Palace of Congresses

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Palace of Congresses
Pallati i Kongreseve
Palace of Concerts
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Palace of Congresses
AddressDëshmorët e Kombit Boulevard
Coordinates 41°19′9″N19°49′19″E / 41.31917°N 19.82194°E / 41.31917; 19.82194 Coordinates: 41°19′9″N19°49′19″E / 41.31917°N 19.82194°E / 41.31917; 19.82194
Capacity 2,100
Current useFestivals, Exhibitions
Opened1986 (1986)

The Palace of Congresses (Albanian : Pallati i Kongreseve) is a venue in Tirana, Albania, where numerous festivals and events are held, including the annual Festivali i Këngës and Kënga Magjike and the Tirana Book Fair. [1]

It was built during the late communist era to host the Congresses of Albanian Labour Party and other official activities. Today, the palace is used as a venue for conferences, festivals, exhibitions, ceremonies, concerts and more. It currently has a capacity of 2,100 seats.

There are three other smaller halls, with a smaller capacity of 150, 280 and 300 people, designed as working environments for different meetings and occasions.

It was designed to harmonize different elements of the local architecture from north to south

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The 2016 Top Music Awards was held at the Pallati i Kongreseve in the capital city of Tirana, Albania, on 25 June 2016 and was broadcast live on Top Channel.

Kënga Magjike 2019 was the 21st edition of the annual music contest Kënga Magjike and was held on 4, 5 and 7 December 2019 at the Pallati i Kongreseve in Tirana broadcast live on Televizioni Klan. Ardit Gjebrea and Adrola Dushi were the hosts of the three live shows. The proceeds from the ticket sales was donated to the people affected by the 2019 earthquake in Albania. Anna Oxa, as she stated, bought a ticket and sat with the public in the first semi-final as an act of solidarity.

Kënga Magjike 2017 was the 19th edition of the annual music contest Kënga Magjike and was held on 6, 7 and 9 December 2017 at the Pallati i Kongreseve in Tirana broadcast live on Televizioni Klan. Ardit Gjebrea, Ariola Shehu and Nevina Shtylla were the hosts of the three live shows.


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