Only the Valiant (1940 film)

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Only the Valiant
Directed by Adelqui Migliar
Written by Belisario García Villar
Starring Santiago Arrieta
Domingo Sapelli
Anita Jordán
Cinematography Gumer Barreiros
Edited by Gerardo Rinaldi
Music by Lucio Demare
Release date
12 June 1940
Language Spanish

Only the Valiant or The Charge of the Brave (Spanish:La carga de los valientes) is a 1940 Argentine historical drama film directed by Adelqui Migliar and starring Santiago Arrieta, Domingo Sapelli and Anita Jordán. The film was one of the most expensive productions made in Argentina. It portrays the 1827 defence of Carmen de Patagones against Brazilian forces during the Cisplatine War. [1]


The film's sets were designed by the art director Ralph Pappier. Eva Perón, the future wife of dictator Juan Perón, had a supporting part in the film.


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