Phil Bolger

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Philip Cunningham Bolger
Born(1927-12-03)December 3, 1927
Gloucester, Massachusetts
DiedMay 24, 2009(2009-05-24) (aged 81)
OccupationBoat designer
Years active1950s–2009
Spouse(s)Susanne Altenburger

Philip C. Bolger (December 3, 1927 – May 24, 2009) was a prolific American boat designer, who was born and lived in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He began work full-time as a draftsman for boat designers Lindsay Lord and then John Hacker in the early 1950s.


The Gloucester Light Dory, one of Bolger's better-known designs Gloucester light dory.jpg
The Gloucester Light Dory, one of Bolger's better-known designs

Bolger's first boat design was a 32-foot (9.75 m) sportfisherman published in the January 1952 issue of Yachting magazine. He subsequently designed more than 668 different boats, [1] from a 114-foot-10-inch (35 m) replica of an eighteenth-century naval warship, the frigate Surprise (ex-Rose), to the 6-foot-5-inch (1.96 m) plywood box-like dinghy Tortoise.

Although his designs ranged through the full spectrum of boat types, Bolger tended to favor simplicity over complexity. Many of his hulls are made from sheet materials — typically plywood — and have hard chines. A subclass of these designed in association with Harold Payson called Instant Boats were so named because they were intended to be easily built by amateurs out of commonly available materials. Bolger also advocated the use of traditional sailing rigs and leeboards.

From the 1990s, Phil Bolger teamed with his wife Susanne Altenburger, designing boats under the name Phil Bolger & Friends Inc. During this time, they emphasized the design of sustainable and fuel-efficient boats for the fishing industry. Also, they participated in a large military commission with the Naval Sea Systems Command on new designs for military landing craft utility boats.

Bolger was a prolific writer and wrote many books, the last being Boats with an Open Mind, as well as hundreds of magazine articles on small craft designs, chiefly in Woodenboat, Small Boat Journal and Messing About in Boats.

Bolger died on May 24, 2009, of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His wife explained that "[h]is mind had slipped in the last several months, and he wanted to control the end of his life while he was still able." [2] [3]

Instant Boats

Phil Bolger was unconventional in many ways and, among many large boats, yachts and custom designs, took an interest in what he termed "evolving crafty ways of building boats". [4] As far back as 1957 he designed "Poohsticks" [5] as a small plywood rowing skiff to be simply and economically built at home (originally by his brother). From this simple start he went on to develop a large number of designs for small- and medium-sized craft using plywood as a material for one-off construction at home or by small boatyards.

A Bolger-designed sharpie schooner, built of plywood in the "instant boat" style Shrike-crop.jpg
A Bolger-designed sharpie schooner, built of plywood in the "instant boat" style

In the 1970s, Phil Bolger began a long and successful collaboration with Harold 'Dynamite' Payson with Bolger designing the boats and Payson building them as well as selling plans and writing books about how to do it. 'Dynamite' called the first series of easy-to-build plywood boats "Instant Boats". Unlike traditional boat construction which involves building of jig and full size lofting of the shape of the hull prior to construction, the Instant Boat method uses shaped plywood panels on pre-shaped frames made of plywood and standard dimensional lumberyard wood. This results in quick construction and less requirement for skilled craftsmanship, and has proved appealing to amateur boat builders as well as many later designers who have followed in his footsteps, albeit much less prolifically.

Following articles in WoodenBoat magazine, Dynamite Payson published Instant Boats (1979, 152 pages, 7" × 10", 48 illustrations). It describes the original "Instant Boat" technique. Generically known as the "chine log method" or "simplified chine log method" the technique consists of (i) cutting body panels to a predetermined shape as given on the plans, (ii) wrapping them around frames or bulkheads, (iii) adding chines (small section planks of lumberyard wood) along the joints (either internally or externally) and fastening them together using glue and mechanical fasteners (nails or screws). The book described all the basic techniques (gluing, nailing and screwing with some fiberglass) to produce five designs: 12' Teal, 7'9" Elegant Punt, 12' Kayak, 31' Folding Schooner, 15'6" Surf, and 20'9" Zephyr. All these boats have single chines (i.e. have a bottom panel and two sides) and have their shape limited by the bevels given to the chines. The boats in Paysons book were designed for use on protected waters and none was self-bailing or designed to self-recover in case of capsize. However, Bolger designed many other boats using this building technique, including the ocean crossing AS-39 (or Loose Moose II) as well as a significant number of other boats.

Bolger's first generation of "chine log instant boats" for home building was followed by a generation of "stitch and glue" (aka "tack and tape") boats. This technique was made possible by the evolution of glues and the massification of polyester and epoxy resins combined with fiberglass tape. The new technique basically did away with the chine logs and mechanical fasteners and all the problems associated with their use (mainly the limitation of shape in the design phase, the carpentry challenge in the construction phase and damp/rot in the medium to long term). Instead of using a chine to join the precut panels, in stitch and glue, the preshaped panels are wrapped around bulkheads and/or frames in the same way as before. However, the panels are only temporarily held in place using nails, duct tape, cable ties, masking tape, wire or other mechanical means, while the seams are filled (both inside and outside the hull) with a resin and filler paste covered in one or more layers of fiberglass cloth or tape which in turn is saturated in resin. Once the resin hardens, the mechanical joint is stronger than the joined plywood and therefore structurally sound. Payson again popularised the technique in his book Build the New Instant Boats (1984, 160 pages, 812" × 11", 110 illustrations - Also still in print). In this book Payson introduces what he termed "Tack and tape" to the greater American public. The book includes plans for Gypsy (15' sail/oar/outboard), Nymph (7'9" dinghy with sail option), Diablo (15' motor boat for up to 25 HP outboard) as well as 8 more "traditional instant boats" using the chine log method: 16' Lug-rigger Windsprint, 6'5" Tortoise, 8' Skimmer, Dynamite Sailboard, 16'June Bug, Madeline a 19'6" Pedal-driven sidewheeler and the 23'6" Light Schooner. In 2007 Payson published his last book Instant Boatbuilding with Dynamite Payson which basically explains both techniques in less detail than the previous books and presents complete plans for 15 boats by Bolger. These are: Stitch and Glue: Payson's Pirogue (13' - canoe), Cartopper (11'6" - sail/oar), Sweet Pea (15' - sail/oar), Ruben's Nymph (7'9" - identical to Nymph but 1' wider - sail/oar), Diablo Grande (18' - power), Catfish (15' - sail/outboard) and Chebacco (19'8" - sail/outboard). The


Bolger put a lot of thought into relatively cheap, high-performance boats. He is well known for designing a series of single chine sharpies, typically long and narrow with a flat bottom. [6]

According to Bolger, sailing sharpies give good performance for the amount of sail they carry because of low to moderate displacement and light weight. In his opinion, the sharpie shape provides a simple construction in the plywood era with the added benefit that sailing sharpies extend the waterline as they heel, thereby effectively increasing the hull speed. Power sharpies can use low-horsepower motors (see, for example, the Bolger Tennessee, and Sneakeasy designs) yet reach planing speeds in sheltered waters. Major critics of sharpies point to the fact that they tend to pound under certain conditions and that the relatively shallow draft makes them unseaworthy. Their advocates (including Bolger) point to the fact that they are exceptionally good boats for their cost, make excellent day boats and are increasingly seaworthy as (i) the length to beam ratio increases, (ii) they are adequately ballasted and (iii) they are given reserve stability and/or made watertight sufficiently to ensure that they self-right in the event of a capsize. [7] Sharpies may be considered one of the simplest types of boat from the construction point of view. However, their design is controversial and primarily dependent on the intended use.

Bolger is particularly known for his Square Boats (derogatorily known as "Bolger Boxes"). Bolger reasoned that a simple rockered bottom and vertical sides gives the most volume, and form stability, on a given beam. After experimenting and studying traditional sharpies and the writings of small-boat historian Howard I. Chapelle and others, he developed the theory that the optimum chine line for a sailing sharpie should represent a regular curve without breaks, changes in radius or straight sections. He further reasoned that the curve of side and bottom should match as much as possible to reduce turbulence. He further reasoned that the sharpie was an ideal shape for a trailer sailer with either leeboards or bilgeboards to provide lateral plane. [8] Bolger felt that the traditional sharpie shape Chapelle had documented based on traditional New England sharpies (with a slightly different chine profile) was inefficient and prone to causing steering difficulties.

Both designers thought traditional rigs and boat types were suitable for small yachts, especially sailing boats. Generally, Chapelle noted that neither transom nor bow should be immersed when the boat is loaded, a point on which Bolger agreed. Later in his career Phil Bolger and Friends developed modifications to the simple sharpie bow to avoid hull slap at anchor at the expense of a much more complex geometry.

Bolger evolved the concept of traditional sharpies and by squaring off the bow and stern to give the longest useful waterline. Most were configured as yawls (with main mast quite far forward and a small mizzen far aft). The bow on these designs is cut off and blunt and the sterns are vertical. In some designe an open bow can allow passage to land if the boat is beached, space for holding anchors and cables, or clearance to step and unstep a mast. Oldshoe,Micro and Long Micro have shallow ballasted full length keels whereas what he called the "Advanced Sharpies" AS19, AS29 and AS39 have one or two bilgeboards and inside ballast. The latter are very definitely in the extended cruise/liveaboard category.

Leeboards and rigs

Bolger championed leeboards as low-tech and practical, to the chagrin of many yachties. The conventional wisdom is that they are ugly. Even many of his centerboard designs had boards that were off-center or all the way to one side or the other (for example, the Birdwatcher and the AS29). He concluded that a single leeboard is sufficient in many cases on small boats, and that rigs could be stepped off the centerline without much effect on performance. Bolger advocated leeboards as being a simple means of providing lateral plane to all types of sailing vessel, eliminating many of the disadvantages of centerboards, daggerboards and keels, following broadly in the concepts of L. Francis Herreshoff, various years his senior and, as stated by Bolger, one of the most influential yacht designers from his perspective.

