Nyongwon County

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Nyŏngwŏn County

Korean transcription(s)
   McCune-Reischauer Nyŏngwŏn-gun
   Revised Romanization Nyeongwon-gun
DPRK2006 Pyongnam-Nyongwon.PNG
Map of South Pyongan showing the location of Nyongwon
Country North Korea
Province South P'yŏngan
Administrative divisions 1 ŭp, 1 tong, 23 ri

Nyŏngwŏn County is a county in South P'yŏngan province, North Korea.

Administrative divisions

Nyŏngwŏn county is divided into 1 ŭp (town), 1 tong (neighbourhood) and 23 ri (villages):

  • Nyŏngwŏn-ŭp (녕원읍)
  • Okch'ŏn-dong (옥천동)
  • Changsal-li (장산리)
  • Chungsam-ri (중삼리)
  • Ch'angsal-li (창산리)
  • Ch'ŏngsal-li (청산리)
  • Hwiyang-ri (회양리)
  • Masal-li (마산리)
  • Mungong-ri (문곡리)
  • On'yang-ri (온양리)
  • P'ungjŏl-li (풍전리)
  • Ryongdae-ri (룡대리)
  • Ryongsŏl-li (룡성리)
  • Sil-li (신리)
  • Sindae-ri (신대리)
  • Sinhŭng-ri (신흥리)
  • Sinmang-ri (신막리)
  • Songsal-li (송산리)
  • Suha-ri (수하리)
  • Sŭngdong-ri (승통리)
  • Sunho-ri (순호리)
  • Taesŏng-ri (대성리)
  • Top'yŏng-ri (도평리)
  • Tosam-ri (도삼리)
  • Yŏngch'ang-ri (영창리)

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South Pyongan Province Province of North Korea

South Pyongan Province is a province of North Korea. The province was formed in 1896 from the southern half of the former Pyongan Province, remained a province of Korea until 1945, then became a province of North Korea. Its capital is Pyongsong.

Taedong River river in North Korea

The Taedong River is a large river in North Korea. It rises in the Rangrim Mountains of the country's north. It then flows southwest into Korea Bay at Namp'o. In between, it runs through the country's capital, Pyongyang. Along the river are landmarks such as the Juche Tower and Kim Il-sung Square.

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Kujang County County in North Pyŏngan, North Korea

Kujang County is a kun, or county, in southeastern North P'yŏngan province, North Korea. It was created in 1952 from part of Nyŏngbyŏn county, as part of a nationwide reorganization of local government. It borders Nyŏngbyŏn on the west, Hyangsan and Unsan counties on the north, Nyŏngwŏn on the east, and Kaech'ŏn and Tŏkch'ŏn cities to the south.

Taehung County County in South Pyŏngan, North Korea

Taehŭng County is a kun, or county, in the northeastern corner of South P'yŏngan province, North Korea. It is bordered to the north by Ryongrim and Changjin, to the east by Yŏnggwang and Hamju, to the south by Yodŏk and Chŏngp'yŏng, and to the west by Nyŏngwŏn and Tongsin. It is drained by the Taedong River, which rises in the north part of the county before flowing west into Yŏngwŏn.

Yeongwon O clan was one of the Korean clans. Their Bon-gwan was in Nyongwon County, South Pyongan Province. According to the research in 2017, the number of Yeongwon O clan was 80. Their founder was O Sa chung. O Sa chung was from Gyeongsang Province and descendant of O Cheom who came over from China to Silla during Jijeung of Silla’s reign in Silla dynasty.