Peter J. Woolley

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Peter J. Woolley
Academic background
Education University of Pittsburgh, (Ph.D.)
Alma mater St. Joseph's University
Academic work
DisciplinePolitical Science
Sub-disciplinePolling, Japanese history, military history, American politics
Institutions Fairleigh Dickinson University

Peter J. Woolley is an American political scientist, pollster, and founding director of PublicMind—an independent public opinion research group at Fairleigh Dickinson University. His research in public opinion and his commentary have been cited on a range of public issues including the effect of cable news on voter information, [1] the constitutionality of public prayer, [2] traffic safety, [3] drone warfare, [4] measuring support for independent candidates, [5] and televising the US Supreme Court, [6] He is also cited on New Jersey's gubernatorial politics since Governor James McGreevey [7] through Governors Richard Codey, Jon Corzine, [8] and Chris Christie. [9] as well as on US Senate elections, [10] presidential politics, [11] congressional races, and other New Jersey policy debates such as affordable housing, [12] Atlantic City and the gambling industry, [13] and even on the effects on public opinion of the TV reality show Jersey Shore by gossip columnist Perez Hilton. [14]

Fairleigh Dickinson University American university

Fairleigh Dickinson University is a private university with its main campuses in New Jersey. Founded in 1942, Fairleigh Dickinson University was the first American university to own and operate an international campus and currently offers more than 100 individual degree programs to its students. In addition to its two campuses in New Jersey, the university also has a campus in Canada, a campus in the United Kingdom, and an online platform. Fairleigh Dickinson University is New Jersey's largest private institution of higher education, with over 11,000 students.

Public opinion consists of the desires, wants and thinking of the majority of the people. It is the collective opinion of the people of a society or state on an issue or problem.

The Supreme Court of the United States does not allow cameras in the courtroom when the court is in session, a policy which is the subject of much debate. Although the Court has never allowed cameras in its courtroom, it does make audiotapes of oral arguments and opinions available to the public.


Education and Career

Woolley was awarded the Ph.D. by the University of Pittsburgh in 1989. He studied at the Sorbonne and at the University of Bordeaux and later in Japan as a member of a Fulbright/Hays Group Project: He was an Advanced Research Scholar at the US Naval War College (1994–95) and won the Miller History Prize from the US Naval War College in 1997 [15] for his contribution "The Role of Strategy in Great Power Decline." [16] He also authored two books on U.S.-Japan defense relations, Japan’s Navy: Politics and Paradox (Lynne-Reinner, 2000) [17] and Geography and Japan’s Strategic Choices (Potomac, 2005). [18] Woolley took over the direction of PublicMind in 2002 and nurtured it from an obscure upstart in polling to a nationally cited source of public opinion on campaigns and elections as well as a variety of national issues [19] such as automobile safety, eminent domain, gambling, the impact of candidates’ gender on voters, and even the impact on New Jersey of the TV shows, The Sopranos [20] and Jersey Shore. [21]

University of Pittsburgh American state-related research university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The University of Pittsburgh is a state-related research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was founded as the Pittsburgh Academy in 1787 on the edge of the American frontier. It developed and was renamed as Western University of Pennsylvania by a change to its charter in 1819. After surviving two devastating fires and various relocations within the area, the school moved to its current location in the Oakland neighborhood of the city; it was renamed as the University of Pittsburgh in 1908. Pitt was a private institution until 1966 when it became part of the Commonwealth System of Higher Education.

Sorbonne historical monument

The Sorbonne is a building in the Latin Quarter of Paris which was the historical house of the former University of Paris. Today, it houses part or all of several higher education and research institutions such as Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris Descartes University, École pratique des hautes études, and Sorbonne University.

University of Bordeaux university in France established in 2014

The University of Bordeaux was founded in 1441 in France. The University of Bordeaux is part of the Community of universities and higher education institutions of Aquitaine.

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The Governor of the State of New Jersey is head of the executive branch of New Jersey's state government. The office of governor is an elected position, for which elected officials serve four-year terms. Governors cannot be elected to more than two consecutive terms, but there is no limit on the total number of terms they may serve. The official residence for the governor is Drumthwacket, a mansion located in Princeton, New Jersey; the office of the governor is at the New Jersey State House in Trenton.

Jon Corzine 54th Governor of New Jersey

Jon Stevens Corzine is an American financial executive and retired politician who served as a United States Senator from New Jersey from 2001 to 2006 and the 54th Governor of New Jersey from 2006 to 2010. A member of the Democratic Party, he previously worked at Goldman Sachs; after leaving politics, he was CEO of MF Global from 2010 to 2011.

Richard Codey New Jersey State Senator and former Governor of New Jersey

Richard James Codey is an American Democratic Party politician who served as the 53rd Governor of New Jersey from 2004 to 2006. He has served in the New Jersey Senate since 1982 and served as the President of the Senate from 2002 to 2010. He represents the 27th Legislative District, which covers the western portions of Essex County and the southeastern portion of Morris County. Codey is the longest-serving state legislator in New Jersey history, having served in the New Jersey Legislature continuously since January 8, 1974.

Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in the U.S. state of New Jersey since October 21, 2013, the effective date of a trial court ruling invalidating the state's restriction of marriage to persons of different sexes.

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Joseph P. Cryan is an American Democratic Party politician who has served in the New Jersey Senate since 2018, representing the 20th Legislative District. He previously served in the New Jersey General Assembly from 2002 to 2015, where he represented the 20th Legislative District.

2006 United States Senate election in New Jersey

The 2006 United States Senate election in New Jersey was held November 7, 2006. Incumbent Democrat Bob Menendez was elected to represent New Jersey in the United States Senate for a six-year term which ended in January 2013. The seat was previously held by Democratic Governor of New Jersey Jon Corzine. After he stepped down from his Senate seat and was sworn in Governor, Corzine appointed Rep. Menendez, who was sworn in on January 18, 2006. Menendez was challenged by Republican Thomas Kean, Jr. and seven other candidates. Filing for the primary closed on April 10, 2006. The primary election was held June 6, 2006. Menendez became the first Hispanic to hold a U.S. Senate seat from New Jersey, and was the first Latino elected to statewide office in the state.

Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey

The Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey is an elected constitutional officer in the executive branch of the state government of New Jersey in the United States. The lieutenant governor is the second highest-ranking official in the state government and is elected concurrently on a ticket with the governor for a four-year term. Because the position itself does not carry any powers or duties other than to be next in the order of succession, the state constitution requires that the lieutenant governor be appointed to serve as the head of a cabinet-level department or administrative agency within the governor's administration.

2006 New Jersey state government shutdown

The 2006 New Jersey state government shutdown was the first shutdown in the history of the U.S. state of New Jersey. The shutdown occurred after the New Jersey Legislature and Governor Jon Corzine failed to agree on a state budget by the constitutional deadline. Furthermore, Corzine and the Legislature clashed on the issue of raising the state sales tax to help balance budget. Exercising his constitutional powers as governor, Corzine ordered the shutdown as a means of pressuring the Legislature to pass a budget. The shutdown began at midnight on July 1, 2006, when Corzine called for an orderly shutdown of non-essential government services, which was followed by a second round of shutdowns three days later on July 4.

Chris Christie 55th Governor of New Jersey, former U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey

Christopher James Christie is an American politician, former federal prosecutor, and political commentator who served as the 55th Governor of New Jersey from 2010 to 2018. During his governorship, he chaired the Opioid and Drug Abuse Commission in 2017. Christie became an ABC News contributor in 2018 after leaving office.

Mike DuHaime, a Republican strategist and public affairs executive, is a managing director at Mercury Public Affairs, LLC, a national public affairs firm. He was the chief strategist for the successful campaign of former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie for Governor of New Jersey in 2009. Christie unseated the incumbent, Democrat Jon Corzine, by nearly 87,000 votes. He served as one of ten members of Gov. Christie's transition team and was the chairman of the authorities subcommittee.

Elections in New Jersey

Elections in New Jersey are authorized under Article II of the New Jersey State Constitution, which establishes elections for the governor, the lieutenant governor, and members of the New Jersey Legislature. Elections are regulated under state law, Title 19. The office of the New Jersey Secretary of State has a Division of Elections that oversees the execution of elections under state law. In addition, the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) is responsible for administering campaign financing and lobbying disclosure.

Tom Wilson is an American Republican Party leader who served as the chairman of the New Jersey Republican State Committee from 2004 to 2009.

2009 New Jersey gubernatorial election

The 2009 New Jersey gubernatorial election took place on November 3, 2009. Incumbent Democratic Governor Jon Corzine ran for a second term against Republican Chris Christie, Independent Christopher Daggett and nine others, in addition to several write-in candidates. Christie won the election, with about 48.5 percent of the vote, to 44.9 percent for Corzine and 5.8 percent for Daggett. Christie won the largest margin for a first term Republican since 1969. Christie assumed office on January 19, 2010.

2000 United States Senate election in New Jersey

The 2000 United States Senate election in New Jersey was held on November 7, 2000. Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg decided to retire, rather than seeking a fourth term. The Democratic nominee, former CEO of Goldman Sachs Jon Corzine, defeated the Republican nominee, U.S. Representative Bob Franks, in a close election.

2009 New Jersey elections

The following offices were up for election in the United States State of New Jersey in the general election on November 3, 2009:

Christopher Jarvis Daggett is the president and CEO of the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, one of the largest foundations in New Jersey. A former regional administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, he ran as an independent candidate for Governor of New Jersey in 2009, garnering 5.8% of the vote.

2013 United States gubernatorial elections

United States gubernatorial elections were held on November 5, 2013 in two states. These elections formed part of the 2013 United States elections.

Governorship of Chris Christie

Chris Christie took office as the 55th Governor of New Jersey on January 19, 2010, and began his second term on January 21, 2014, and left office on January 16, 2018.

The 2016 presidential campaign of Chris Christie, the 55th Governor of New Jersey, began on June 30, 2015, at an event in his hometown of Livingston, New Jersey. Following a poor showing in the New Hampshire primary, the campaign was suspended on February 10, 2016. He endorsed Donald Trump on February 26, 2016.


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