He used traditional rigs, from the simplest "Cat rig" (single sail) through sloops, many yawls and schooners at a time when almost all other designers were concentrating purely on racing rule derived sloops. The diversity of rigs was accompanied by a broad spectrum of sails including the sprit-boomed leg of mutton, the sprit sail, the gaff sail, the lug sail and the lateen in addition to the classic Bermudan/marconi rig. His book '100 Sailing Rigs "Straight talk"' later reedited as '103 Sailing Rigs "Straight talk"' provides a fascinating look at both rig configurations and sail types as well as his insight into a subject in which he was undoubtedly an expert.

His experience over the years with well over 600 designs allowed him ample space to experiment with all kinds of designs, rigs and materials. His comments on each subject in books as well as articles published in magazines of the period are based on his research, analysis, first hand experience and use of the different configurations. He is further very clear in explaining the mistakes and corrections he made in each case, and why.

Later years - Advanced Gloucester Fisherman Project

Isometric rendering of the hull shape of the composite plywood, fiberglass and foam 70 ft x 14 ft x 3 ft draft, 25 ton displacement, 160-200 hp, 10.5 knots, capable of being owner built. The Advanced Gloucester Fisherman Project boat. NewEnglandFishingBoat.png
Isometric rendering of the hull shape of the composite plywood, fiberglass and foam 70 ft × 14 ft × 3 ft draft, 25 ton displacement, 160-200 hp, 10.5 knots, capable of being owner built. The Advanced Gloucester Fisherman Project boat.

Beginning in November 2002, Bolger and Altenberger began a re-examination of fisheries economics, as a result of the partial collapse of the industry both globally and locally in their hometown of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Their proposal centered on the principle that, in an era of high fuel cost and economic pressure for modernization of depressed fishing ports, sustainable fisheries require a balance of business economics and public planning versus the available fishery resources.

They argued the key to this was a restructuring of the fishing fleet towards boats with lower complexity, lower initial cost, better fuel economy, and lower operating costs.

Most modern vessels are horsepower intensive concepts with often oversized drive trains that cost extra in terms of hardware, operation, repair and replacement. ... Today this is as economical and sustainable as taking a Suburban-size SUV to the mall to buy a pair of socks. [1]

Large expensive complex boats demand taking a high number of fish to be economical. Simpler, lower powered, and lower cost boats can still be economical with lower fish catch rates.

Bolger and Altenberger expressed concern that existing governmental fishing permits issued based on length of the fishing boat, created an incentive to use inefficient wide and deep fishing boat hulls. If the fishing permits were issued based instead on displacement tonnage of the hull, then the incentive would be for the fishing industry to use long, narrow and shallow hulls which would be more economical to purchase and to operate per ton of fish caught.

The existing fishing fleet, composed of ever larger boats with high construction costs, debt loads and operational costs, in the long run forced fishermen to search for ever increasing catch sizes to remain economic while in a fight against regulatory quotas.

Bolger and Altenburger argued that, ultimately, fishermen would find it more economically sustainable to do more with less. A consolidated fleet of smaller more economical vessels could make it possible for fishermen to survive with lower catch rates, lower debt load, lower fuel burn, lower insurance rates and lower depreciation. [9]

This idea was described in the September 2004 issue of the magazine National Fisherman, and again in 2007 as a series of essays published in the magazine Messing About in Boats. [1] [9] The project to build a prototype was authorised but was never developed on any significant commercial scale within Phil Bolger's lifetime.

Design list

Listed below are a selection of more commonly encountered designs by Phil Bolger.

