Ons geluk

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Ons geluk
Country of originBelgium
No. of episodes26
Original network VTM

Ons geluk (Our Happiness) is a Flemish television series made by Belgian channel vtm from 1995–1996. The series is based on novels by Gerard Walschap. The scenario was written by Paul Koeck. It was the most expensive Belgian series at that time with a budget of 400 million Belgian francs (approx. €9.9 million). [1] The series had a cast of over 140 persons and was shot in a two-year timeframe. [1] 26 episodes were aired.



The series is set in the fictitious Belgian town of Lagerzeel in the province of Brabant during the 1950s. Door Onckeloms, a local brewer, has trouble with his son. He is studying at the university in Leuven but is not very interested. Réne Hox, son of clochards Tist and Trien, is asked by Door to keep an eye on him and offers him money to take courses at the university.



Season 1 (1995)

  1. De pleegouders (The foster parents)
  2. De eikel (The acorn)
  3. De cantate (The cantata)
  4. De opvolger (The successor)
  5. De briefwisseling (The letter exchange)
  6. Het afscheid (Farewell)
  7. De Française (The Frenchwoman)
  8. De uitnodiging (The invitation)
  9. Alfonsine (Alfonsine)
  10. Cell (Cell)
  11. Kinderen (Children)
  12. De bedreiging (The threat)
  13. De beslissing (The decision)

Season 2 (1996)

  1. Denise (Denise)
  2. De Kwade Slag (The bad move)
  3. De Kentering (The turn)
  4. De Beloftes (The promises)
  5. De Bedevaart (The pilgrim)
  6. De Verloren Zoon (The lost son)
  7. Liesje (Liesje)
  8. Engeland (England)
  9. Intriges (Intrigues)
  10. Gaan en Komen (Come and go)
  11. De Advertentie (The advertisement)
  12. De Tweestrijd (The internal conflict)
  13. Andere Tijden (Other times)

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