Patrick Tam (actor)

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Patrick Tam
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Attending the premiere of the film "The Fatal Raid" in September 2019
Born (1969-03-19) March 19, 1969 (age 52)
OccupationActor, Singer
Years active1988—present
Fiona Chan
(m. 2003)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 譚耀文
Simplified Chinese 谭耀文

Patrick Tam (Chinese :譚耀文; born 19 March 1969) is a Hong Kong actor and singer.



He first set foot into the entertainment industry after winning the 1988 New Talent Awards in Hong Kong alongside another notable Hong Kong singer, Sammi Cheng who was second runner-up. [1]

After an unsuccessful stint in the music industry, Patrick was about to give up a career in the entertainment industry when he was approached by a TVB representative thus embarking on a journey into the world of acting. [1]

He got his first break when he received the Best Supporting Actor award at the 18th annual Hong Kong Film Awards in 1999 for his role as Push Pin in Beast Cops [2]

His next notable achievement was a Best Supporting Actor award at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival for his role as Man in Born Wild in 2001. [3] [4]


In 1996, Patrick met and eventually dated fellow TVB colleague, actress Astrid Chan before separating over personality differences. [5] In 2003, he married Fiona Chan on Christmas Eve which also happens to be her birthday. [6]

On December 18, 2006 Patrick and Fiona welcomed son, Daniel (譚皓哲) Tam to the family. [7]

On February 21, 2011 Patrick announced the birth of his second child Tamia (譚津如) Tam, with wife Fiona. [8] [9]



[10] [11]

TV series

1994 The Swordsman Lai Bo Yee Lai Bo Yee
1994 File Of Justice III John
1995 File of Justice IV Chris Yau Wing Hong
1997 File of Justice V Chris Yau Wing Hong
2000 The Duke of Mount Deer (2000 TV series) Kangxi Emperor
2003 Seed of Hope Nicholas Woo
2004 Split Second Yeung Kai Tung
Angels of Mission Lee Kin Keung
2006Relentless JusticeChin Tsz Kong
2010 The Holy Pearl Rong Di Huang
2011The Emperor's HaremWang Zhi
2012 Liu Hai Plays with Gold Toad
2013Earth God and Earth GrandmotherZhang Fu De
A Happy LifeJin Buhuan

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