P-17 (Dubai)

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General information
TypeMixed use
Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
OpeningNovember 2011
Owner Tasameem group
Roof379 m (1,243 ft)
Technical details
Floor count78 + 3 below ground
Floor area165,000 m2 (1,780,000 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architect Atkins

P-17 is a mixed use skyscraper proposed for construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the Tasameem group. [1] The design is for a 379 m (1,243 ft) tall building, comprising 78 floors. [2] The building will accommodate offices, a 5-star hotel and serviced apartments, and 176 residential apartments on the upper 19 floors. [3]

Construction was planned to start in November 2008, [2] but construction has still not started. As a result of the financial crisis that hit Dubai in late 2009, P-17 is unlikely to be built.[ citation needed ]

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