Party of Common Sense

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Party of Common Sense
Strana zdravého rozumu
Leader Petr Hannig
Ideology Nationalism [1]
Euroscepticism [2]
Political position Right-wing [3]
National affiliation Alliance for the Future
Local councils
86 / 62,300

Party of Common Sense (Czech : Strana zdravého rozumu) is a Czech nationalist political party. [4] It is led by Petr Hannig.



The party was founded in 2002 by Petr Hannig. The party succeeded in Havířov municipal election but received only 10,000 votes in 2002 legislative election ad failed to reach 5% threshold. [5]

In 2010, party started collaboration with Czech Sovereignty and changed name to Sovereignty - Party of Common Sense. Cooperation later broke. [6] The party returned to its original name in 2014.

Election results

Chamber of Deputies

YearVoteVote %Seats
2002 10 8490.22
0 / 200
2006 24 8280.46
0 / 200
2010 192 1453.67
0 / 200
2013 13 5380.27
0 / 200
2017 36,5280.72
0 / 200

European Parliament

Year# of total votesVote %Seats
2019 18,715 #120.78 Increase2.svg0


ElectionCandidateFirst round resultSecond round result
2018 Petr Hannig 29,2280.578th place

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The Green Party (SZ) leadership election of 2018 was held on 20 January 2018. The incumbent leader Matěj Stropnický wasn't running for reelection. It will be held following 2017 legislative election in which party received only 1.46% of votes. Mayor of Prague 4 Petr Štěpánek was elected the new leader.

Democratic Bloc was a parliamentary alliance formed in 2017 by four Centre-right parties. Parties agreed to cooperate in parliament. Czech Pirate Party and Czech Social Democratic Party were also offered participation but both parties declined. It was announced on 15 November 2017 on a Press Conference by Petr Fiala. Fiala stated that Democratic Bloc isn't meant to be a long term coalition but its only task is to take over initiative during negotiations of parliament's body and for constituent meeting. Democratic Bloc was dissolved on 21 December 2017.

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