Design NameTypeDesignSizeReferenceCommentsImgURLLinkURL
1952 Sport FishermanPhil Bolger's first published design image link
22 ft MotorsailerSail & 16 hp. Yanmar 22'9" x 7'9" x 21"Gaff rig, box keel, from Small Boat Journal #74 5500 # disp.
23 ft Fantail LaunchPower23'0"x6'0"x1'10"Cold-molded or carvel power launch in classic style. Ref: WoodenBoat Store
23 ft Motorsailersail/OB#60122'7"x8'0"x9"Plywood step sharpie with dipping lug rig, sleeps two. Ref: BDQ#4
30 ft Camper/Daysailer#42332'x7'V11-N22
3-Meter TrisailConcept10'x8'V08-N23, V14-N01class racer trimaran, 60 sq. ft. sail, molded hull and amas.23
40 Foot Diesel Cruiser image link
A Trailer Motor Sailer#60519'8"x7'5"V11-N03 image
Abbondanza25-45 hp IB Diesel#65224'x8'3"V16-N12Step sharpie steel fishing boat image
AdaPower, Sail26' x6'Cruiser - fast plywood motorsailer - ref: BWAOM Ch#61
Advanced Fisherman 30
Advanced Fisherman 70
AfricaSail - 8,800 lbs displ.#35028'8" x7'Cruiser - carvel, fixed keel - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#33 image
Alaska Motorsailingsail, 488sf, 8 hp. Diesel30' x 10' x 2',.Box keel motorsailer with central cargo hold, sleeps 4
Alaskan One-Man#44626'x10'V09-N16
AlertSail - 8,560 lbs. displ.#35733'6" x 7'8" x 1'6"V15-N06,V16-N17Leeboard Cat Yawl Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats aka Manatee, Chinese Gaff Rig
AlicePower - 7,400 lbs displ.28' x7'10"Cruiser - displacement, inboard - ref: BWAOM Ch#37 image
All-Weather HouseboatPower#25029'10" x13'11"Houseboat - inboard, displacement hull - ref: FoldingSch Ch#30 image
Aluminum Diesel Launch#33230'x8'6"V11-N12 image
Aluminum Lugger#45642'x9'10"V12-N12 image
Aluminum Trailer Cruiser#34336'x7'11"V11-N07 image
Amesbury Skiff Mippetoar#2609'6" x 3'6"Multi-chined rowing skiff - Ref. SmallBoats Ch#1 image
Amherst GalleySchooner#64326'9" x 5'8"V14-N24Schooner BDQ#14 image
AnhingaSailing canoe + oars#48423'3" x 5'V06-N11 image link
Antispray 48Sail#64248'5" x 12'6" x 28"Long Island Sound sharpie, offshore cruiser, 41,000 lbs displacement image
ApogeeSail - 10,700 lbs displ.#39738' x9'8"Cruiser - aluminum leeboard ketch - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#35
AravaLeeboard Sailboat#5099.0 x 3.03 x 0.6mV12-N20leeboard cruiser, MAIB 3-1-95 (29.5 x 9.95 x 1.96 ft) image
ArchaeopteryxSail#20215'6" x6'Daysailer - plywood scow - ref: SmallBoats Ch#23 image
AS-19 Advanced Sharpie191sf Cat Yawl rig, 8 hp#550/55919'6" x 5'6"V17-N15,16Trailerable lee-board daysailer. 500 lead ballast. Boxy with blunt bow. image
AS-29Advanced Sharpie 29#54729'6"x7'10"V06-N22, V11-N04(Monster Micro) Cat Yawl
AS-29 (Advanced Sharpie)Sail#54729'6"x7'10"x1'1"V11-N04,V19-N18Gaff yawl, bilgeboards BWAOM Ch#69 Minimal bluewater liveaboard image link
AS-39Sail - 10,920 lbs displ.#57637.7' x7.9'Plywood liveaboard - ref: BWAOM Ch#70, AKA Loose Moose II, Advanced
AtaraxiaSail - 17,375 lbs displ.36' x9.84'Cruiser - lugsail - ref: BWAOM Ch#71 image
Auckland CatamaranSail - 1,900 lbs displ.31'6" x15'10"Daysailer - plywood - ref: BWAOM Ch#33, BDQ#6 image
Auray PuntRow#5999'9" x4'2"V10-N18,V18-N08Punt - plywood - ref: BWAOM Ch#5; image link
Auxiliary Lugger48'x13'V12-N18
Bahama Dinghy..Yacht#52412'x4'8"V10-N16
Bain Yacht TenderS, P, R - 329 lbs displ.#2912.3m x1.06mDinghy - fibreglass - ref: FoldingSch Ch#18
Balanced Lug CatV15-N13
Baltic Sea Cruiser-RacerMarconi sloop, OB#16810.1m x 2.51m x 1.5mV15-N20Cold molded or carvel blue water sailer. image
Bantam 16/2015 hp - 25 hp#6546m x 2.44mV17-N02"Outboard Dayboat/Light Cruiser", low power planing trimaran hull. Collapsable image link
Barge Houseboatnone - 5,300 lbs displ.25'6" x7'10"Houseboat - plywood - ref: BWAOM Ch#58 image
Barge Houseboat (scow)OB#48120'x8'
Barn OwlSail - 31,800 lbs displ.#46349.9' x12.47'Cruiser - light-draft schooner - ref: BWAOM Ch#74 image
Bateau#51724 ft rowboatOld Common Sense Designs catalogue, 23'6" ft Teal type
Beach Cat#589Improved internal ergonomics, seating, and centreboard. aka Catfish Beachcruiser
Beach Cruiser Concept19' x 4'3"V16-N01 image
Becky Thatcherfoot powered#66919' 9" x 5' 4" x 6"Sternwheeler cabin extended cruiser. image
BeePower#5817' 5"Minimum sized Step Sharpie image
Bell's PufferOcean Passagemaker#63445'V17-N11Ocean Passagemaker image
BerengariaSail - 10,000 lbs displ.32' x8'2"Cruiser - slot cabin, water ballast - ref: BWAOM Ch#53 image
Big BirdSail - 31,600 lbs. displ.#33418.84m x 3.68mLeeboard Schooner Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#27
Big QuerySail29' x7' x11"Ply Bowsteering Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#30
Big TortoiseRow/sail8' x 3'2"Payson image
Bilge Keel Yawl#33323'6"x5'8"V12-N16 image
Bird of DawningSail - 16,800 lbs. displ.#36112m x3m x0.6mLeeboard Yawl Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#27 image
BirdwatcherSail#49623'6" x 5'7""Birdwatcher Style" Instant Boat, Oar/Sail
Birdwatcher IISail, oar, power#496B23'6" x 5'7"2004 upgrade of Birdwatcher, ref: Wooden Boat Magazine Aug2004 issue. image
Black SkimmerSail - 2,800 lbs displ.#29425'3" x7'Sharpie Cruiser - plywood leeboard cat-yawl - ref: FoldingSch Ch#11, BDQ#1 & 6 image link
Blackbird#443Old Common Sense Designs catalogue
Blackgauntlet IISail - 7,400 lbs displ.#26733'6" x7'7"Cruiser - plywood leeboard cat-yawl - ref: FoldingSch Ch#12 image
BlacksnakeKeel Sloop32' x 6'2"V17-N03
BlueberrySail - 4,000 lbs displ.#42020'3" x7'3"Cruiser - plywood deep-keel cutter - ref: BWAOM Ch#57, SBJ No.66 image link
BobcatSail12'3" x6'Catboat Daysailer - multichine plywood - ref: BWAOM Ch#21 image link
Bolger runabout image link
BonefishSportfishing Boat20'x7'9"V12-N23'Two cycle inboard' Econo-Concept
Bowsteering DovekieSail#292a21.4' x6'Mini-cruiser - experimental - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#28 image
BoxerSail - 300 lbs. displ.#33012' x3'6"Styrofoam-fibreglass Daysailer - ref: Diff. Boats image
Boy's LaunchPower - 2,600 lbs displ.14' x6'7"Inboard Launch - displacement hull - ref: BWAOM Ch#27 image
Breakdown PuntRow5'6" x3'6"Punt - plywood tender - ref: BWAOM Ch#1 image
Breakdown SchoonerSail - 13,000 lbs displ.#41846'11" x7'8"Cruiser - plywood c/b schooner - ref: BWAOM Ch#60 image
BrickRow, Sail#4588' x4'V15-N23Punt - plywood - ref: BWAOM Ch#2, image link
Brick ConnecterNAaka "Grout" or "Mortar". Attach two bricks end to end to form an 18'x4' schooner.
Brick, gaff riggedGaff rig for brick
BrigantineSail32' x9'Square rigged cruiser, seven working sails, ref: BWAOM Ch#43, BDQ#5 image
Bright ThreadCat Yawl#44526'x10'V09-N14 image
Budget Bateau25'6 x 4'10"V05-N16
Bulk Cargo CarrierSail - 460,000 lbs. displ.Ketch Cargo Carrier - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#31
Bunny R6 cyl inboard, 36sf#43028'0"x10'0"x2'9"Traditional Lobsterboat planked on bent oak frames. image link
BurgundySail - 3,500 lbs displ.#38428' x6'3"Dayboat-cruiser - keel cat ketch - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#10 image link
Cabin Clam Skiff 18Power 5 hp to 40 hp O.B.#606-II18'x5'3"V17-N22,V19-N108' cabin on #606 "Clam Skiff" workboat image
CagliostroPower#22441.3' x11.8'Dayboat - planing hull - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#26 image
California LobsterboatPower#27130' x7'10"Fishing boat - inboard, planing hull - ref: FoldingSch Ch#29
Camp CruiserSail or oarsConcept19'0"x4'4"V13-N09Initial study for the Common Sense Skiff?
Camper Sailboat#64018'x5'3x6"V14-N18 image link
Camping TrimaranSail#554V09-N18Uses Hobie16 floats rig & hardware. Ref:
CanardSail20' x4'6"Daysailer - experimental bowsteerer - ref: BWAOM Ch#23 image
Canoe ("Payson Pirogue")paddle#49513'x2'4"V09-N09Double-paddle canoe image
Canoe YawlSailboat#105-11-6023 ftUnknown Bolger design 1960 strip planked/ballasted keel sold in 2009 in Boston image
Canoe YawlCanoe Yawl#43321'x6'V11-N10 image
Canoe Yawl Concept16'x6'6"V10-N10
Canoe Yawl Concept28'x6'7"V10-N20
Caribbean Liveaboard#35538'x9'V10-N03 image
Cartoppersail, row, power#51911'6'X4' image
Casual Sailing DinghySail Row16' or 19'6 X 6'gaff cat, centreboard, day-racer-sailer. aka Cartoon 40 aka Plywood Catboat
Cat Ketch Power#35437'V09-N06
Catfish BeachcruiserCat sail4##?15' 1 1/2" x 6' 6"Plywood catboat with salient keel fin. Flat bottom, double chine. aka Beach Cat
Centennial IISail#32224'0" x 5'11" x 3'6"Plywood Cat Yawl Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#11 image
Ceremonial BargeRow23'3" x4'6"Rowboat - plywood, four oars - ref: BWAOM Ch#12 image
ChamplainOB 9.9 hp#63622'V14-N07,V16-N11Step-sharpie 22' Trailerable OB cabin cruiser - image
Champlain, update#636V16-N11
CharityPower - 5,000 lbs displ.#39825'6" x8'Outboard Dayboat - aluminum planing hull - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#17 image
Charlie's Catboat#53029'x8'3"V09-N08
ChebaccoSail#540, #57519'8" x 7'5"V15-N16Cat yawl. Ref: BWAOM, image link
Chebacco 25#60225'4"x7'11"V12-N04 image
Chebacco Boat #1Sail - 1,740 lbs displ.19'8" x7'5"Dayboat - plywood cat yawl - ref: BWAOM Ch#45
Chebacco Boat #2Sail - 1,740 lbs displ.19'8" x7'5"Cruiser - plywood cat yawl - ref: BWAOM Ch#45
Chebbaco#57515 4V15-N04
Chebbaco 20Cat-Yawl#54019'8"x7'9"V20-N02 image
Chicago CoblePower - 2,800 lbs displ.#27325'1" x6'Dayboat - outboard, 2 versions - ref: FoldingSch Ch#26
ChippewaPower#10-5820' x7'9"Dayboat - planing hull - ref: SmallBoats Ch#31 image
Clam Cabin Skiff5 hp to 40 hp O.B.#60618'x5'3"V17-N22Rugged flat bottom plywood workskiff. aka "Workskiff 18" image link
