Osaka Gas

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Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.
Native name
大阪瓦斯株式会社 (with ateji)
Romanized name
Ōsaka Gasu kabushiki gaisha
Type Public KK
TYO: 9532
IndustryEnergy Producer and Services Provider
Founded Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan (April 15, 1897 (1897-04-15))
Headquarters Chuo-ku, Osaka,
Key people
Hiroshi Ozaki (President)
Products Liquefied natural gas, Energy
  • Increase2.svg¥1,294,781 million (2012) [* 1]
  • ¥1,187,142 million (2011)
  • Decrease2.svg¥77,274 million (2012) [* 1]
  • ¥88,584 million (2011)
  • Decrease2.svg¥45,207 million (2012) [* 1]
  • ¥45,968 million (2011)
Total assets
  • Increase2.svg¥1,475,759 million (2012) [* 1]
  • ¥1,437,297 million (2011)
Total equity
  • Increase2.svg¥708,904 million (2012) [* 1]
  • ¥688,695 million (2011)
Number of employees
  • Increase2.svg19,818 (2012)
  • 19,360 (2011)
Footnotes /references
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Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (大阪ガス株式会社 or 大阪瓦斯株式会社, Ōsaka Gasu Kabushiki-gaisha), commonly written as 大阪ガス, is a Japanese gas company based in Osaka, Japan. It supplies gas to the Kansai region, especially the Keihanshin area.


Osaka Gas is also engaged in upstream, midstream and downstream energy projects throughout the world, including LNG terminals, pipelines and independent power projects, particularly in Southeast Asia, Australia and North America. [1]

Osaka Gas Building
1-2, Hiranomachi Yonchome, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan Osaka-Gas-Bldg-01.jpg
Osaka Gas Building
1-2, Hiranomachi Yonchome, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan


Service area : 3,220 km², 68 million households.
Annual gas sales : 8,5 billion m³.
Pipeline : 56,500km in Japan.
The company owns upstream oil and gas assets in Norway and Australia, including Gorgon LNG, Sunrise LNG and Crux projects in Australia [2] and Qalhat LNG in Oman.
It also owns pipeline and power assets internationally. [3]


Osaka Gas began operations in 1897 in Nishi-ku, Osaka, on a site now occupied by the Dome City Gas Building near the Kyocera Dome. It expanded to Wakayama in 1911. Following the end of World War II, in October 1945, Osaka Gas merged with 14 other gas companies in the Kansai region, expanding its footprint to cover Kobe and Kyoto.

Osaka Gas entered its first overseas upstream LNG project in Brunei in 1972, followed by investments in Indonesia in 1977 and Australia in 1989. [4]


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