Otto Andreas Lowson Mörch

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Otto Andreas Lowson Mörch (his last name also spelled Mørch) (17 May 1828 – 25 January 1878) was a biologist, specifically a malacologist. He lived in Sweden, in Denmark, and in France.


Taxa described

Bibliography and taxa described by Otto Andreas Lowson Mörch include:


(in French) Mörch O. A. L. (1863). "Revision des especes du genre Oxynoe Rafinesque, et Lobiger Krohn". Journal de Conchyliologie11: 43-48.


(in Danish) Mörch O. A. L. (1864). "Fortegnelse over de i Danmark forekommende land- og ferskvandsblöddyr". Videnskabelige Meddelelser fra den Naturhistoriske Forening i Kjöbenhavn (2)1863(17-22): 265–367.

Taxa named after Mörch

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