Peter Lamont

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Peter Lamont
Peter Curtis Lamont

(1929-11-12)12 November 1929
Died18 December 2020(2020-12-18) (aged 91)
Nationality British
Occupation Art director, Set decorator, Production designer
Years active1950–2006

Peter Curtis Lamont (12 November 1929 – 18 December 2020 [1] [2] ) was a British set decorator, art director, and production designer most noted for working on eighteen James Bond films, from Goldfinger (1964) to Casino Royale (2006). The only Bond film that he did not work on during that period was Tomorrow Never Dies (1997). He also worked extensively as a set dresser on the Carry On series in the 1960s.


Throughout his near 60-year career, Lamont was nominated for three Academy Awards for his work on Fiddler on the Roof (1971), The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), and Aliens (1986). [3] He was nominated a fourth time and won for Titanic (1997). His memoir, The Man With the Golden Eye: Designing the James Bond Films, was published in 2016. [4]

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(Also known as Designer's Guild or B.F.D.G. and can be seen after a member's name as a professional certification abbreviation)

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