Open Your Eyes (Goldfinger album)

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Open Your Eyes
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Studio album by
ReleasedMay 21, 2002
Label Mojo/Jive
Goldfinger chronology
Stomping Ground
Open Your Eyes
Disconnection Notice
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Open Your Eyes is the fourth album by Goldfinger. It was released on May 21, 2002. This was the first album to feature former Ünloco guitarist, Brian Arthur, after Charlie's departure from the band.



On March 7, 2002, Open Your Eyes was announced for release in two months' time. "Open Your Eyes" was released to radio in late March. [3] In April and May 2002, the band toured the US and Canada with Sum 41. [4] Open Your Eyes was released on May 21, 2002, through Jive and Mojo Records. [3] [5] In May and June, the band toured across the US, which was followed by three shows in Canada in July. In August, the band appeared at a few of the North-eastern Warped Tour shows. [6] On August 13 and September 23, the band performed on the Last Call with Carson Daly . [7] [8] In October, the band toured across Australia. [9]

Track listing

All songs are written by John Feldmann, except where noted.

1."Going Home"1:36
2."Spokesman" (Featuring Bert McCracken)2:33
3."Open Your Eyes" (Feldmann, Kelly LeMieux) (Featuring Bert McCracken)2:47
6."Tell Me" (Feldmann, Amy Feldmann)2:14
8."January" (Feldmann, Benji Madden)3:42
10."Woodchuck" (Featuring Bert McCracken)0:51
11."It's Your Life"2:24
12."Spank Bank"1:20
14."Radio" (Feldmann, LeMieux)3:24
15."FTN" (Fuck Ted Nugent)2:01
16."Prank Calls" (Hidden track)2:14
17."Wayne Gretzky" (Hidden track)1:42
Bonus tracks
18."The Upper Hand"2:04
19."Spokesman" (Germish version)6:58



Chart (2002)Peak
UK Albums (OCC) [10] 162
US Billboard 200 [11] 136


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