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Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Native name
Romanized name
Ōtsuka Seiyaku Kabushiki-gaisha
Type Public KK
TYO: 4578
TOPIX 100 Component
Industry Pharmaceutical
Founded1921 (Originally founded), 1964 (Current corporation)
FounderBusaburo Otsuka
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
Tatsuo Higuchi (President)
Revenue¥ 531.2 billion (2017)
¥ 57.0 billion (2017)
Owner Nomura Trust and Banking investment trusts (11.43%)
and investment trusts managed by other banks
Number of employees
5,634 (2017)
Parent Otsuka Holdings Co. Ltd
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Products of Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (大塚製薬株式会社, Ōtsuka Seiyaku Kabushiki-gaisha) (TYO : 4578), abbreviated OPC, is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Tokyo, Osaka and Naruto, Japan. The company was established August 10, 1964.



OPC's parent company Otsuka Holdings Co. Ltd. joined the Tokyo Stock Exchange through an initial public offering (IPO) on December 15, 2010, at which time Otsuka Holdings was Japan's No.2 drug maker by sales after industry leader Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. [1] The IPO debuted at $2.4 billion, making it the largest for a pharmaceutical company up to that time. [1]

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. LTD Holdings

In 1955, the company started a football club called "Otsuka Pharmaceutical SC." In 2005 the name changed to Tokushima Vortis. The club is based in Naruto. [2]

In 2008, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. acquired 49% of Alma S.A., which is the parent company of CG Roxane. [3]

In March 2017, the company agreed to acquire Neurovance, Inc. for $250 million, gaining the firm’s Phase III-ready ADHD drug centanafadine (previously EB-1020). Otsuka's subsidiary Otsuka America will pay $100 million upfront for Neurovance, plus up-to $150 million in development and approval milestones. As a result of the transaction, Neurovance will operate as an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary. [4]

In July 2017, they bought Daiya [5]

In July 2018, Otsuka agreed to acquire Visterra for $430 million cash. [6]


Otsuka Holdings Co. Ltd. Holdings

In 1990, Otsuka Holdings Co. Ltd. acquired Crystal Geyser Water Company. [9]

In early 2012, Otsuka announced it would focus its "future operations on CNS disorders and oncology". [10] This decision necessitated a revision in the terms of an agreement with UCB to end collaboration on immunology products while continuing collaboration in the CNS area. [11]

In September 2013, Otsuka Holdings it acquired Astex Pharmaceuticals for close to $900 million. [12]

In December 2014, Otsuka Holdings struck a deal to buy Avanir Pharmaceuticals for $3.54 billion. [13]

In July 2018, Otsuka Holdings acquired renal-focused ReCor Medical, Inc. [14]

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