Clam SkiffPower - 1,100 lbs displ.#60618' x5'3"V11-N17Fishing boat - outboard, plywood - ref: BWAOM Ch#15
Class lV OSTAR Racer29'6"x7'6"V12-N24
Coastal 22#184-11-5922'5" x 7'9"Texas Dory catalogue
Coastal CruisingV13-N16
Col.H.G.HaslerSail#63520'0"x8'0"x2'0"V15-N07,12Steel singlehand circumnavigator, centerboard, Chinese gaff yawl. BDQ#12 & 13 image link
Cold Molded SailboatSail with OB auxiliary#48336'0"x11'0"x4'6"V13-N18Cold-molded, free-standing mast, gaff rig.
Cold-Water Outboard15 hp outboard21'3" x 7'2" x 9"Strip planked outboard power, early glass house example. SBJ Cartoon #7
Cold-water SailboardSail#30115'9" x3'11"Daysailer - daggerboard, plywood - ref: FoldingSch Ch#5
Commercial Gill-NetIB power51'6"x16'0"x5'6"V13-N08Hard-chined wooden fishing vessel designed around a 600 hp twelve cylinder
Common Sense Skiff#57115'6"x4'2"V10-N13 image
Compact Charter Schooner#34845'3" x 14' 7"V11-N15 image
Corsair 24Sail#46723'6" x5'10"Aft-mast Daysailer - keel sharpie, no mainsail - ref: BWAOM Ch#30
Cove Dweller image link
Cruising Canoe image link
Cruising Catamaran31'x16'V09-N image
Cruising CatamaranSingle staysail from aftMotor, centreboard, workshop, rudder, cockpit image
Cruising Catamaran50'x22'V10-N14 image
Cruising Catboat#53621'10"x7'9"V12-N05 image
Cruising ChebbacoV15-N15Cruising Chebbaco Light Cruiser version
Cruising CutterCruising Cutter Concept25'6"x4'6"V15-N24
Cruising LuggersailConcept35'0"x8'1"x5'6"V13-N12Thames barge hull with dipping lug and a deep keel.
Cruising RowboatRow - 2,050 lbs displ.21' x5'Rowboat - strip planked - ref: BWAOM Ch#13 image
Cruising SharpieCruising Sharpie56'x10'7"V10-N07
CrystalRow - 593 lbs. displ.#35215'6"" x 3'6"V19-N05Plywood Rowboat - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#3; image
CurrachPower - 6,400 lbs displ.#40824' x7'7"Outboard Ferry - steel planing hull - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#16 image
Cynthia JSail#28914'6" x5'6"Mini-cruiser - plywood leeboard catboat - ref: FoldingSch Ch#10 image
DakiniSailing dory34'6" x 7'11" image link
DakotaOuboard, 50 hp38'8"x7'3"x1'0"'Prefabricated River Cruiser' image
Dart DinghySail11'6" x4'6"Dinghy - multichine plywood - ref: BWAOM Ch#6 image
Dawn Treader48' x 12'8"Boatbuilder Sept'95Steel dipping lugsail 'Solution48" image
Day Racing SchoonerSail - 11,850 lbs displ.#54139'9" x8'11"V09-N17,V19-N09Cruiser - deep keel, fisherman style - ref: BWAOM Ch#42; BDQ#2
Daysailer/OvernighterMarconi Sloop, IB#17641'6"x7'7"x5'3"V15-N21Carvel planked keel day sailer with cuddy. image
Defenderoar#23611' x 3'10"Vintage lapstrake yacht tender image link
DelawareTrawler image link
Design 344Sail#34421' x 6'(?)V26-N11Proposed home-built version of Dovekie image link
DestrierPower#8-5828' x11'Cruiser - lapstrake planing hull - ref: SmallBoats Ch#33
Deuce#47317' x 4'10" x 3'3"Old Common Sense Designs catalogue, English Cutter "The Deuce"
DiabloPower (24 Max H.P.)#43215'x5'Double chine open powerboat. image
Diablo Grandepower#60318'0"x6'0"Double chine open powerboat for 40 hp OB. Ref: BDQ#18 image
Diamond Cruising Kayakdouble paddleConcept~19.5'V15-N10Plywood kayak with copious gear stowage. aka 'Diamond' image link
DidoSprit Cat Yawl, w/ 9' oar#43125'7"x6'7"x7"Fiberglass/Airex homebuild option to a Dovekie + precursor to Birdwatcher.
Diesel LaunchYanmar diesel, mizzen#379?12m x 2.44m x .75mBox keel slender 39'4" launch Construction #579? illegible number
Diesel Launch39'4"x8'V12-N14
DolphinRow, Sail - 1,200 lbs#25918' x4'Dayboat - round-bilge double-ender - ref: SmallBoats Ch#9 image
Donovan's TenderOars#64711'8" x 4'2"V15-N18Modified punt rowboat with low power OB option. image
Double Brick image link
Double EagleSail/ yawlboat auxiliary#64639' x 16'6"V16-N09,10Plywood catamaran. image
Double Eagle 657Sail designed for#65739'0"x20'0"V18-N11,12Enlarged, modified "Double Eagle" catamaran.
Double Eagle Yawlboatpower#65112'2" x 6'3"V16-N08Yawlboat for the Double Eagle sailboat image
Double QuerySail#37716' x7'9"Ply Bowsteering Daysailer Catamaran - D.Boats#30
Dovekie 21 Sail, Row#29221.4' x6'Cruiser - production fibreglass - ref: FoldingSch Ch#24 image
Dugong167 sf sail / oars#36526'0"x5'4"x3 ftCold-molded Ref: Different Boats, Chapter 8 big sister to Dovekie image
DugoutPower11'9" x3'Outboard Dayboat - carved from wooden lifts - ref: BWAOM Ch#35 image
Dynamite SailboardSail - 250 lbs displ.#40615'11" x2'Sailboard - plywood - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#2 image link
Economy MotorsailerPower, Sail#28225'10" x7'8"Cruiser - outboard, moulded hull - ref: FoldingSch Ch#28
Economy Seagoing CruiserSail - 8,300 lbs displ.34'6" x6'6" x1'1.5"Sharpie Cruiser - plywood, leeboards - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#1 image
Eeek!Sail - 280 lbs displ.#40711'6" x2'Cruising Canoe - plywood, leeboard - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#1 image link
Egg Harbor 31PowerMay 195731
Electric Launch24V 1 hp electric#32115'11" x 4'6"Electric Motor Inboard Launch Airex fiberglass - DBoats Ch#5 also SBJ V2#2
Electric Spartina image link
Elegant Folkboat image link
Elegant PuntSail#2797'9" x3'7"Dinghy - plywood - ref: FoldingSch Ch#1 image link
Express 22Power#14922'6"x 7'6" x 8"Texas Dory plan 2580-250 hp outboard or I/O
FancySail - 725 lbs displ.#39415'7" x13'3"Dayboat - Friendship sloop lookalike - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#29 image
Fantail Launch#41921'x6'V11-N2023?'x6' image
Fast Beach Landing36'x8'3"V12-N02
Fast Brick image
Fast Cruising Schooner50'x13'6"V12-N09
Fast Motorsailer#56025'x6'6"V10-N02
Fast Sport Fisherman32'x12'V10-N19
Fast SternwheelerPower25'6" x7'8"Cruiser - plywood garvey hull - ref: BWAOM Ch#59 image
Featherwindsail/row#26215'6" x 4'6"Modified twice by Carnell, approved by Bolger. image
FeluccaSail - 665 lbs. displ.#3494.9m x 1.52mLeeboards Beach Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#7 image
Fiddler IIPower - 2,000 lbs displ.#39115'10" x6'8"Minimal Cruiser - planing hull, outboard - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#4 image
Fie Fia#15432'x9'V11-N23Tropical Commuter image
Fieldmousesail#2347'9" x 4'0"Lapstrake sailing pram image
Fijisail with I/O diesel#66239'4"x12'1"x2'1"V20-N10,11,12Plywood box-cutwater sharpie bluewater cruiser Ref: BDQ#22, image
FirebrandPower - 1,120 lbs displ.#38826'6" x4'3"Steam Launch - plywood, planing hull - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#9 image
FishcatPower#469 (?)16 feetcatamaran image link
Fisher-Boy 15OB#20115'4" x 5'6"Texas Dory plan #1020 hp outboard dory runabout
Fisher-Boy 15 inboardOB#201b15'4" x 5'6"Texas Dory plan #104 hp inboard motor, November '66 'rental fishing boat'
Fisherman's LaunchPower#53721'4"WoodenBoat #164 or Small Boat Journal #67 aka Sometime or Never
Flat Bottom Outboard Cruiser image link
Flat Iron Skiff#41414'x3'3"V11-N1321'?x6'?
Flying CloudSailing Pram#614?8'x4'V11-N17?
Flying SplinterPower - 3,900 lbs displ.#31929.5' x6.86'Dayboat - planing, auxiliary sail - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#22
Folding SchoonerSail#26831' x 5'V17-N07Open skiff hull folds for compact storage image link
Forest BelleSailboatCartoonCarvel planked yawl. Narrow beam. Woodenboat #66 Sep/Oct 1985 image
Garvey Daysailer18'x6'9"V12-N15 image link
Garvey Outboard Utility16'x6'V12-N22
Gill-netter HouseboatPower - 15,650 lbs displ.#30235'10" x12'Houseboat - inboard, lobsterboat hull - ref: FoldingSch Ch#31
Gloucester YawlSail#26121' x5'6"Dayboat - 3 masts, box keel - ref: SmallBoats Ch#10
Glouchester Gull runaboutOB15'4"x4'2Texas Dory plan 127 1/2 to 20 hp Outboard runabout "Gas Saver Dory Skiff"
Grandpa's Pirate ShipSail - 5,300 lbs displ.22' x8'11"Cruiser - bilge keels, cat rig - ref: BWAOM Ch#51 image
GroutSee: "Brick Connecter"
Gulf of Mexico CruiserCruiserConcept49'x15'x2'6"V13-N02
Gypsy58 sf sprit rig sail#43615' x 4'V14-N06?150 lbs two chine tack + tape daggerboard fast sailboat image link
HalloweenPower - 2,500 lbs displ.#21125'6" x6'10"Dayboat - round-bilge planing hull - ref: SmallBoats Ch#32 image
HarbingerSail#28015' x7'1"Dayboat - moulded hull, cat rig - ref: FoldingSch Ch#22 image
Hard Bottom Inflatable7'6"x4'V13-N22 image
Hard Bottom InflatableHard Bottom Inflatable#43820'V11-N14 image
Hardbottom InflatableoarsConcept7'6"/6'5"x4'0"/2'9"V13-N22Rigid Inflatable Boat
Hawkeye18'V10-N09Step-Sharpie Outboard Utility image
HawkeyePower#58718'6" x7'9"V12-N07Outboard Dayboat - plywood, box cutwater-keel - ref: BWAOM Ch#1, BDQ#3 image
HermesLong Distance Rowing#58521'V17-N23Long Distance Rowing Cruiser
HesperusSail - 21,600 lbs displ.#15645' x10'6"Cruiser - RORC racer - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#36
His and Her SchoonerSail 126sf#51219'6" x 4'3" x 3'ref: BWAOM Ch#25, SBJ No.57 Oct87 aka Singlehand Schooner image link
Homebuilt YawlSail w/ob39' x 10'5" x2'V14-N12Multi-chine ply Bermudan centerboard cruising yawl.
HopePower#25816' x6'4"Lobsterboat - round-bilge planing hull - ref: SmallBoats Ch#30 image
Houseboat Concept 38'38'x11'1"V11-N18 image link
Houseboat Concept 47'Low powerConcept47'x11'x15"V13-N21Houseboat disguised as a power cruiser.
HrairooSail - 2,500 lbs. displ.16' x 6'6" x 1'6"Folding Wing Keel Micro-cruiser - Dboats preface
IceboatSailIceboat - concept - ref: BWAOM Ch#4 image link
IdahoOB power#55631'0"x5'3"x6"Wheelchair accessible plywood flat-bottomed cruiser. BDQ#7 image link
Illinois50 hp OB#63063'1" x 10'0"V16-N14Self-Propelled Houseboat "A residence" cheap giant simulated yacht
