Peter Ittinuar

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2008 Canadian federal election: Nunavut
Peter Ittinuar
ᐲᑎᕐ ᐃᑦᑎᓄᐊᕐ
Member of the Canadian Parliament
for Nunatsiaq
In office
22 May 1979 4 September 1984
Conservative Leona Aglukkaq 2,80634.78+5.72$59,574
Liberal Kirt Ejesiak2,35929.24−10.74$59,600
New Democratic Paul Irngaut2,22827.62+10.47$20,095
Green Peter Ittinuar 6758.37+2.45
Total valid votes/expense limit8,068100.0   $80,098
Conservative gain from Liberal Swing +8.23
1984 Canadian federal election : Nunatsiaq
Progressive Conservative Thomas Suluk 2,23732.49+24.71
Liberal Robert Kuptana1,99028.90−12.90
New Democratic Rhoda Innuksuk1,97328.65−18.61
Independent Peter Ittinuar 6869.96
Total valid votes6,886100.00  
Progressive Conservative gain from New Democratic Swing +18.80
Independent candidate Peter Ittinuar lost 37.31 percentage points from the 1980 election, when he ran as a New Democrat.
1980 Canadian federal election : Nunatsiaq
New Democratic Peter Ittinuar 2,68847.27+10.99
Liberal James Arvaluk 2,37741.80+15.81
Progressive Conservative Lyle Stevenson4427.77−18.22
Rhinoceros Lloyd Ellsworth1803.17
Total valid votes5,687100.00  
New Democratic hold Swing −2.41
1979 Canadian federal election : Nunatsiaq
New Democratic Peter Ittinuar 1,96337.74
Liberal Tagak Curley 1,88736.27
Progressive Conservative Abe Okpik 1,35225.99
Total valid votes5,202100.00  
This riding was created from part of Northwest Territories, where New Democrat Wally Firth was the incumbent.

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Lori Idlout is a Canadian politician for the riding of Nunavut elected in 2021. She is a member of the New Democratic Party.


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