Philippa of Dreux

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Philippa of Dreux
Born 1192
Died 1242 (aged 4950)
Noble family Dreux
Spouse(s) Henry II of Bar


Margaret of Bar
Thiébaut II of Bar
Henry of Bar
Jeanne of Bar
Renaud of Bar
Erard of Bar
Isabelle of Bar
Father Robert II of Dreux
Mother Yolande de Coucy

Philippa of Dreux, Dame de Coucy (1192–1242) was a daughter of Robert II of Dreux and his second wife Yolande de Coucy.



Philippa was the fifth of seven children born to her parents, Robert II of Dreux and his second wife Yolande de Coucy.

Spouse and children

In 1219 she married Henry II of Bar (1190–1239), the son of Theobald I of Bar.


Margaret of Bar Countess consort of Luxembourg

Margaret of Bar (1220–1275) was a daughter of Henry II of Bar and his wife Philippa of Dreux. She was Countess of Luxembourg by her marriage to Henry V of Luxembourg. She is also known as Marguerite of Bar.

Louis V (1235-1299), Count of Chiny (1268-1299), the youngest son of Arnold IV, Count of Looz and Chiny, and Jeanne, Countess of Chiny. He became Count of Chiny in 1268 when his parents entrusted him with the county before their death.

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Enguerrand III, Lord of Coucy Lord of France

Enguerrand III de Boves, Lord of Coucy (c.1182–1242) was the eldest son and successor of Ralph I, Lord of Coucy and Alix de Dreux. He succeeded as Lord of Coucy in 1191, and held it until his death; he was also lord of Marle and Boves.

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Robert III, Count of Dreux French Nobleman, count of Dreux from 1218 to 1234

Robert III of Dreux (1185–1234), Count of Dreux and Braine, was the son of Robert II, Count of Dreux, and Yolanda de Coucy. He was given the byname Gasteblé when he destroyed a field of wheat while hunting in his youth.

Robert IV, Count of Dreux Count of Dreux

Robert IV of Dreux (1241–1282), Count of Dreux, Braine and Montfort-l'Amaury, was the son of John I of Dreux and Marie of Bourbon.

Henry II of Bar in French Henri II de Bar, in German Heinrich II von Bar was a Count of Bar who reigned from 1214 to 1239. He was son of Count Theobald I of Bar and his first wife, Ermesinde of Bar-sur-Seine. Henry was killed on 13 November 1239 during the Barons' Crusade, when he diverted several hundred crusaders from the main army under Theobald I of Navarre to fight a force of Ayyubid Muslims at Gaza.

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Marie of Brittany (1268–1339) was the daughter of John II, Duke of Brittany, and Beatrice of England. She is also known as Marie de Dreux.

Theobald II, Count of Bar French noble

Theobald II was a count of Bar. He was the son of Henry II of Bar and Philippa of Dreux. He became count of Bar when his father was killed in the Holy Land on 13 November 1239 in Theobald of Navarre's Crusade, but news of Henry's death only reached him at the start of 1240. As Theobald was still a minor, his mother ruled as regent until 17 March 1242. Theobald's own children included his successor Henry III and the bishop Reginald of Bar.

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Jeanne, Dame de Chateaudun was a French heiress and the wife of two French noblemen Jean I de Montfort, and Jean de Brienne, Grand Butler of France.

Beatrice, Countess of Montfort French noble

Beatrice de Montfort, Countess of Montfort-l'Amaury was a ruling sovereign countess of Montfort from 1249 until 1312. She was also countess of Dreux by marriage to Robert IV of Dreux, Count of Dreux. She was the ancestor of the Dukes of Brittany from the House of Montfort-Dreux which derived its name from her title.

Ralph I, Lord of Coucy French Crusader

Ralph of Coucy,, lord of Coucy, lord of Marle, La Fère, Crécy (sur-Serre), Vervins, Pinon, Landouzy (la-Ville), and Fontaine (lès-Vervins). He was the son of Enguerrand II, Lord of Coucy and Agnes de Beaugency.

John II, Count of Soissons French count

John II, also known as Je(h)an de Nesle and by the sobriquet le Bon et le Bègue, was the tenth Count of Soissons, succeeding his father Ralph the Good, in 1235. He was the son of his father's second wife, Yolande. By marriage he also became Count of Chartres and Lord of Amboise. He was well-connected with the trouvères: his younger brother Raoul was one and he received the dedication of a song by Pierrekin de la Coupele. He was also a cousin by marriage of the historian Jean de Joinville. He is not to be confused with John II of Nesle, the burggrave of Bruges.

Yolande of Brittany French noble

Yolande of Brittany was the ruler of the counties of Penthièvre and Porhoet in the Duchy of Brittany. Yolande had been betrothed to King Henry III of England in 1226 at the age of seven years. but married Hugh XI of Lusignan, the half-brother of Henry III. Through Hugh, she became Countess of La Marche and of Angoulême. She was the mother of seven children. From 1250 to 1256, she acted as Regent of La Marche and Angoulême for her son, Hugh XII of Lusignan.

Guy I of Clermont Lord of Breteuil and Offemont and a Marshal of France

Guy I of Clermont-Nesle was a Marshal of France, Seigneur (Lord) of Offemont jure uxoris, and possibly of Ailly, Maulette and Breteuil. He might have been a Seigneur of Nesle also, or used the title "Sire of Nesle" due to his family. Difficulties about the seigneurie of Breteuil are present, and the status of Ailly and Maulette in relation to Breteuil.

Stephen III of Auxonne

Stephen III was count of Auxonne. He was from the House of Ivrea, son of Stephen II, count of Auxonne and Judith of Lorraine. He was Stephen III in his House and Stephen II as count of Auxonne.