Inboard Diesel Sportpower#55122'x 7V17-N17
Inboard Power Cruising50'V09-N04
Inlet RunnerOB powerConcept22'0"x3'5"V14-N10Plywood (or other sheet) rough water utility. No completed plans. image link
Insolent 60sail#66663'0"V19-N14Maximum folding schooner, sleeps 6, folds to 30' on trailer image link
InternationalV11-N01Rig Conversion
Jack Hannasail#56529' 6"Double-ended cruising ketch.
Japanese Beach CruiserSpritsail, Cat Yawl rig#5223.8M x 1.8MPlywood lapstrake, leeboards, pram bow Ref: SBJ No 68. BWAOM Ch26 image link
Jessie CooperSail - 6,150 lbs displ.#38925'6" x7'6"Cruiser - minimal liveaboard - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#12 image link
JinniSloop rigged. 158sqft19'6"x5'V15-N19Hard chined, double ended-family daysailer designed in June 1954. image
Jinni #426123SF sprit rig cat yawl#42615'6" x 4'2"V06-N17plumb sided plywood camp cruiser
Jochems Schooner image
June BugRowing Sailing Tender#40014'x3'3"V15-N17Plywood box boat. image
Keel Canoe Yawl#51425'6"x7'5"V12-N03
Keel Canoe YawlSail#614?15' 6"V11-N17?Cold-molded double-ended cruising yawl. Gaff main w/topsail.
Keel CatboatCat yawlConcept20'0"x7'10"x2'0"cold-molded sim. Long Micro 4 berths, 280SF sprit sail, w/7 hp inboard motor
Keel Catboat/Cat Yawl20'x7'10"V13-N05
Keel Daysailer17'10" x 6'1"V13-N01 image
Keel DaysailerSail - 1,640 lbs displ.18'10" x5'6"Daysailer - gaff cat rig, round bilge - ref: BWAOM Ch#29 image
Keel Sailing DinghySail8' x 3'9"Lapstrake yacht tender with long shallow keel image
Keel Sailing Dinghy#4278'x3'V11-N09 image
Keel Sharpie Live Aboard55' x 9'6V16-N06
Keel Whaler SloopSail - 2,680 lbs displ.#39620' x6'Daysailer - lapstrake double-ender - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#31 image
KeelboatSail - 6,600 lbs displ.38'9" x8'Cruiser - river keelboat representation - ref: BWAOM Ch#38 image
KotickPaddle#24015' x1'11"Canoe - strip-planked kayak - ref: SmallBoats Ch#13 image link
LadyslipperSail - 925 lbs. displ.#3187'6" x 5' x 1'11"Keel dinghy - ref: Diff. Boat Ch#2 image
Lake Launch, 15'6"power#54915'6" x4'1"V13-N03Open skiff, like Sneakeasy. Surrey top, ducktails image link
Lake Launch, 40 ftdual OB power#55340'x8'x1'1.5"V14-N02Plywood launch with small cabin.
Lake Launch, steelPower - 8,500 lbs displ.#29044' 11" x9'1"Dayboat - steel - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#15
Lapstrake ChebaccoSail19'6" x7'9"Dayboat - lapstrake cat yawl - ref: BWAOM Ch#45 image
Lapstrake Chebacco 25Sail - 2,300 lbs displ.25'4" x7'11"Dayboat-cruiser - lapstrake cat yawl - ref: BWAOM Ch#45
Lapstrake Express 22OB#15522'6" x 7'8"Texas Dory plan 1660-100 hp single or dual outboards, lapstrake dory
Le Dulci-MerBalanced Lug Sail#45730 ftPlywood sailboat, wing keel ballast like Insolent 60 image
Leeboard CatboatSail - 6,650 lbs displ.21'10" x7'9"Cruiser - cat rig - ref: BWAOM Ch#67 image
Leeboard YawlsailConcept22'0"x7'0"x1'6"V14-N05Marconi rigged yawl, cold molded.
LibbooPower - 7,300 lbs displ.#39325'6" x10'Cruiser - carvel hull - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#20
Light Cruiser51'6"x13'V09-N22V23-N20? image
Light Displacement CruiserPower - 33,600 lbs. displ.#35152' x15' x3'10"Planing Hull Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#22
Light Dory (Type 1) Golden RiverOar1952?15'6" x 4'Planked round-sided dory, early Light Dory design #140
Light Dory (Type 2)1961?1961 Similar brief to round sided Golden River, but flat sided. PCB's own selfbuilt
Light Dory (Type 3)Oar#140-11-15'6"SBJ Feb. 1980. "How to build the Gloucester Light Dory", Payson 1982.
Light Dory (Type 4) Glouchester Gull Rowing Dory7 ft Oar#140-315'6" x 4'Texas Dory plan 11Gloucester Gull rowing dory, plans sold by Capt. Jim Orrell.
Light Dory (Type 5)oar#2654.74 m x 1.22 m1973 Double-ended. Metric."Small Boats", Ch4, "Light Dory Type V" Refs: BDQ#16
Light Dory (Type 6) Gloucester GullOar#140-615'6" x 4'aka Gloucester Gull rev. Light Dory design #140 - 4 (Type 4) for Dynamite image link
Light Dory (Type 7))Row#52619' 6" x 4'V24-N20Up to 3 people, 1 or 2 rowing. aka Long Light Dory, Stretched Light Dory
Light Dory (Type 8) Three Manrowboat#55523'6" x 4'V18-N01, V24-N20Up to 3 rowers. Largest stretch of the "Gull". image
Light Peapodoars#39012'0"x3'8"V13-N14Cold-molded wooden rowboat.
Light Power CruiserIB powerConcept50'0"x9'4"x2'6"V14-N04?No completed design.
Light SchoonerSail#39523'6"Open Daysailer or Camp Cruisers image
LilyElectric Power#62715'4" x 4'10"V14-N14,22;V17-N18An Electric Picnic Launch. image
Lion's PawSail - 15,000 lbs displ.#40438'9" 10'Sharpie Cruiser - steel, leeboards - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#14 image
Little SuperiorSail - 620 lbs displ.#28810'3" x5'Dinghy - keel, lugsail - ref: FoldingSch Ch#19
Live-On-Board Scow Schoonersail/OB auxiliary#50135'0"x11'8"x1'6"V19-N01Leeboard scow, hard chines, commodious cabin. image
LobsterboatPower - 8,950 lbs displ.#41332' x11'Fishing Launch - carvel, semi-planing - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#25 image
Long Micro#48619'6"x6'V11-N08 image
LongshipSail, Row38' x8'Open Boat - Viking ship representation - ref: BWAOM Ch#39 image
Low Powered Outboard CruiserOB#45023'x6'10"V15-N22
Lun image link
LynxSail#25514'8" x6'11"Cruiser - deep keel, round bilge - ref: SmallBoats Ch#18 image link
Madeline (Paddlin')Pedal Power#44119'6" X 7' 10"V??-N12Sidewheeler. Pedal Power .Direct drive geometry.7 knots! 2 person image link
Margaret MeadSail210'cargo carrier - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#31
Marina CruiserPower, Sail - 5,000 lbs21'3" x7'10"V17-N05Cruiser - round bilge, lugsail - ref: BWAOM Ch#36
Martha JaneSail 247sf lug rig#51023'6" x 6'0"V18-N02Boxy leeboard sharpie cruiser. Water ballast. image
Martha Jane Revised#510aV18-N03
Master HandSail#15222'6" x18'9"Cruiser - Friendship sloop - ref: SmallBoats Ch#20 image
Matsue Traveler
Merlin (formerly Marina Cruiser)motorsailer#42821'3"Compact short-range cruiser. Flush deck. Carvel construction. image
MicroSail#42215'4"V16-N16Pocket cruiser sailboat image link
Micro Navigator#422a15'4"V16-N16Navigator cabin, Chinese Gaff rigged
Microtrawler#58414'6x7'11V09-N23 image
MikimPower - 4,200 lbs displ.#37624' x7'10"Fishing Launch - carvel hull - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#19 Also, called "Ilex"Vol.1#4 ABJ image
Miniature Steel TugPower - 5,360lbs displ.15'11" x7'9"Tug - box cutwater-keel - ref: BWAOM Ch#55 image [ permanent dead link ]
Minimum KayakPower - 182 lbs displ.#28411'5" x1'11"Kayak - plywood - ref: FoldingSch Ch#6 image
Minimum Proa
Minimum World Cruising#635V15-N07
MinnesotaTwin Outboard Cruiser#53133' x 6'6"V17-N08Twin Outboard Cruiser image link
Minstrel IIISailCruising Schooner - fisherman-type schooner - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#6
Missouri River Keelboat#52838'9"x8'V09-N11
MoccasinSail - 12,200 lbs displ.#29736'9" x9'Cruiser - c/b yawl - ref: FoldingSch Ch#27 image
Moderate Speed PowerConcept22'3" x 8'V16-N04
Modern Sandbagger image link
Modest Marina Cruiser image link
MonheganSail - 3,300 lbs displ.#23718' x7'Cruiser - Friendship sloop - ref: SmallBoats Ch#19 image link
Morning Light 22Sail, Power, & Oar.#19022'4.5" x 6'6"Texas Dory plan 17Sea/Surf & Rescue. July 1965. Fishing surf boat (motor well for small OB) boomless 80sf gunter rig w/36sf jib
MortarSee: "Brick Connecter"
Motor CanoeRow - 545 lbs displ.#58215'9" x3'V09-N20Dayboat - outboard, round bilge - ref: BWAOM Ch#14 image
Motorsailing Cargo Boatmotorsailer#61030'0"x9'0"x2'0"Plywood box forefoot hull with diesel inboard, cargo hold. Ref: Boatbuilder image
MouserSail - 1,220 lbs displ.#11-55-16' x6'6"Trailer- Sailer - chine catboat, SmallBoats Ch#17, BDQ#13 image
NahantSail#24225'6" x8'8"Cruiser - c/b, round bilge sloop - ref: SmallBoats Ch#27 image
Nancy JackSail#37850' x9'11"Plywood Cargo Carrier - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#31
Navel JellyRow#29631' x4'3"Disposable Racer - 'instant boat' plywood - ref: FoldingSch Ch#7 image link
New England Fishing Vessel160 to 200HP diesel70'x14'x3'Low cost/power self buildable 'economical' commercial fishing vessel
NewfoundlanderSail - 9,300 lbs displ.29' x8'3"Cruiser - deep keel, round bilge - ref: BWAOM Ch#32 image
NightingaleSail#20625'6" x6'6" x 2'6"Canoe Yawl Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#19
NimbusPower - 26,300 lbs. displ.#36834' x14' 3'5"Displacement Hull Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#24
NinaSail - 565 lbs displ.#19616' x 4'Dayboat - fibreglass - ref: SmallBoats Ch#16
Nord Coster#59616'x6'6"V14-N04?Canoe Yawl image
Nymphsail/oar#4257'9"x3'6" image
Nymph Cubed#52715'6" x 7'V18-N02Pocket Cruiser image
Ocean Crosser
Ocean Racer#12730' x 6'10"V10-N12Racing Powerboat c. 1960 strip-built construction. Inboard motor 'big block
Ocean-Crossing RowboatRow, Sail - 4,300 lbs33' x6'Rowboat - proposal - ref: FoldingSch Ch#25
Ocean-Going Rowing ProjectRow - 1,600 lbs displ.30' x4'8"Rowboat - round-bilge singlehander - ref: SmallBoats Ch#6
Oceanic 30OP#184-11-5930'1" x 7'2"Texas Dory plan 1845-80 hp dory
Oceanic 36I/O#18036' x 10'Texas Dory plan 19Inboard/outboard (optional extension to 39'3")
Oceanic 45Power#17845' x 10'Texas Dory plan 20
Odd LotPower - 11,000 lbs. displ.#30733' x 11' x 2'Planing Hull Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#21
Offshore 26Power OB#135-7-6026'9" x 8'1"Texas Dory plan 2235-100 hp OP single or twin.
Offshore LeeboarderSail - 19,900 lbs displ.39' x11'Cruiser - cat rig - ref: BWAOM Ch#72 image link
