Party Around the World

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Party Around the World
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Studio album by
Released13 October 2008 (EU)
21 July 2010 (JP) [1]
Label Dreamusic Incorporated (Japan)
MUCD-1233 chronology
Golden Sky
Party Around the World

Party Around the World is the fourth studio album from Swedish bubblegum dance group It was released in 2008. It contains twelve new tracks and a bonus remix of "Heal My Broken Heart", a song from their album Future Girls . Some versions include the bonus track, "Butterfly 09 (United Forces Airplay Edit)"And Two Remixes From "Koko Soko" Titled "Koko Soko [Orange Summer Trance Remix]" & "Koko Soko [AKIBA KOUBOU Eurobeat Remix]"


Track listing

  1. "Doki Doki"
  2. "Japanese Boy"
  3. "Temptation Islands"
  4. "Nothing's Missing (For Once in My Life) feat. Lasse Wellander"
  5. "Koko Soko"
  6. "Summer Party"
  7. "It's in Your Melody"
  8. "Chick Tricks"
  9. "Hummingbird"
  10. "Paradise"
  11. "Tomoe"
  12. "Around the World"
  13. "Heal My Broken Heart [Almighty Definitive Mix]" [Bonus Track]
  14. "Butterfly 2009 [United Forces Airplay Edit]" [Bonus Track]
  15. "Koko Soko [Orange Summer Trance Remix]" [Bonus Track]
  16. "Koko Soko [AKIBA KOUBOU Eurobeat Remix]" [Bonus Track]

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