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Location of the Pearl Islands (Archipielago de las Perlas) in the Gulf of Panama Panamamap-en.png
Location of the Pearl Islands (Archipiélago de las Perlas) in the Gulf of Panama

The Pearl Islands (Spanish: Archipiélago de las Perlas or Islas de las Perlas) is a group of 200 or more islands and islets (many tiny and uninhabited) lying about 30 miles (48 km) off the Pacific coast of Panama in the Gulf of Panama.



San Miguel, Isla del Rey San Miguel (1).jpg
San Miguel, Isla del Rey

The most notable island is Contadora Island (or Isla Contadora in Spanish), known for its resorts. Contadora was said to be used by the Spanish conquistadors as a stop for taking inventory of booty prior to returning to Spain, hence the name (contador means counter or bookkeeper in Spanish). Contadora is a resort island, with many homes owned by wealthy Panamanians. There are a large hotel and other cabins available. Most of the resort workers live on nearby Isla Saboga.

In 1979, the Shah of Iran briefly took exile on Isla Contadora. Domestic airline Air Panama runs at least daily flights between Panama City and Contadora and Isla San José.

The largest island, at 234 square kilometres (90 sq mi), is Isla del Rey ("Island of the King"), its name probably referring to Christ the King rather than to a secular king. Isla del Rey has several towns, most notably San Miguel. It is easily larger than the other Pearl Islands combined, and is the second largest island in Panama, after Coiba.

Other islands are Bolano Island, Buena Vista Island, Cana Island (Panama), Casaya Island, Chapera Island, Chitre Island, Cocos Island (Panama), Espiritu Santo Island (Panama), Galera Island, Gallo Island, Gilbraleon Island, Isla Bayoneta , Lampon Island, Marin Island, Mina Island, Mogo Mogo o Pajaro, Pacheca Island, Pachequille Island, Pedro Gonzalez Island, Puerco Island, San Jose Island, Senora Island, Vivenda Island, Vivienda Island and Viveros Island.

The island of Galera has a façade of very tall coconut palm trees and a white sandy beach. Strong currents, combined with shallows and jagged reefs surrounding the island, make navigation near the island perilous.


Three million years ago the Isthmus of Panama was created. Until then North and South America were divided by sea. It was the biggest and reportedly the most significant geological event in 60 million years. Prior to that date as the Earth's plates had begun to join the Pearl Islands were created and they emerged from the sea. On Contadora Island and other islands in the group pre-Columbian artifacts have been found. The biggest island is Isla del Rey where more than fifteen pre-Columbian recognised archeological sites of the “Cuevas” and “Cocle” cultures have been identified. However none of the original population remain.

The islands were first occupied by Indians who were (with their leader Terarequí) wiped out within two years of the islands' discovery by the Spanish. Spaniard Vasco Nunez de Balboa named the islands Pearl Islands on his discovery of them in 1513 due to the many pearls which were found there. Another Spaniard, Gaspar de Morales, exterminated 20 local Indian chiefs not long after and gave them to his dogs to tear to pieces. The Spaniards then needed workers to harvest pearls and imported slave labour in the 16th century from Africa whose descendants now live on the islands, particularly del Rey.

The Islands were frequently used by pirates in the years that followed and were relatively undisturbed until the 1960s and 1970s when the building of the resort on Contadora took place to which the Shah of Iran retreated in 1979.


The Chamber for Sustainable Tourism Law Pearlas aims to preserve the islands' delicate ecological balance.


The Pearl Islands are a popular location for the reality TV programs, particularly Survivor . The American edition which had 3 seasons (namely Survivor: Pearl Islands , Survivor: All-Stars [1] and Survivor: Panama ) set on the islands. Season 2 of the Israeli version of the program (titled Survivor 10: Pearl Islands ), season 1 of Survivor South Africa (titled Survivor South Africa: Panama ), season 4 of the French edition (titled Koh-Lanta: Panama ), season 3 of the Bulgarian version (titled Survivor BG: Pearl Islands ) and Ukrainian versions of the show were all set on the islands.