Old Shoe91 SF cat yawl. 3 hp OB#44911'7" X 5'1" X 1'3"200 lbs lead ballast. Day sailer with king-size bed. Tentable. Birdwatcherable. image link
OldshoeCat Yawl12' x 5'4"V03-N06
OmegaPower#23515m x4.6m x1.2mDisplacement Hull Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#26
One Man LiveaboardOne Man Liveaboard19' x 7'6"V16-N03
Open Water UtilityGas inboard power#48825'6"x7'6"V18-N17Precursor to "Shivaree", cold-molded, seats six. image
OSTAR ConceptsailConcept59'x11'x10'V13-N11Molded hull for ocean racing: fore and aft rudders, Ljungstrom rig. image
OSTAR Racer#45929'10"x7'10"V10-N01 image link
OSTAR Racer IV image link
OtterSail#23119'6" x4'10"Daysailer-cruiser - leeboard plywood sharpie - ref: SmallBoats Ch#22 image
Otter IISail#37519'6" x 5'10"Plywood Cat Yawl Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#13
Out O'Gloucester 30power195730'0"x11'9"x2'5"Carvel & cross-planked cabin cruiser. 1957-1962; approx, 200 built. Ref: BDQ#19
Outboard cruiserPower36' x 10' x 1'6"Twin Outboard Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#12
Outboard Powered Canal Cruiser image link
Outboard Utilitypower#32321'x6'V14-N06? image
Outboard Utility 23'Outboard#40523'0" x 7'8"V12-N19Plywood utility boat, tortured ply for fine entrance lines [#40? illegible number]
Paddling Skiff#6137'6"x2'V11-N21 image link
Palo de AguaSail - 12,500 lbs displ.#37335'4" x8'6"Cruiser - c/b, cat rig - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#34 image
Pari-Mutuel SchoonerSailHead Boat - steel 5-mast schooner - ref: FoldingSch Ch#14
Party Fishing Boatpower#26350'11"x15'0"x4'0"V13-N15Ferrocement, 49,000 pounds image
Payson PiroguePadle - 330 lbs displ.13' x2'4"Canoe - plywood - ref: BWAOM Ch#3 image link
Petty Yacht TenderRow, Sail - 430 lbs displ.#1847'9" x 3'10"Dinghy - fibreglass - ref: FoldingSch Ch#18
PicoSail - 1,850 lbs displ.#38621.3' x6'Daysailer - leeboard double-ender - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#32 image
Pinky SchoonerSail#38565'0"x14'0"x5'0"V13-N20Cold-molded over strip planking. image
Pirate RacerSail#54214'6" x4'Dayboat - plywood, lateen rig - ref: BWAOM Ch#20 image
Pirogue 12Sail (gaff rig) 30.5 sf#63711'6" x 2'0" 45 lbs.V15-N023 sheets of 1/2" plywood,. 6/1/97
Pirogue 16sail, oars, paddles#45116'0"x3'3"Plywood flat-bottom boat with decks designed for cheap fast construction.
Plain 18power (1 or 2 OB to#47218' x 7'V16-N24 image
Plank Pipantepadled and poled#_2028'x4.5'Planked replica of dugout canoe indigenous to Honduras [#?20] number illegible
Planked Pipante28'x4'5"V12-N08
Plywood 12 1/2sail#62816'2"x5'8"x2'9"Solent-rigged sloop keel daysailer designed after the Herreshoff 12 1/2. BDQ#9 image link
Plywood Catboat#53515'6"x6'6"V12-N10(aka Cartoon 40, Casual Sailing Dinghy)
Plywood Diesel CruiserPower - 3,090 lbs displ.#57423'6" x7'5"Cruiser - inboard planing hull - ref: BWAOM Ch#56 image
Plywood TriremeRowCruiser - undeveloped idea - ref: FoldingSch Ch#17
Pointer image link
Pointy SkiffPower/Row#32910'6" x 3'6"V17-N19Row or small outboard (3HP)
Poohsticksoar#010-ii-5711'4" x 3'10"Child's rowing skiff (Full details in Small Boats) image
Portland SkiffPower18' x 6'6",Old Common Sense Designs 1996, similar to Diablo Grande
Power Catamaran, 15'6"Power#59815'6" x 6'V12-N12
Power Catamaran, 22'#48022' x 12'4"V10-N23
Power Yawlboat#58311'4" x 5'3"V09-N15
Prancing PonySail#20822' x18'8"Cruiser - deep keel, round bilge ketch - ref: SmallBoats Ch#26 image
Prefabricated River CruiserOB#68438.7'x7.2'x1'V13-N07Plywood hull "State' series cruisers, many alternative superstructures & interiors. image
Presto CruiserSail - 5,500lbs displ.27' x6'10"Cruiser - round bilge cat ketch - ref: BWAOM Ch#50
Presto GauntletSail#269Cruiser - round-bilge hull for #267 - ref: FoldingSch Ch#12
Prince William Sound YawlSail, OB or oar auxiliary#35616' 3"x 4'6" 200#V16-N23Cold-molded cat yawl. Diff. Boats ch. 6 image link
ProaSail#21739'6" x19'6"Dayboat - plywood - ref: FoldingSch Ch#15 image
Production Power Cruiser#20727' x 10'9"V14-N11 image
ProvidenceS & P60+ftLarger relation to AntiSpray, Walrus, box keel. Blue & brown water capable.
Puffer 40Power (1 or 2 OBs)Concept40'0"x14'0"x2'0"V16-N15Coastal cruising houseboat style after Scottish Puffer workboat, plywood box hull. image
Pulling Boat#21815'6" x 4'2"V08-N15
Pushmepullyou#27644'x7'6"V17-N09Two Section Cruiser image
QuahaugPower - 2200 lbs. displ.#32515'11" x 7'6"Inboard Launch - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#4
Queen Mabgaff rig cat sail, paddle#63884"x32"x5.25"V14-N1330 lbs lapstrake sailboat aka "A Small Yacht" image link
QueequegCold Moulded Daysailer#44421'4"x6'6"V10-N22 image link
QuerySail#36016' x4'6"Plywood, Bow-steering Daysailer - ref: D Boats#30
QuestPower - 17,000 lbs displ.#34738' x11'9"Cruiser - steel displacement hull - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#18 image
QuickstepSail - 2,160 lbs displ.#25619'10" x5'8"Cruiser - leeboards, round bilge - ref: SmallBoats Ch#24
Racing Clipper Dorysail#19425'6"V19-N11Open marconi sloop rigged boat in plywood or batten-seam. image
Recreational RowboatRow - 630 lbs displ.#30013'9" x4'V18-N22Dinghy - moulded hull - ref: FoldingSch Ch#21 image
Red ZingerCat Yawl#46025'6x7'10V09-N19Cat Yawl image
Reiver IIMotorsailer#62149'2"x14'0"x2'4"Molded hull with cabin, pilothouse, diesel inboard and dipping lug rig. Ref: BDQ#8
ResolutionSail - 27,000 lbs displ.#31248' x 11'Houseboat - Bolger liveaboard - ref: FoldingSch Ch#32 image
Retriever50-100 hp OB#63122'V14-N08,V16-N07Step-sharpie fast cabin cruiser. image
RompSail-no engine#37230' x 8'4"V16-N13Ocean cruising yawl, centerboard, cold-molded. image link
Rondo IISail - 2,000 lbs displ.#29539'6" x6'8"Cruiser - plywood 3-mast schooner - ref: FoldingSch Ch#13 image
RoseSail - 1,025,920 lbs displ.#225114' x30'Frigate - based on 1751 ship - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#39 image
Rose PinnaceRow, Sail#22928' x6'6"Dayboat - round bilge - ref: SmallBoats Ch#11
Rough Water Outboard UtilityPower#01-5015'6"x6'0"V13-N13Speedboat with OB in a well—the first boat ever built from a PCB plan, in 1950. image link
Row/Sail Tender for TahitiSail/Oar#6558'punt with gaff sail & leeboard
Rowing/Outboard Motoroar or OB16'0"x4'5"V13-N10Steam-bent framed carvel planked deckboats for use on the ship Rose Re:
Rubens Nymphsail, row or 2 HP#5167'9"x4'6"Same length and construction as Nymph, but wider. image
Sailing St Pierre dorySail26'10" x9'Dory Cruiser - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#12
Salvage ITwo Diesel inboards#62649'6"V18-N1446,500 lbs displacement steel tug yacht. image
Sampan ExpressPower to 250 hp.#14722' 6" x 7' 6" x 8"I/O Dory Skiff with cabin, 2 chine flat bottom plywood
Sampan Express 30#14830 ftTexas Dory catalogue
Sampan/Express 17Outboard#18817' x 6'6"Texas Dory plan 235 panel plywood runabout, 25-75 hp outboard
Sampan/Express 26Power#145-4/6125'9" x 7'10" x 9"Texas Dory plan 2680-300 hp outboard or I/O single or twin
Sampan/Express 30Power#14830' x 7'10" x 9"Texas Dory plan 2780-300 hp outboard or I/O
Sampan/Express 36Power#148x36' x 7'10" x 9"Texas Dory plan 27+6 ft extension of Sampan/Express 30
Samuel ClydePower - 8,000 lbs displ.#54431' x8'3"Cruiser - plywood inboard-outboard - ref: BWAOM Ch#62 image
Schooner proposalSail44' x10'Cruising Schooner - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#6
Schooner RiggedV11-N24
SchorpioenChinese gaff sloop#64935'V16-N19,20Coastal Cruising Trimaran image
Schuyt HouseboatSail 447sf - 10 hp diesel28'10" x 10'5"Houseboat - leeboard double-ender - ref: BWAOM Ch#40, SBJ No.30 May83 image
Scow SchoonerSail - 7,700 lbs displ.28' x9'10"Cruiser - plywood - ref: BWAOM Ch#41
Scow Schooner Concept90'x28'V11-N19
Sea HawkPower#17038' x12'Cruiser - carvel, semi-planing - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#24 image
Sea Hawk, 15'6"outboard to 20 hp.#24715' 6" x 4' 2"Texas Dory catalogueplywood dory skiff - ref: SmallBoats Ch#28, 160 lbs.
Sea or Ski 19outboard#134-7-6019'0" x 6'6"Texas Dory plan 2825-80 hp outboard
Seabird '86sail/OB auxiliary#52523'0"x7'9"x2'6"V15-N09Cabin cruiser 3 versions, Doghouse, Gaffrig, Lugrig. BDQ#15 image link
SeaguinPower#23215'6" x7'1"Dayboat - round-bilge planing hull - ref: SmallBoats Ch#29 image
ShadowPower - 2,750 lbs displ.#40325'6"Dayboat-camper - OMC Sea Drive - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#21 image
Shady LadyPower39' x14'Houseboat with offshore capability- steel, box keel - ref: BWAOM Ch#73 image
Sharpie Camper Cruiser#42615' x 4'V06-N17aka Jinni
Sharpie Catamaran ConceptsailConcept23'6"x12'0"V14-N03Cheap cat with a box cabin and a leg o' mutton rig. image
SharpshooterPower#33923' x5"7"Outboard Launch - plywood, 2 versions - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#7 image
Shearwater, 28'3"Cat Yawl w/ sprit main28'3Fiberglass production, 'big sister' to Dovekie, circa 1984/5
Shearwater, 39'6"Sail - 5,250 lbs. displ.#35339'6" x 10' x 3'3"Keel Schooner Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#19
Ship's Boat#50614'6"x4'5"V09-N24 image
Shivaree 1625-50 hp OB#51816' x 7'V17-N01Center console OB utility for cold-molding, lapstrake or carvel.
Shivaree 18/ Lobster SkiffPower#64818'0"x7'0"Molded or lapstrake center console OB. Ref: BDQ#18 image link
Shoal Keel DaysailersailConcept24'0"x7'10"x2'0"V13-N24Cold-molded gaff sloop, bilge keels, cabin.
