Otemachi Tower

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Otemachi Tower
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Otemachi Tower
General information
TypeMizuho Bank Headquarters, hotel
Location Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Coordinates 35°41′08″N139°45′55″E / 35.685606°N 139.765275°E / 35.685606; 139.765275 Coordinates: 35°41′08″N139°45′55″E / 35.685606°N 139.765275°E / 35.685606; 139.765275
Construction startedNovember 2009
CompletedApril 2014
OpeningDecember 2014
Roof199.7 m (655 ft)
Top floor38
Technical details
Floor count44 (38 above ground, 6 underground)
Floor area198,390 m2 (2,135,500 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architect Kohn Pedersen Fox
Main contractor Taisei Corporation

The Otemachi Tower (大手町タワー, Big Hand Town Tower) is a high-rise office building with integrated retail and restaurant facilities located in the Otemachi business district in Chiyoda ward, Tokyo.


The 38-story tower serves as the headquarters of Mizuho Bank. A luxury hotel facility operated by Aman Resorts occupies the top six floors of the tower. [1]


The tower replaces the previous 16-story Mizuho Bank Otemachi headquarters building. A major feature of this development is a 3,600-m2 green area named "Otemachi Forest" occupying one third of the site. [2]

The building is situated above a nexus of five subway lines. The basement floors connect directly to Ōtemachi Station, as well as other nearby buildings. [3]

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