Orono, Ontario

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Coordinates: 43°58′47″N78°37′2″W / 43.97972°N 78.61722°W / 43.97972; -78.61722
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Regional municipality Durham
Municipality Clarington
 (2016) [1]
Time zone UTC-5 (EST)
  Summer (DST) UTC-4 (EDT)
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Area codes 905 and 289
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Orono is a community in the Municipality of Clarington, Ontario, Canada. [2] It is located on the southern stretch of Highway 35/115, approximately 87 km (54 mi) east of Toronto.



The town was founded in 1832. A post office was opened at Orono in July 1852 (postmaster: Joseph Tucker [3] ), when the village contained about 200 residents, and was named after Orono, Maine since the landscape seemed similar. The name for the post office is said to have been selected in 1852 when a visitor from Maine suggested Orono— the name of a town near Bangor, Maine. Declared a police village in 1854, the village remained small but vibrant. Significant to the village's growth in the opening decades of the twentieth century was the arrival of the Canadian Northern Railway in 1911. Farming was, and remains, an important economic activity in the area. Many motorists stopped in the town on their way from Lindsay to Newcastle before the 35/115 was built. The population is approximately 1800.

The Municipality of Clarington, in which Orono is located, was formed through the union of the Townships of Clarke and Darlington. Historically, Orono was the seat of government for Clarke Township. Now Clarington's fourth largest urban community, Orono is attractive to those who prefer a quiet, more rural lifestyle. The downtown consists of several small shops and a central town hall that are typical of villages throughout Ontario and the northern United States.

Most of Orono's youth residents who attend public school move onto The Pines and Clarke High School, located just off the Highway 115 on the border of Newcastle; both are among the oldest active Middle and Secondary schools in the area.

The Clarke Raiders, who are the local high school hockey team, are one of the best in the district. The team boasts AAA players, and players from the local clubs of Newcastle and Orono.

The Orono Leafs, the local CC hockey club, began in the late 1990s, and still have a popular program that is successful.


Orono is the locale for several yearly events in Clarington: the Orono Fair hosted by the Orono Agricultural Society the first weekend after Labour Day every year. The fair draws nearly 30,000 annually to celebrate the area's agricultural roots and features equestrian events, Livestock shows, School and Children's exhibits, Agricultural Education, Art Show Competition, Pie and Cake Auction, Woodworking, Cooking Demonstrations, Live Entertainment, Truck and Tractor Pulls, Horse Pulls, Demolition Derby and much more.

There were previously 4 antique stores in the downtown core of the village, which caused Orono become an antiquing Mecca, drawing people from far and wide to shop for antique and vintage treasures.

Notable landmarks include:

Producing millions of evergreen seedlings annually for restoring Ontario's forests, the Orono Forestry Station (founded in 1922) was a prominent feature in the town until it closed down in 1996. The trails that snake throughout the station are walked daily be residents and geocachers alike.

At the centre of the village, residents and tourists enjoy the Sydney B. Rutherford Woods Walk Park, one of the many wooded areas in the village. Orono is surrounded by several pastoral hamlets, such as Kirby, Kendal, Newtonville, Leskard, Starkville; and larger towns like Newcastle and Bowmanville.

Despite its size, Orono boasts a popular zoo called Jungle Cat World, located on the north side of Orono, as well as the Orono Fair which draw people from miles around.

The nearby Brimacombe (Oshawa Ski Club), locally known as the Kirby ski hill, is a popular winter attraction, and has a dramatic landscape view of the Oak Ridges Moraine's rolling hills and farmlands at the top of the hill in the Summer season. The ski hill boasts 4 chairs, and one T-Bar. The club also provides 22 trails and two terrain parks for the paying public to use.

In film

Orono has been a popular filming location for many years:

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King's Highway 115, commonly referred to as Highway 115, is a provincially maintained highway in the Canadian province of Ontario that connects Peterborough with Toronto via Highway 401. The highway begins at a junction with Highway 401 southwest of Newcastle and ends at an at-grade intersection with Highway 7 east of Peterborough.

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Clarke High School is a public secondary school in Newcastle, Ontario, Canada, within the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board. It is the only secondary school in Newcastle, and has three feeder schools: Newcastle Public School, Orono Public School, and The Pines Senior Public School.

Kirby is a rural hamlet located in the Municipality of Clarington in Durham Region in Ontario, Canada. On Highway 35/115, it is north of Orono, approximately a 45-minute drive east of Toronto. The community is named for Kirkby, North Yorkshire.

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<i>The Orono Weekly Times</i> Newspaper published in Ontario, Canada

The Orono Weekly Times is a weekly newspaper published in Orono, Ontario, beginning in 1937.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Clarington Municipal Council</span> Governing body of Clarington, Ontario

Clarington Municipal Council is the governing body of the municipality of Clarington, Ontario since 1993. There are 7 members on council, including the Mayor and local councillors. The current municipal body was established in 1974 when the Village of Newcastle merged with the town of Bowmanville and the townships of Clarke and Darlington, to form the town of Newcastle. In 1993, the municipality was renamed Clarington. In 1982, terms went from 2, to 3 years in length. Beginning in 2006, terms went from 3 years, to the current 4.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Garnet Rickard</span> Former Mayor of the Town of Newcastle

Garnet Baker Rickard was a Canadian politician who served as the first mayor of the Town of Newcastle from 1974 to 1985. Garnet was well known for his endeavours in agriculture and would later become a leader in the field, being active in societies and education.


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