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Main square of Obukhiv
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Coat of arms
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Coordinates: 50°7′48″N30°39′24″E / 50.13000°N 30.65667°E / 50.13000; 30.65667 Coordinates: 50°7′48″N30°39′24″E / 50.13000°N 30.65667°E / 50.13000; 30.65667
Country Ukraine
Oblast Kyiv Oblast
Raion Obukhiv Raion
  Total24.2 km2 (9.3 sq mi)
177 m (581 ft)
  Density1,400/km2 (3,600/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+2 (EET)
  Summer (DST) UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code
Area code(s) +380 4572

Obukhiv (Ukrainian : Обухів) is a city in Kyiv Oblast (province) of Ukraine. Population: 33,419 (2020 est.) [1] . In 2001, population was 32,776.


Administratively, it is incorporated as a town of oblast significance. Obukhiv is also an administrative center of the Obukhiv Raion, though it does not belong to the region. Two other nearby villages, Lendy and Tatsenky, are subordinated to Obukhiv Municipality. The city has a Holodomor memorial and in 2009 the municipal administration took down the Lenin monument which was repeatedly vandalized. It is 178 km south - southeast of Chernobyl.



Obukhiv has a dry sub-humid (0.5 - 0.65 p/pet) climate. The land area is not cultivated, most of the natural vegetation is still intact. The landscape is mostly covered with mosaic vegetation/croplands. The climate is classified as a humid continental (humid with severe winter, no dry season with a cool temperate moist forest bio-zone . The soil in the area is high in chernozems, phaeozems, greyzems (ch), dark colored, deep soils in organic matter, calcareous lower in profile, also typical of grass steppe/prairie.


July is warmest with an average temperature of 24.8 °C at noon. January is coldest with an average temperature of -8.3 °C at night. Obukhiv has distinct cold and warm seasons, like cold winters and warm summers. The temperatures at night are cooler than during daytime. [2]

Winter has prolonged freezing periods, with the coldest month most often being December. July is on average the month with most sunshine. Rainfall and other precipitation has no distinct peak month. [2]

Climate data for Obukhiv, Ukraine
Record high °C (°F)11.0
Average high °C (°F)−2.6
Daily mean °C (°F)−5.4
Average low °C (°F)−8.2
Record low °C (°F)−27.0
Average rainfall mm (inches)35
Average rainy days9881010131191081010116
Source: Obukhiv Weather History [3]



15 SEP is the Day of Obukhiv.


Oleksandr Levchenko was elected mayor in March 2012 (with 38.6% of the total vote); thanks to a low voter turnout of 43% with only 4,500. [4] In the 2010 local elections Levchenko's Party of Regions also won most seats in the 46 seats city council (18 with 39,1%), followed by UDAR of Vitaliy Klychko (11 with 23,9%). [4] [5]

Levchenko was reelected as mayor in the October 2020 Ukrainian local elections with 51.5% of the votes as a candidate of the Servant of the People. [6] )


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No major airports are close to the city.

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