Park Court Akasaka The Tower

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Park Court Akasaka The Tower
パークコート赤坂 ザ タワー
Park Court Akasaka The Tower
General information
Type Residential
Location4-14-14 Akasaka
Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Coordinates 35°40′24″N139°43′54″E / 35.67325°N 139.73179°E / 35.67325; 139.73179 Coordinates: 35°40′24″N139°43′54″E / 35.67325°N 139.73179°E / 35.67325; 139.73179
Construction started2006
Opening18 June 2009
Owner Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd
Roof157.25 meters (515.9 ft)
Technical details
Floor count43 above ground
2 below ground
Floor area71,339 m2 (767,890 sq ft)
Design and construction
Developer Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd
Main contractor Taisei Corporation [1]
Other information
FacilitiesSky Lounge
Rooftop terrace
Underground parking

Park Court Akasaka The Tower (パークコート赤坂 ザ タワー, Park Court Akasaka The Tower) is a 157-meter highrise building located in Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo, Tokyo. [2]


The 43 floor 71,339-square-meter residential condominium tower was completed in 2009 and houses 521 units. It features a sky lounge on the 36–37th floors, a rooftop terrace, and underground parking. [3]

The building is located in central Tokyo next to Aoyama-dori and the Akasaka Imperial Grounds with Akasaka Palace and Togu Palace, and within 10 minutes walk of Tokyo Metro stations Aoyama-itchōme, Akasaka, Akasaka-mitsuke, Nagatachō, Kokkai-gijidō-mae and Tameike-Sannō, with access to Ginza Line, Hanzōmon Line, Marunouchi Line, Yūrakuchō Line, Chiyoda Line, Namboku Line and the Toei Ōedo Line.

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