Pat Riley Basketball

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Pat Riley Basketball
Cover art
Developer(s) Sega [1]
Publisher(s) Sega [1]
Composer(s) Hikoshi Hashimoto
Platform(s) Genesis
ReleaseSega Genesis
  • NA: December 31, 1990
  • EU: December 31, 1990
  • JP: March 02, 1990
Genre(s) Traditional basketball simulator [1]
Mode(s) Single-player and Multiplayer (for both Exhibition and Tournament modes)

Pat Riley Basketball is a video game which was released for the Sega Genesis, [2] for the Mega Drive in Japan on March 2, 1990 [1] under the title Super Real Basketball(スーパーリアルバスケットボール,Sūpā Riaru Basukettobōru) and Europe under the title World Cup Basketball. It was released in 1990 in the United States. [2] It was also developed for the Sega Master System, but was never released. Pat Riley was the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers at the time of the game's release. There are two modes and eight different teams to choose from. [3]

The 1990–91 NBA season was the Lakers' 43rd season in the National Basketball Association, and 31st in the city of Los Angeles. This season's highlight was Magic Johnson leading the Lakers to the NBA Finals, where they lost in five games to Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls. The Lakers would not return to the Finals until 2000. The season is generally considered the final season of the team's successful, uptempo Showtime era.


There are eight teams to choose from:

Pat Riley BasketballSuper Real BasketballWorld Cup Basketball
L.A. Hoops L.A. Rainbows Team U.S.A.
Detroit Jets Detroit Jets Team Japan
Dallas Wings Dallas Wings Team Brazil
Seattle Bears Seattle Rams Team China
Boston Bashers Boston Bug Team Italy
N.Y. Busters N.Y. Busters Team Mexico
Denver Jammers Denver Rocks Team England
Houston Rebels Houston Legs Team Korea

Like regulation basketball, there are four quarters, but the player can set the length of the quarters (five, twelve, or twenty minutes per quarter). The game supports two players. Its modes are exhibition and tournament.

Review scores
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GameSpot 3.5/10

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