Pancho Barnes (1988 film)

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Pancho Barnes
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Written by John Michael Hayes
Story byDavid Crisholm
John Michael Hayes
Directed by Richard T. Heffron
Starring Valerie Bertinelli
Ted Wass
James Stephens
Cynthia Harris
Music by Allyn Ferguson
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
ProducersBlu André
Alice Pardo
Production locationsHartlee Field Airport, Denton, Texas
Forney, Texas
Fort Worth, Texas
Houston, Texas
Galveston, Texas
CinematographyWilliam Wages
EditorsMichael F. Anderson
Michael Eliot
Running time150 minutes
Production company Orion Television
Distributor CBS
Original networkCBS
Picture formatColor
Audio format Mono
Original releaseOctober 25, 1988 (1988-10-25)

Pancho Barnes is a 1988 American made-for-television biographical film starring Valerie Bertinelli, Ted Wass, James Stephens and Cynthia Harris. The film was directed by Richard T. Heffron and premiered on CBS on October 25, 1988.



Leaving an arranged marriage to Reverend Rankin Barnes (James Stephens), Florence Lowe "Pancho" Barnes (Bertinelli) takes an interest in flying light planes in the 1920s, and soon rivals Amelia Earhart (Nance Williamson), breaking world speed records.

Barnes is hired by Howard Hughes (David Kockinis) to do stunt flying for the film Hell's Angels , instigates the formation of the Associated Motion Picture Pilots, was a World War II Air Force Civilian Pilot Trainer, and establishes the Happy Bottom Riding Club as a mess hall for pilots and former servicemen.


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