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Paal Bog
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Paal Bog (born 5 December 1919 in Nærøy, died 19 September 2002 in Nedstrand) was a Norwegian economist, civil servant and diplomat. He served as Chairman of UNICEF from 1980 to 1981. [1] [2]

Nærøy Municipality in Trøndelag, Norway

Nærøy is a municipality in Trøndelag county, Norway. Nærøy is part of the Namdalen region. Norway's smallest town, Kolvereid, is the administrative centre of the municipality. Some villages in Nærøy include Abelvær, Foldereid, Gravvik, Lund, Ottersøy, Salsbruket, Steine, and Torstad.

Nedstrand Village in Western Norway, Norway

Nedstrand is a village in Tysvær municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The village is located on the southeastern coast of the Nedstrand peninsula, at the confluence of the Nedstrandsfjorden and Vindafjorden. The village of Hindaråvåg lies just west of Nedstrand, and Nedstrand Church is located there. The 0.32-square-kilometre (79-acre) village of Nedstrand has a population (2014) of 240, giving the village a population density of 750 inhabitants per square kilometre (1,900/sq mi).

UNICEF development policy organization of the UN

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), originally known as the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, was created by the United Nations General Assembly on 11 December 1946, to provide emergency food and healthcare to children and mothers in countries that had been devastated by World War II. The Polish physician Ludwik Rajchman is widely regarded as the founder of UNICEF and served as its first chairman from 1946 to 1950, when he had to flee the United States in the wake of McCarthyism. Rajchman is to this day the only person that served as UNICEF's Chairman for longer than 2 years. On Rajchman's suggestion, the American Maurice Pate was appointed its first executive director, serving from 1947 until his death in 1965. In 1950, UNICEF's mandate was extended to address the long-term needs of children and women in developing countries everywhere. In 1953 it became a permanent part of the United Nations System, and the words "international" and "emergency" were dropped from the organization's name, though it retained the original acronym, "UNICEF".

Bog earned the cand.oecon. degree in economics at the University of Oslo in 1946, and worked at Statistics Norway (SSB) until 1953. He then joined the Norwegian Customs Service, but later returned to SSB. He worked for the India Fund's Indo-Norwegian Project from 1953 to 1955. [3] He was later an assistant director and director of a department in SSB. From 1969 to 1975 he worked for the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, and in 1975 he became Director-General for Development Aid in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He served as Ambassador to Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda with residence in Nairobi from 1982 to 1988. [4] [5]

Candidatus oeconomices (male) or Candidata oeconomices (female), often abbreviated cand.oecon. is an academic degree in economics at Danish, Icelandic and Norwegian universities. It is roughly equivalent to a Master of Economics.

University of Oslo Norwegian public research university

The University of Oslo, until 1939 named the Royal Frederick University, is the oldest university in Norway, located in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. Until 1 January 2016 it was the largest Norwegian institution of higher education in terms of size, now surpassed only by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The Academic Ranking of World Universities has ranked it the 58th best university in the world and the third best in the Nordic countries. In 2015, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked it the 135th best university in the world and the seventh best in the Nordics. While in its 2016, Top 200 Rankings of European universities, the Times Higher Education listed the University of Oslo at 63rd, making it the highest ranked Norwegian university.

Statistics Norway Norways principal government institution in charge of statistics and census data

Statistics Norway is the Norwegian statistics bureau. It was established in 1876.

He became a Commander of the Order of St. Olav in 1987. [5]

Order of St. Olav chivalric order

The Royal Norwegian Order of Saint Olav is a Norwegian order of chivalry instituted by King Oscar I on August 21, 1847. It is named after King Olav II, known to posterity as St. Olav.

Bog was married to the women's studies scholar Harriet Hinsch (later known as Harriet Holter) from 1944 to 1950. [5] From 1954 to 1968 he was married to the painter Kari Robak (1927–2014). Paal Bog has a son from his second marriage, Ola Bog (1955 – ).

Harriet Holter was a Norwegian social psychologist.

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Tore Hattrem is a Norwegian diplomat and politician for the Conservative Party. In 2018 he was appointed as the Permanent Under-Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the top civil servant in the ministry. He is President of the UNICEF Executive Board during 2018.


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