Oulun Palloseura (football)

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Full nameOulun Palloseura
GroundRaati Stadion
Oulu, Finland
ManagerErkki Paananen
League Ykkönen
Website Club website

Oulun Palloseura (OPS) is a Finnish football club based in Oulu. The team is currently playing in the Finnish second tier Ykkönen.



The original Oulun Palloseura (Oulu Ball Club) was founded in 1925.

Contemporary club which is now called Oulun Palloseura dates back to 2006, when a third-tier club called FC Dreeverit was cleared to use the name OPS-jp. Next year the competition spot went to a registered association called Oulun Palloseura – jalkapallo ry. and then in 2008 to Oulun jalkapallon tuki ry. which is founded by businessman Miika Juntunen.

In 2009 OPS-jp won the Group C of Kakkonen (the 3rd tier) and was promoted to Ykkönen. Since 2011 the club has been allowed to use the original name of Oulun Palloseura.

Season to season

2006Tier 3Kakkonen(Second Division)Group CFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)11thOPS
2007Tier 3Kakkonen(Second Division)Group CFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)2ndOPS
2008Tier 3Ykkönen(Prineiro Division)Group CFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)3rdOPS
2009Tier 3Kakkonen(Second Division)Group CFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)1stPromoted
2010Tier 2 Ykkönen(First Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)5th
2011Tier 2 Ykkönen(First Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)2nd
2012Tier 2 Ykkönen(First Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)5th
2013Tier 2 Ykkönen(First Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)9thRelegated
2014Tier 3Kakkonen(Second Division)Northern GroupFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)5th
2015Tier 3Kakkonen(Second Division)Northern GroupFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)4th
2016Tier 3Kakkonen(Second Division)C GroupFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)1stPromoted
2017Tier 2 Ykkönen(First Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)8th
2018Tier 2 Ykkönen(First Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)?

Current squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

1 Flag of Finland.svg GK Juhani Pennanen
2 Flag of Finland.svg DF Antti Ulander
3 Flag of Finland.svg DF Joni Leskelä
5 Flag of Finland.svg DF Jere Moilanen
6 Flag of Nigeria.svg FW Felix Orishani
7 Flag of Finland.svg MF Matias Juntunen
8 Flag of Brazil.svg FW Thiago Trindade
9 Flag of Finland.svg MF Oskari Rounaja
10 Flag of Finland.svg MF Joni Lämsä
11 Flag of Cote d'Ivoire.svg DF Boliguibya Ouattara
11 Flag of Finland.svg MF Valtteri Tikkanen
12 Flag of Brazil.svg GK Dennys Rodrigues
14 Flag of Finland.svg FW Konstantin Belov
15 Flag of Benin.svg DF Seidou Guero
16 Flag of Finland.svg DF Joona Juntunen
17 Flag of Finland.svg FW Samuel Säily
18 Flag of Finland.svg DF Eelis Koskinen
19 Flag of Brazil.svg FW Leandro Costa
20 Flag of Finland.svg MF Arttu Haapala
21 Flag of Nigeria.svg DF Augustine Jibrin
22 Flag of Argentina.svg DF Martín Pavez
25 Flag of Nigeria.svg FW Michael Nzekwe

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