Pasqualino De Santis

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Pasqualino De Santis
Pasquale De Santis

(1927-04-24)24 April 1927
Died23 June 1996(1996-06-23) (aged 69)
Alma mater
Years active1950–1996
Relatives Giuseppe De Santis (brother)
Awards Academy Award for Best Cinematography
1968 Romeo and Juliet
BAFTA Award for Best Cinematography
1971 Death in Venice

Pasquale De Santis (24 April 1927 – 23 June 1996) was an Italian cinematographer.



Born in Fondi, he was the brother of film director Giuseppe De Santis. They worked together in Non c'è pace tra gli ulivi, Uomini e lupi (1956), La strada lunga un anno (1958) and La garçonnière (1960).

He collaborated with Francesco Rosi in C'era una volta (1967), Uomini contro (1970), Il caso Mattei (1972), Lucky Luciano (1974), Cristo si è fermato a Eboli (1979), Tre fratelli (1981), Carmen (1984), Cronaca di una morte annunciata (1987), Diario napoletano (1992) and La tregua (1996), filmed in Ukraine, where he died.

He worked with Luchino Visconti ( La caduta degli dei , 1969; Death in Venice , 1971; Conversation Piece, 1974; L'Innocente , 1976), Federico Fellini ( Fellini: A Director's Notebook , 1969), Joseph L. Mankiewicz ( The Honey Pot , 1966), Vittorio De Sica ( Amanti , 1968), Joseph Losey ( The Assassination of Trotsky , 1972), Carlo Lizzani (Torino nera, 1972), Robert Bresson (Lancelot du Lac, 1974; Le diable probablement , 1977; L'Argent, 1982), Ettore Scola ( A Special Day , 1977; La terrazza , 1980), Giuliano Montaldo ( Marco Polo , 1982).

Awards and nominations

Academy Awards

YearNominated workCategoryResult
1969 Romeo and Juliet Best Cinematography Won

BAFTA Awards

YearNominated workCategoryResult
1972 Death in Venice Best Cinematography Won

Primetime Emmy Award

YearNominated workCategoryResult
1982 Marco Polo Best Cinematography Nominated

César Awards

YearNominated workCategoryResult
1985 Carmen Best Cinematography Nominated
1986 Harem Nominated

David di Donatello

YearNominated workCategoryResult
1981 Three Brothers Best Cinematography Won
1985 Carmen Won
1990 The Palermo Connection Nominated
1997 The Truce Nominated

Golden Ciak Awards

YearNominated workCategoryResult
1990 The Palermo Connection Best CinematographyNominated

Globo d'oro

YearNominated workCategoryResultRef
1997 The Truce Best CinematographyNominated [1]

Nastro d'Argento

YearNominated workCategoryResult
1968 More Than a Miracle Best CinematographyNominated
1969 Romeo and Juliet Won
1970 The Damned Nominated
1972 Death in Venice Won
1974 Lucky Luciano Nominated
1975 Conversation Piece Won
1981 Three Brothers Won
1987 Chronicle of a Death Foretold Nominated
1998 The Truce Nominated

Laurel Awards

YearNominated workCategoryResult
1970 Romeo and Juliet Best CinematographyNominated

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