Shoals Runner 17Power#189 5/6517'3 1/2" x 6' 2 1/2"Texas Dory plan 34Fishing dory 9-15 hp
ShoeboxPram5'6" x 3'3"V07-N02
Shoebox PuntOar#5395'6"x3'6"Compact yacht tender/dingy
Singapore CutterSail/oars#61729'6"x7'6"V12-N01, V18-N15open sprit yawl designed for up to eight oars . image
Singlehander CatSail#52320' image link
Sir Joseph BanksSail95.1' x15.75'Cargo Vessel - steel sharpie - ref: BWAOM Ch#75
Six Gun Ship Of The Line30'V09-N07
SkillygalleeSail, w/ 6 hp to 10 hp O.B.#41629 ft x 7 ft x1'6"/5'3"V14-N16Cat Yawl, upsized Black Skimmer. 364sf sail area. Ch13 '30-Odd Boats'
Skimmerpower 10-15 H.P.#4178'x4'Poor-man's 'Boston Whaler'. image
SlicerPower29' x5'2"Outboard Dayboat - plywood - ref: BWAOM Ch#19 image link
Sliding Seat Bateau
Small Auxiliary CruisingSmall Auxiliary Cruising20'x9'V17-N24
Small Commercial Fishingboat#58819'6"x7'4"V10-N15
SneakeasyPower26'6"Power Sharpie image link
Snow LeopardPower - 2,900 lbs displ.28' x7'Speedboat - concept/model boat - ref: BWAOM Ch#34
Solution 48Sail#37048' x12'8" x2'6"Steel Hull Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#25
SparklerSail - 1,360 lbs displ.#40919' x4'11"Daysailer - c/b, plywood - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#5 image link
SpartinaCatboat#59415'4"x7'V11-N05 image
Spartina, electricSail w/electric option#594B15' 4"Lapstrake sailboat. Centerboard, or electric power with batteries in shoal keel.
Special Olympics Bateau image link
Speed Launch#49229'x5'2"V10-N05AKA Gale
Spur IIUtility Rowboat#60015'4"x4'6"V10-N21Rowboat - lapstrake - ref: BWAOM Ch#11, BDQ#11 500 lbs displ. image
Spur l (1963)Oar - Whithall Type#16716'0" x 4'5"V21-N19Popular Boating Dec 1964 (cover story); 15Feb2004; See "Small Boats" dust
St. ValerySail with OB Auxiliary#6257.66m x 2.1mV15-N14Normandy Lug Schooner in plywood lapstrake BDQ#10
Staysail CatSail - 4,000 lbs displ.31' x6'1"Aft-mast Daysailer - keel sharpie, no mainsail - ref: BWAOM Ch#30 image
Steel Excursion BoatConcept60'x14'V11-N06
Steel Trawler#409Old Common Sense Designs catalogue
Stone Camelsail/IB auxiliary#24925'9"x7'10"x2'0"Gaff-rigged leeboard sloop designed for GRP, after Crocker's Stone Horse. Ref:
Storm PetrelSail/Outboard#33716'4" x 5'2"Fixed Keel Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#10 image link
StrikerP29'x7'5"V12-N11Early box keel steel production boats, 15Oct99, pre-Bell's Puffer
Summer Easesail#47123' 6"V16-N22Hard-chine water-ballasted cat-ketch. image link
Summer Hen#476Reuben Trane (Mud hen, Marsh Hen, etc.,) commission for commercial frp
Super BrickLateen rigged with OB#55919'6" x 7'10"V08-N07, V10-N24Box-hulled shanty boat, trailerable, sleeps four, enclosed head, full galley. image
Superbrick image link
SupermouseSail11'6" x6'6"Microcruiser - lapstrake pram - ref: BWAOM Ch#9 image
SurfSail#28715'6" x3'7"Daysailer - leeboard, plywood - ref: FoldingSch Ch#2
Surfmaster 19Outboard to 35 hp.#16719' 7" x 5' 4"Texas Dory plan 352 chine plywood dory skiff 10-35 hp outboard
Surfmaster 23Outboard to 35 hp.#15823' 9 1/2" x 6'"Texas Dory plan 352 chine plywood dory skiff 10-35hp outboard
Surfmaster 27OB#17927'0" x 7'6"Texas Dory plan 36I/O 80-260 hp V4 to V8
SwallowSail - 615 lbs displ.#39212' x5'Dinghy - fixed keel - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#27 image
Swedish CruiserSail - 22,700 lbs. displ.#32612.1m x 3.3m x 0.6mC/b Chinese Rig Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#20
Sweet PeaRow, Sail - weighs 150 lbs#57015' x4'4"Dayboat - plywood surf dory sprit or sharpie rig - ref: BWAOM Ch#10 image link
Swinging Ballast ConceptsailConcept23'6"x4'10"x4'6"/6"V13-N23Sharpie hull with laterally swinging balasted leeboards. image
Sybil's Yawloutboard yawlboat pram#5077'6" x 3'1"V10-N04Was listed in 1990 era Common Sense Boats catalogue. Glued Clinker Pram
TahitiDiesel Inboard#65338'6"V17-N12,13,14Ocean Passagemaker image link
Tahiti DesignOcean Passagemaker#65338'6"V17-N12
Tarantula#56323'6x3'11"V10-N17Fast Keelboat image
Tartar#424Old Common Sense Designs catalogue
Tasmanian Yawl#44725'6"x7'9"V?09—N21 image
Tasmanian Yawl?#44737'x11'3"V?28-N
TealRow-Sail#31012' X 3'6"V16-N21elegant small craft, 2 sheets of plywood, "Instant Boat type" image link
Tennessee9.9 hp outboard#35929'11" x 6'2" x 5"Power Sharpie Cruiser, 'poor man's Cigarette Boat' - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#12
Texas Clipper 25Sail 168sf#19525'6" x 6'4"Texas Dory plan 37racing sailing dory
Texas Dory Express 19Outboard#18619'-0"x7'0"Texas Dory plan 2425-75 hp outboard
Thomastown GalleyR, S, P - 810 lbs displ.#21515'6" x4'1"Dayboat - plywood - ref: SmallBoats Ch#8 image link
Three-metre MultihullSail10' x7'10"Daysailer - minimal trimaran - ref: BWAOM Ch#8
Tiger LillyPower - 9,200 lbs displ.45' x10'3"Cruiser - plywood, planing hull - ref: FoldingSch Ch#16
Tiny Cat (or Bobcat)sail 110sf- 690 lbs displ.#47012'3" x 6'Tack & tape plywood Catboat homebuilt 'Beetle Cat': SBJ No.40 Jan85 Cartoon#16 image link
TitaniaSail - 21,700 lbs displ.#40250' x10'10"Cruiser - bilgeboard schooner - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#37 image
TitmouseSailing Training Dinghy11'x5'V13-N17 image link
TonweyaSail - 31,600 lbs displ.#38050' x13'Cruiser - c/b, Chinese rig - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#38 image
TopazPower, Trailerable#65031'1" x 7'4"V16-N05,V19-N03Elegant, trailerable, light, planing power cruiser with glass house image
Topaz SpyderPower#650-231'4"x7'9"V19-N04Modification of "Topaz", open utility OB cruiser. image link
TortoiseSailing Pram#3636'8 x 3'8V16-N152 sheets of 1/4" plywood, Lateen rigged image
Toy RiverboatPower#27220'5" x8'Dayboat - plywood sidewheeler - ref: FoldingSch Ch#8
Trailer Cruising Cat/Yawlsail, OB auxiliaryConcept28'0"x7'4"x6"V13-N06Molded fiberglass for Florida Bay Boats—failed design. image
Trailerable Yawl#56423'5"x7'6"V10-N06 image
Translucent Tender#4428 'V09-N03
TrashcatLow power outboard, e.g.15'6" x 8' x 7"Ply SOP sharpie hulls.ref MAIB 15Dec2005
Tri TarantulaSail23'6" x16'Daysailer - plywood trimaran - ref: BWAOM Ch#31
TriadSail#33650'10" x7'10" x1'4"Plywood Ketch Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#29
Triple-keel SloopSail - 3,800 lbs. displ.#32022'0" x 7'4" x 1'6"Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boat Ch#9
Ultralight CruiserPower - 20,000 lbs. displ.#37415.75m 3.6mPlaning Hull Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#23
Ultra-light rowboat for homebuildersoarCartoon #515' x 3'10"30-35 lbs plywood lapstrake w/truss frames dbl ended rowboat, SBJ magazine.
Unpretentious Cabin Cruiser#57833'x10'V09-N10
Utility for HomebuildersPower#30522' x7'6"Mini-cruiser - plywood, inboard - ref: FoldingSch Ch#9
Utility Nesting SkiffRowboatConcept11'6"x4'2"V13-N19Rowboats designed to stack inside each other. image
VanitieSail - 1,210 lbs displ.#25319'8" x15'Daysailer - keel sloop - ref: SmallBoats Ch#21
Variation on a Folkboat25'8" x 7'3"V16-N02
VectisSail#3095m x2.37mCruiser - Itchen cutter - ref: FoldingSch Ch#20
VictoriaRow - 800 lbs displ.#21015'6" x4'2"V08-N15Rowboat - round-bilge wooden hull - ref: SmallBoats Ch#5 Ref: image
Viking Longship#57238'V09-N05
ViperPower#35820'2" x3'8"Inboard Launch - plywood - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#8 image
VolunteerSail - 13,900 lbs displ.35' x8'11"Cruiser - leeboard cat yawl - ref: BWAOM Ch#65 image
Walrus60'x 13'Chinese Gaff 1,881 SqFt. Jib 323, Twin Diesel auxiliary.
WatervanOB power#63222.7'x8.07'V14-N09Maximum Interior Volume 22' Cruiser image
Weekender Schooner#23939'4"x10'V10-N11 image
Weston MartyrSail, w/10 hp to 25 hp O.B.#48745' x 6'9"V13-N18?narrow enough for English canal locks. 421sf Dipping Lug on tabernacle mast image link
Whalersail/IB auxiliary48'0"x11'0"x2'6"Thames barge-type keel sloop Canard sail. Ref: BDQ#21 image
Whaler ketchSail - 6,100 lbs. displ.#36928'9" x 7'0" x 2'3"C/b Or Leeboard Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#14
WhalewatcherSail#56129'Upsized birdwatcher type boat. Ref: BDQ#2 image link
William D. Jochemssail#63925'6"x7'1"V14-N20Family Schooner image
Willow#46430'x8'6V09-N12Leeboard Sloop
Windermerepower#63331'2 person, coastal, livaboard, trailerable cruiser image link
WindfolaSail - 1,835 lbs displ.#31121' x7'Dayboat - lapstrake yawl - ref: FoldingSch Ch#23 image link
Windsprintsail#38116'x4'6"daysailer, Instantboat image
Wish IISail - 2,170 lbs displ.#39920' x6'6"Micro-cruiser - plywood leeboard cat yawl - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#11 image
WispSail - 685 lbs displ.#41120' x4'V18-N18Beach Cruiser - bilgeboards, canoe hull - ref: 30-Odd Boats Ch#30; image link
Wolf Pack image link
Wolf TrapSail - 6,600 lbs. displ.#36630' x10' x2'Cat Yawl Cruiser - ref: Diff. Boats Ch#18 image
Work Skiff#618u15'V16-N21
Work Skiff 15power (OB)#61815'6"x4'1"V12-N06 image
WyomingPower#52051'6" x8'3"V18-N06Cruiser - giant plywood sharpie - ref: BWAOM Ch#66; image
Yacht Tender#49811'6"x3'6"V12-N13 image
Yamato Fishing Launch#51125'x6'V11-N11
YarrowSail - 1,390 lbs displ.#23316'1" x12'11"Daysailer - deep keel, round bilge - ref: SmallBoats Ch#25 image
Yellow LeafPaddle - 470 lbs displ.#25715'6" x3'Canoe - stitch & glue plywood - ref: SmallBoats Ch#12 image
Yonder865sf Chinese Cat Yawl#66530'4"x10'0"x2'0"'Two-Some, Long Range Yawl', steel plate ballast shoe image link
YorkhavenPower - 8,500 lbs displ.#27830'2" x11'3"Dayboat/ Trawler Yacht - two versions - ref: 30oddBoats Ch#23 image
ZephyrSail#31620'9"Double ended Camp Cruiser image link

