Pavel Svoboda (organist)

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Pavel Svoboda, Concert Organist

Pavel Svoboda (born in 1987 in Opočno, Czech republic) is a Czech Organist.

This organist and harpsichordist graduated from the Conservatory of Pardubice (prof. Josef Rafaja and Doc. Vaclav Rabas). Since 2008, he has been studying at the Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague at Doc. Jaroslav Tuma and since 2010 at the University of the Arts in Berlin at Leo van Doeselaar. He performs at music festivals, cooperates with violinist Iva Kramperová and as a soloist he plays with the orchestras (Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra etc.). Since 2004 he has been a standing organist and cembalist of Barocco sempre giovane chamber orchestra (artistic director Josef Krečmer). He makes CD recordings, as well as those for Český rozhlas and the Czech Television. He is also active as a dramaturge and organizer of the classical music festivals in Bohemia, in 2011 he became artistic director of The International Music Festival of F. L. Vek.


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