Other programs, namely BBC TV series The Real Swiss Family Robinson , the British TV series The Island with Bear Grylls (which used the islands of Isla Gibraleón and Isla San Telmo) and season 1 of the Dutch television series Adam Looking for Eve used Mogo Mogo Island as location.

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Del Rey or Delrey may refer to:

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The Cueva were an indigenous people who lived in the Darién region of eastern Panama. They were completely exterminated between 1510 and 1535 by the effects of Spanish colonization. Following the massacre of the Cueve, the island of Isla Chuche was populated by African slaves, imported there by the Spaniards to search for pearls.

Contadora Island island in Panama

Isla Contadora is a Panamanian island on the Pearl Islands archipelago in the Gulf of Panama. It has an area of 1.39 km², which makes it the 11th largest island of the archipelago. With a population of 253, however, it ranks third, after Isla del Rey and Isla Taboga. A popular tourist destination, Contadora has a small regional/domestic airport, and has regular flights to and from Panama City and the rest of the islands in the archipelago.

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Isla del Rey, Panama island in Panama

Isla del Rey is the largest island in the Pearl Islands in the Gulf of Panama. It has an area of 234 square kilometres (90 sq mi), and a population of 1,676. Its current name is probably more a reference to Christ the King than to a secular king. There are four towns, which are San Miguel, La Esmeralda, La Ensenada and La Guinea. It is easily larger than the other Pearl Islands combined, and is the second largest island in Panama, after Coiba.

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Isla Palenque is located off the western Pacific shore of Panama, near the border of Costa Rica, in the Gulf of Chiriquí. Isla Boca Brava is just to the north, connected to Isla Palenque by a tombolo. The island is approximately 400 acres (1.6 km2), with 5 miles (8.0 km) of coastline and over 1-mile (1.6 km) of beaches. Most of the island is covered with mature tropical forest; other ecosystems on the island include mangroves, lagoons, and littoral forest.

Protemblemaria perla, the Pearl blenny, is a species of chaenopsid blenny.

Koh-Lanta: Panama was the fourth season of the French version of Survivor Koh-Lanta. Like season three this season was held in Panama but in the archipelago of Las Perlas. It was broadcast TF1 from Friday July 2, 2004 to Tuesday August 31, 2004. This season the contestants were initially divided into two tribes known as Chapera and Mogo, both of which consisted of eight contestants of the same gender. Following a tribal swap on day eight many contestants found themselves living on new tribes. Due to two evacuations that occurred this season, both Linda and Sophie returned to the game following their initial eliminations.

San Miguel Airport (Panama) airport in Panama

San Miguel Airport is an airport serving San Miguel, a town in the Pearl Islands of Panama. It is just east of the town, on the northern side of Isla del Rey, the largest of the islands.

Isla San Telmo is located in the southeast area of the Pearl Islands in Panama. It is the first landsighting when sailing to the port of Panama. The Reserva Natural Isla San Telmo was established in 1996 as a protection measure for the island; marine turtles are noted on the beaches, endemic birds and animals are found in the premontane forest, and the island waters are a whale breeding area.

Isla Gibraleón island

Isla Gibraleón is a small, uninhabited Panamanian island that is part of the Pearl Islands archipelago in the Gulf of Panama. It is located 2 km (1.2 mi) west of Isla Casaya, and is part of a group of 200 or more islands and islets lying about 30 miles (48 km) off the Pacific coast of Panama. The island has an eight-kilometre (5.0-mile) coastline, five beaches, a mangrove swamp, and is covered in 153.18 acres (61.99 ha) of dense jungle. It has a total surface area of 277.62 acres (112.35 ha), which makes it the 12th largest island in the archipelago. Isla Gibraleón rises to a height of 11 metres (36 ft) above sea level, and is in the Eastern Time Zone (UTC−05:00).

San Miguel is a corregimiento in Balboa District, Panamá Province, Panama with a population of 1,044 as of 2010. It is the seat of Balboa District. Its population as of 1990 was 1,179; its population as of 2000 was 817.


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