Bolger rowboats

Bolger sailboats

Bolger power boats



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Sailboat Boat propelled partly or entirely by sails

A sailboat or sailing boat is a boat propelled partly or entirely by sails and is smaller than a sailing ship. Distinctions in what constitutes a sailing boat and ship vary by region and maritime culture.

Dinghy sailing Sailing of small boats, usually for sport

Dinghy sailing is the activity of sailing small boats by using five essential controls:


A scow is a type of flat-bottomed barge. Some scows are rigged as sailing scows. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, scows carried cargo in coastal waters and inland waterways, having an advantage for navigating shallow water or small harbours. Scows were in common use in the American Great Lakes and other parts of the U.S., in southern England, and in New Zealand. In Canada, scows have traditionally been used to transport cattle to the islands of New Brunswick's Saint John River. In modern times their main purpose is for recreation and racing.

Stitch and glue

Stitch and glue is a simple boat building method which uses plywood panels stitched together, usually with copper wire, and glued together with epoxy resin. This type of construction can eliminate much of the need for frames or ribs. Plywood panels are cut to shape and stitched together to form an accurate hull shape without the need for forms or special tools. This technique is also called "tack and tape", or "stitch and tape". Seams are reinforced with fiberglass tape and thickened epoxy.

Boat building Design and construction of floating vessels

Boat building is the design and construction of boats and their systems. This includes at a minimum a hull, with propulsion, mechanical, navigation, safety and other systems as a craft requires.

Wayfarer (dinghy)

The Wayfarer is a wooden or fibreglass hulled fractional Bermuda rigged sailing dinghy of great versatility; used for short 'day boat' trips, longer cruises and for racing. Over 11,000 have been produced as of 2016.

Proa Type of multihull sailboat

Proas are various types of multi-hull outrigger sailboats of the Austronesian peoples. The terms were used for native Austronesian ships in European records during the Colonial era indiscriminately, and thus can confusingly refer to the double-ended single-outrigger boats of Oceania, the double-outrigger boats of Island Southeast Asia, and sometimes ships with no outriggers or sails at all.

Sharpie (boat)

Sharpies are a type of hard chined sailboat with a flat bottom, extremely shallow draft, centreboards and straight, flaring sides. They are believed to have originated in the New Haven, Connecticut region of Long Island Sound, United States. They were traditional fishing boats used for oystering, and later appeared in other areas. With centerboards and shallow balanced rudders they are well suited to sailing in shallow tidal waters.

Australian Sharpie

The Australian Sharpie is a 3-person sailing dinghy which has evolved from the 12-square-metre class sailed in the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. Australian Sharpies are 19 feet, 11+34 inches long, with a planing hull and a single mast. Sharpies race with a fully battened mainsail, a jib and a spinnaker.

18ft Skiff

The 18 ft Skiff is considered the fastest class of sailing skiffs. The class has a long history beginning with races on Sydney Harbour, Australia in 1892 and later in New Zealand. The boat has changed significantly since the early days, bringing in new technology as it became available. Because of the need of strength, agility and skill, the class is considered to be the top level of small boat sailing. In Australia this boat is called the "Aussie 18" due to its inherent connections to Australia. It is the fastest conventional non-foiling monohull on the yardstick rating, with a score of 675, coming only third after the Tornado and Inter 20.

International 14

The International 14 is a 14-foot double-handed racing dinghy. The class originated in England in the early part of the 20th century. It is sailed and raced in many countries around the world and was one of the first true international racing dinghy classes recognised by International Sailing Federation. It is a development class, being controlled by a set of rules that allow for innovation and changes in hull and rig design as long as they fall within a set of specific limitations such as length, weight, beam, and sail area. The class has permitted its rules to be revised at various times in its history in order to keep the class at the forefront of dinghy racing development and can now best be described as an ultralight dual-trapeze sailing dinghy with large sail area. It is often raced with boats of similar design in one-design, or non-handicap races.

A chine in boat design is a sharp change in angle in the cross section of a hull. The chine typically arises from the use of sheet materials as the mode of construction.

A mast-aft rig is a sailboat sail-plan that uses a single mast set in the aft half of the hull. The mast supports fore-sails that may consist of a single jib, multiple staysails, or a crab claw sail. The mainsail is either small or completely absent. Mast-aft rigs are uncommon, but are found on a few custom, and production sailboats.

The Bell Woodworking Seagull and Seamew are both small sloop-rigged marine ply sailing boats of the Trailer yacht type designed by Ian Proctor, who was also responsible for the design of many small sailing dinghies in seven different classes including the extremely popular Topper, and Wanderer.

Harold 'Dynamite' Payson was a boat builder and designer from South Thomaston, Maine, USA. Best known for his books on the "New Instant Boats" which utilize a modern boat-building technique using plywood and glue. He was also a contributor to WoodenBoat magazine.

The WoodPussy is a 13½’ catboat designed by Philip Rhodes. The first boats were constructed in 1945 by Palmer Scott Boat Works. These boats were wood with wooden masts. The class switched to fiberglass hulls in the early 1960s. It is estimated that 800-850 hulls were constructed by Palmer Scott, MarScott and O'Day.

The Norfolk Punt is a type of yacht, derived from the flat-bottomed gun punts that roamed the Broadland waters in the mid-to-late 19th century. However, at the turn of the 20th century, in order to get to and from the hunting grounds more quickly, the punters developed their highly unstable craft to carry a basic mast and sail for travelling with the wind. It is from these humble beginnings that one of the country's most exciting and powerful racing dinghy classes was born.

The Naples Sabot is an 8-foot (2.4 m) sailing dinghy. The Naples Sabot was designed by Roy McCullough and R.A. Violette and the first two were built in Violette's garage during WW II, although official designs were not made available until 1946. The Naples Sabot is based on the Balboa Dinghy and on Charles MacGregor's Sabot as published in Rudder magazine, April 1939. It takes its name from Naples in Long Beach, California, where it was developed.

A Puddle Duck Racer or PD Racer is an 8 foot long, 4 foot (1.22 m) wide, 16 inch (40 cm) high, spec series, racing sailboat. It is a one design hull shape with wide options in other areas. Billed as "the easiest sailboat in the world to build", the scow hull is a simple box, usually built of plywood. PD Racers have a Portsmouth handicap rating of 140.0 and their USSA code is PDR.

The Dovekie 21, often called just the Dovekie, is an American sailing dinghy, named for the sea bird. It was designed by Phil Bolger as a cruiser and first built in 1978.