Per Olof Christopher Aurivillius

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Per Olof Christopher Aurivillius
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Born(1843-01-15)15 January 1843
Died20 July 1928(1928-07-20) (aged 85)
Nationality Swedish
Scientific career
Fields Entomology

Per Olof Christopher Aurivillius (15 January 1843 – 20 July 1928) was a Swedish entomologist.



Christopher Aurivillius was born at Forsa, Sweden. He was the director of the Natural History Museum in Stockholm and he specialised in Coleoptera and Lepidoptera. He was, for a long time, the secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science . His brother was the zoologist Carl Wilhelm Samuel Aurivillius (1854–1899) and his son the zoologist Sven Magnus Aurivillius (1892–1928).

He was the author of Part 39 Cerambycidae: Cerambycinae (1912) and Parts 73 and 74. Cerambycidae: Lamiinae (1922, 1923) in: S. Schenkling (ed.), Coleopterorum Catalogus. W. Junk, Berlin, 1000 + pages. Also Rhopalocera Aethiopica (1898), major contributions to Adalbert Seitz's Die Großschmetterlinge der Erde Band 13: Abt. 2, Die exotischen Großschmetterlinge, Die afrikanischen Tagfalter, 1925 and many papers on the Lepidoptera of Africa and Über sekundäre Geschlechtscharaktere nordischer Tagfalter Stockholm (1880) a work on moths [ verification needed ]. In 1922, he discovered the beetle Ozineus dimidiatus which is part of the family Cerambycidae.

Plate from Nordischer Tagfalter Aurivillius.jpeg
Plate from Nordischer Tagfalter

Aurivillius was also the permanent secretary of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences from 1901 to 1923.

Papers on African Lepidoptera

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