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Pârscov town hall
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Location in Buzău County
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Location in Romania
Coordinates: 45°17′N26°33′E / 45.283°N 26.550°E / 45.283; 26.550 Coordinates: 45°17′N26°33′E / 45.283°N 26.550°E / 45.283; 26.550
CountryFlag of Romania.svg  Romania
County Buzău
SubdivisionsBădila, Curcănești, Lunca Frumoasă, Oleșești, Pârjolești, Pârscov, Robești, Runcu, Târcov, Tocileni, Trestieni, Valea Purcarului
  MayorGheorghe Sturzu (since 2004) (PNL)
58.1 km2 (22.4 sq mi)
 (2011) [1]
  Density97/km2 (250/sq mi)
Time zone EET/EEST (UTC+2/+3)
Vehicle reg. BZ

Pârscov (Romanian pronunciation:  [ˈpɨrskov] ) is a commune in Buzău County, Muntenia, Romania. It is composed of twelve villages: Bădila, Curcănești, Lunca Frumoasă, Oleșești, Pârjolești, Pârscov, Robești, Runcu, Târcov, Tocileni, Trestieni and Valea Purcarului.

Pârscov is the birthplace of the Romanian poet Vasile Voiculescu.


  1. "Populaţia stabilă pe judeţe, municipii, oraşe şi localităti componenete la RPL_2011" (in Romanian). National Institute of Statistics. Retrieved 4 February 2014.

Lunca Frumoasa church RO BZ Lunca Frumoasa church 1.jpg
Lunca Frumoasă church

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