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Omallurthazhamuttom photo.jpg
The main Omalloor mansion
Coordinates: 9°14′48.3″N76°45′3.47″E / 9.246750°N 76.7509639°E / 9.246750; 76.7509639 Coordinates: 9°14′48.3″N76°45′3.47″E / 9.246750°N 76.7509639°E / 9.246750; 76.7509639
CountryFlag of India.svg  India
State Kerala
District Pathanamthitta
  Total14.54 km2 (5.61 sq mi)
 (2011) [2]
  Density1,200/km2 (3,100/sq mi)
  Official Malayalam, English
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code0468
Vehicle registration KL-03

Omalloor is a small town, about 3.5 km south of Pathanamthitta District headquarters, in Kerala. Omalloor is famous for Vayal Vanibham which is an annual farming fair held in the month of Meenam (October). People from both within and outside the town participate in the fair.


A Kolam Thullal in Omalloor Kolam Thullall.jpg
A Kolam Thullal in Omalloor



Various sections of Christianity and Hinduism co-exist, the Nairs, Ezhavas, Viswakarmas Veerashaivas and the Scheduled Class & Tribes constitute the major sections of the Hindu religion. Major Christian sects are Orthodox church, Jacobite Church, Marthoma Church, Malankara Catholic Church, St. Thomas Evangelical Church, Church of South India, Pentecostal Churches, and Brethren.


Omalloor Pooram oomlluu[?]ppuurN1.jpg
Omalloor Pooram

Temple festivals (Utsavam) and Church feasts (Palliperunal) are celebrated as village festivals. There are many historically important places of worship in Omalloor. The Rektha Kanda Swamy Temple is a grand temple situated in Omalloor, which dates back to the 8th century AD, is famous for its 10-day annual festival (utsavam). It is also a main pilgrim center for Sabarimala pilgrims. The St. Thomas Orthodox Valiya Palli (church) is another major place of worship for Christians. Manjanikkara Dayara is famous for its pilgrimage importance. Every year thousands of pilgrims come by foot to the tomb of Holy Patriarch Ignatius Elias III at Manjanikkara. St. Peter's Jacobite church, St. Stephen's Jacobite Church, Mullanikkadu St.Marys Orthodox Valiyapally, Puthenpeedika North St.Marys Orthodox Church, Puthenpeedika St.Marys Orthodox Valiyapally, St. Thomas Malankara Catholic Church, Puthenpeedika, St. Peter's Malankara Catholic Church, Cheekanal and St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Cheekanal are some other important places worship at Omalloor. Mathoor Kaavu Bhagavathi Temple, situated on the banks of Achenkovil river, is a famous Hindu temple. The River Achankovil marks the eastern border of the Omalloor Panchayat. The Thazhoor Bhagavati Temple, famous for the annual Padayani rituals during the Malayalam month of Kumbham is located on the banks of the River Achankovil.


There are quite a few education institutions as Omallur is very close to Pathanamthitta town. These include Amrita Vidyalayam, Catholicate Higher Secondary School, Bhavan's Vidya Mandir and Arya Bharati High School. Aarsha Bharatha Vidyalaya is a prominent school in Omallur with classes from pre-KG to 7th grade. Government Higher Secondary School Omallur founded in 1805, offer education till grade 12. [4] [5] Madona International School, Puthenpeedika is another elegant institution at Omalloor.


As per the 2011 Census of India, Omalloor had a population of 17611 with 8189 males and 9412 females. [2]

Like many other communities in central Kerala, Omallur has a relatively high proportion of working age adults. Non-resident Indians (NRIs) amount to 35% of cash flow . There are a number of small family-owned retail shops, and rubber plantations etc.

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Rakthakanda Swamy Temple, Omallur, Pathanamthitta District, known as "Omallur Temple" traces its history to 8th century AD. It is a pilgrim centre on the way to Sabarimala from Pandalam, the birthplace of Sree Ayyappan. The Temple is famous for its annual festival of 10 days in the month of Medom of Malayalam Era. The 10-day festival is celebrated by 10 Karayogams in and around Omallur. During the festival days, there is a customary Arattu procession to the river Achenkovil. More than 10 elephants decorated with Nettipattom will be a speciality of this Arattu. The Temple has a Golden Flag Staff erected in the year 1952 AD. Omallur is 4 km south from the district headquarters Pathanamthitta and 11 km from MC Road. Omallur Temple has many interesting stone carvings. Kallunadasvaram and Kalchangala are two among them.

Thumpamon is a village in Pandalam, a part of Adoor thaluk in Kerala, India. One of the greatest attractions of this village is the Achenkovil River, which is known for its natural sceneries along the riverbank. The village relies on non-resident Indian and crops like rubber, coconut, paddy and pepper. The most common crop in the village is rubber. Because of non-resident Indians, this is one of the wealthiest villages in Kerala. Thumpamon is divided into two regions, Thumpamon North and Thumpamon South, by the Achenkovil River.

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Thazhoor Bhagavathy Kshetram, is a 300-year-old Hindu temple on the banks of the Achankovil river in Vazhamuttom, Pathanamthitta District in Kerala. The Devi (goddess) is the main deity here.

Meenadom is a village in Kottayam, Kerala, India.

Chenneerkara is a village in Pathanamthitta district in the state of Kerala, India. The majority of its inhabitants are from Hindu and Christian backgrounds. The primary crops are rubber, coconut, black pepper and plantain. Chenneerkara is 10 km from Pathanamthitta and 7.5 km from Pandalam.

Mylapra is a village in Pathanamthitta district in the Indian state of Kerala. It comes under the Mylapra Panchayath. It is on the way to the famous Hindu pilgrim center of Sabarimala. The Main Eastern Highway passes through Mylapra.

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Thumpamon Diocese is one of the 30 dioceses of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. The diocese was created after the Mulanthuruthy Synod in 1876. Kuriakose Mar Clemis is the Metropoliton of the diocese. The head office is located in St. Basil Aramana, Pathanamthitta.Thumpamon Diocese name had been opted from "Thumpamon pally" where St.Gregorious of Parumala lived this life and done the administration of Thumpamon diocese.


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