Perm Operation (1918–19)

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Perm Operation
Part of the Russian Civil War
Date29 November 1918 to 28 January 1919
Location Ural Region
Result Indecisive
Red Army Siberian Army
Commanders and leaders
Mikhail Lashevich (3d Army) Anatoly Pepelyayev
about 36,000 about 45,000
Casualties and losses
Very High Very High

The Perm Operation (November 1918 – January 1919) was a military operation during the Russian Civil War.



At the end of 1918, the situation on the Eastern Front of the Russian Civil War was unclear. The forces of Eastern White Movement tried to advance in two directions simultaneously: on the one hand towards the North-West to connect with Northern Russia Front, on the other hand towards the South-West to connect with Southern Russia Front and the troops of Anton Denikin and Pyotr Wrangel. The Red Army considered the Southwestern advance of the White Army as the main threat, and concentrated its main forces in the Southern Ural region.

Offensive of Siberian Army

On 29 November the 1st corps of the Siberian Army, led by Anatoly Pepelyayev, began its advance towards the North-West. On 21 December the Siberian Army captured Kungur, and on 24 December Perm. The Red Army lost 18,000 men, but the losses of the White Army was also great. Therefore, on 6 January 1919, White Russian Supreme Commander Alexander Kolchak ordered the 1st Corps of the Siberian Army to hold its advance and defend.

Counteroffensive of Red Army

On 19 January the Red Army began its counteroffensive to recapture Perm and Kungur. Up to 28 January the Red 2nd Army advanced 20–40 km, the Red 3rd Army only 10–20 km. The main objectives weren't achieved.