Paul Vermoyal

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Paul Vermoyal
Pierre Paul Vermoyal

(1888-10-18)18 October 1888
Died28 September 1925(1925-09-28) (aged 36)
Years active1910–1925

Pierre Paul Vermoyal (18 October 1888 – 28 September 1925) was a French stage and film actor.



Born in Braye-en-Laonnois, Aisne, Picardy, he began his career on the stages of the Grand Guignol theatre in the Quartier Pigalle area of Paris in the 1910s. His first known film appearance was in the 1916 Maurice Mariaud directed short film Le roi de l'étain, produced by Pathé Frères. [1] He would go on to appear in a number of films during the 1910s directed by Mariaud, Abel Gance, Jean Manoussi and Robert Boudrioz, among others. [2]

In 1922 he appeared in the Charles Burguet directed serial film The Mysteries of Paris as Maître Ferrand. The film serial ran in twelve installments and was based on the novel of the same name by Eugène Sue. Other prominent film roles of the era include appearances in the Léonce Perret directed Koenigsmark (1923), starring Maurice Lehmann and Huguette Duflos; the Edward José directed Terreur (1924), opposite American actress Pearl White; and the American film The Arab (1924), directed by Rex Ingram and starring Ramon Novarro and Alice Terry. [3] His final film appearance was in the 1925 Benito Perojo directed Au-delà de la mort (also known as Plus loin que la mort and Pour l’amour de son frère.) [4]

Paul Vermoyal died on 28 September 1925 at age 36 in Amélie-les-Bains-Palalda, France. [5]

Partial filmography

1916Le Roi de l'étain
1917 Le droit à la vie Pierre Veryal
1917 The Torture of Silence (French release title: Mater dolorosa)Jean Dormis
1917 Barberousse
1917Les mouettesJean Kervil
1917 The Zone of Death (French: La Zone de la mort)Zésine
1919La sultane de l'amourSultan Malik
1919Fanny Lear
1921La nuit du 13Jean Renez
1921Mathias SandorfSarcany
1922La nuit du 11 septembreIvan Goubine
1922 The Mysteries of Paris (French: Les mystères de Paris)Maître Ferrand - le notaireSerial
1923Le costaud des ÉpinettesDoizeau
1923 Koenigsmark Cyrus Beck
1924 Terror Erdmann
1924 The Arab Iphraim
1924La cibleJames Wood
1924Au-delà de la mortBurner(final film role)

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