkerøyhamn to the northeast. The small village is only accessible by boat. Historically, the village served as an outport along the Blindleia strait for boats coming from the Skaggerak. Today, Gamle Hellesund stays empty most of the year and is largely used in the summer by tourists.

Åros, Søgne Village in Southern Norway, Norway

Åros is a village in Kristiansand municipality in Agder county, Norway. The village is located along the river Søgneelva between the village of Høllen to the west and Langenes to the east. The west side of Åros reaches the Høllefjorden. Åros Feriesenter is a large recreational area along the fjord. It includes a camping facility and a beach area that is a popular attraction in the summer for residents and tourists alike. Årosskogen is the main residential neighborhood in the village.

Tangvall Village in Southern Norway, Norway

Tangvall is a village in Kristiansand municipality in Agder county, Norway. It was the administrative centre of former Søgne municipality. The village is located along the European route E39 highway and the river Søgneelva. The village sits just north of Åros and Høllen, northeast of the village of Eig, and east of the village of Lunde.

Songvår Lighthouse lighthouse in Norway

Songvår Lighthouse is a coastal lighthouse in the municipality of Søgne in Agder county, Norway. The lighthouse sits on the island of Hellersøya, about 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) south of the village of Høllen. The lighthouse was first built in 1888, and in 1955 a new lighthouse was constructed. The lighthouse was closed in 2004 and replaced with a smaller automated light tower, just southeast of the existing lighthouse.


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