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Philip Zepter
M. Zepter en 2015.jpg
Philip Zepter in 2015
Born (1950-11-23) 23 November 1950 (age 70)
Alma mater University of Belgrade
OccupationFounder of Zepter International
Spouse(s) Madlena Zepter
ChildrenEmma Zepter

Milan Janković (Serbian Cyrillic : Милан Јанковић, born 23 November 1950), also known as Philip Zepter (Serbian : Filip Cepter, Serbian Cyrillic : Филип Цептер), is a Serbian businessman and entrepreneur. He is the president of the Zepter International Group.


According to a Forbes Magazine ranking, Philip Zepter’s assets are valued at several billion US dollars. [1]

Early years and education

Philip Zepter was born in Kozarska Dubica (in modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina) on 23 November 1950. He is the son of Milisav Jankovic and Nada Reljan. From their union is born in addition to Philip, Gojko, the youngest son.

Zepter's education was strict, focusing on mathematics lessons and intensive sports practice. He completed his secondary education at the secondary school of Bosanska Dubica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), then went to study Economics and graduated with a master’s degree from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics. He is fluent in Serbian, German and English.

On February 21, 1976, he married Madlena Horvat, professor of literature. [2] They have a daughter Emma, born in 2000.

Professional life

His professional life began in Belgrade in 1976, with an international transport company, "Transkop International". He stayed there for two years as Commercial Director.

In 1986, he created in Linz (Austria) the company “Zepter International” 4,5 which produces and markets kitchen utensils in stainless steel alloy. [3] [4] Today, the company has an annual turnover of around one billion euros, has subsidiaries in some 40 countries. [5] [6] The group has extended its field of activity to the medical and cosmetic world as well as to other areas: insurance, banking, real estate and hotels. [7] [8]

In 1990, the Zepter family moved to Monaco, [9] a company under local law was created, CORPO SAM, which designs and carries out marketing, promotion and events for the group's products around the world. [10]

The Zepter family lives in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin in the south of France. Their villa formerly known as Villa Aréthuse, the Villa Trianon [11] [12] was built in 1893 at the request of Lord George Montgomery by the Danish architect, Hans-Georg Tersling. [13]

Political activities

Relationship with political power

Philip Zepter was one of the first and among the most important supporters of Zoran Đinđić, Prime Minister of Serbia from 2001 to 2003 and promoter of important economic and liberal political reforms in his country.

Zepter continued his active support for Đinđić's pro-reform, democratic agenda, once saying that Đinđić was "a glimpse of bright light in the general hopelessness." [14]

Litigation with the International Crisis Group

In 2003, one of the reports of the International Crisis Group attributed the deceleration of Serbian reform to "the financial structures of the Milošević era" which had become "a new oligarchy" financing various parties and influencing, de facto, government decisions. . It mentions the name of Philip Zepter who is said to be among those who have benefited from "special informal monopolies" in exchange for their support for the Milošević regime.

A defamation action is brought before the American courts. [15] On May 10, 2016, the D.C. Circuit dismissed the applicant. [16] According to Judge Rogers, Philip Zepter was indeed an advisor and financial support to Đinđić.

Evidence shows that he was "willingly" involved in a reform process in Serbia. Moreover, the plaintiff does not deny having paid more than 100,000 dollars to a lobbyist to help the government of Đinđić to improve its relations with the United States, “efforts which led (...) to cancel two-thirds of Serbia's external debt ”. The allegations of attempted extortion on the part of the author of the writing are also dismissed. [17] [18]


HSH Albert II of Monaco, receiving from the hands of Mr. Philip Zepter, the Zepter Cup. Louis II Stadium, Monaco. Stade Louis II zEPTER.jpg
HSH Albert II of Monaco, receiving from the hands of Mr. Philip Zepter, the Zepter Cup. Louis II Stadium, Monaco.

The Zepter Group has been involved for several decades in sponsorship encompassing sports, culture and charity. [19] Among these, the Formula 1 world championship, the offshore [20] championship, numerous car rallies, the ice hockey worlds, numerous ATP tennis tournaments, the Cannes festival, the construction and management of the Europe's only private opera house [21] - The Belgrade Madlenianum, the Madeleine Zepter Foundation, which grants grants and supports various projects, the Zepter Museum (Belgrade) which constitutes a collection of works from 1950 to the present day, [22] [23] the literary prize Madeleine Zepter, [24] [25] [26] the Zepter International Design Award, the publishing house Zepter Book World, [27] the first auction house in Belgrade (MadlArt), the Young Chef Prize [28] [29] [30] [31]

In Monaco: a partnership with the Formula 1 Monaco Grand-Prix, the Golden League Athletic Meeting Zepter Herculis, the Monte Carlo Open tennis tournament, the Monte Carlo rally of new energies, [32] the Zepter Monte-Carlo pro celebrities golf tournament, the IAF Monte-Carlo Master class, the Yacht Show [33] , [34] [35] the Monte Carlo World Music awards. [36]


Main recognitions received by Philip Zepter:

Philip Zepter was named Cavaliere in the Order of Merit for Work of the Italian Republic in 1997 for his outstanding contribution to the development of the industry in that country.

In recognition of the benefits brought to Ukraine and its population, the small planet N6589 discovered in 1985 by Ljudmila Ivamovna Cernih and Nikolaj Stepanovic Cernih of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, was named and registered in 2000 under the reference N6589 -JANKOVIC (ZEPTER). by the International Astronomical Union. In the same year he was appointed to the Academy of Sciences (Ecology Section) of the Republic of Ukraine.

In 2011, Philip Zepter was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor (United States of America) [37] for his philanthropic actions in favor of health and the improvement of the human condition.

Main awards received by the Zepter International Group (59)

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