Philippe Hersent

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Philippe Hersent
Born(1912-07-26)26 July 1912
Died30 December 1982(1982-12-30) (aged 70)
Years active1930-1978

Philippe Hersent (26 July 1912 – 30 December 1982) was a French actor. [1] He appeared in more than eighty films from 1930 to 1978.



1930L'enfant de l'amour
1931 End of the World
1934Les bleus de la marineL'aspirant
1935 Golgotha Jacques
Le secret de l'émeraudeWalter
Joli mondePhilippe
1936 Mayerling Petit rôleUncredited
La Garçonne Peer Rys
La Porte du large
The King Sernin de Chamarande
1937La treizième enquête de GreyBernard Dartmore
1938Une de la cavaleriede Mareuil
Un meurtre a été commisClaude Lorrain
1939 Fort Dolorès Marco Lopez
1940Après Mein Kampf mes crimes
1946 Night Warning Stefan Hess
La troisième dalleGérard
1947 The Fugitive Pole
La dernière chevauchéeClaude Carrion
1948 The Tragic Dolmen Bartoli
1949L'homme aux mains d'argileMarken
1950Nous avons tous fait la même chose
The Dancer of Marrakesh
1951Le clochard milliardaireLe commissaire de quartier
Mammy Un acolyte de Maurice
1953 La môme vert-de-gris Le commissaire
Children of Love Inspecteur Gaultier
1954Opération tonnerre
1955 The White Angel Mario La Torre
1956 The Violent Patriot frate Salvatore
La rivaleColonnello Dondi
The House of Intrigue Mark Landers
Ciao, pais...Serg. Sergio Blanc
1957Solo Dio mi fermerà
The Mighty Crusaders Goffredo di Buglione
The Dragon's Blood Danwarth
La trovatella di Pompei Mariano
1958 The Sword and the Cross Ponzio Pilato
1959Ritrovarsi all'albaIng. Montini
Marie of the Isles Baillardel
I mafiosiDon Calogero Virzi
The Giant of Marathon Callimaco
1960Les mordusLane
Goliath and the Dragon Androclo
The Huns Katermai
1961 Guns of the Black Witch Jean's Stepfather
1962 Attack of the Normans James
79 A.D. Titus Flavius
The Old Testament Namele
1964 Rome Against Rome Azer
Coriolanus: Hero without a Country Consul Cominio
Zorikan lo sterminatore
Hero of Rome Publicola
Messalina vs. the Son of Hercules Claudius
Giants of Rome Drusus
Three Swords for Rome
1965 Agent 077: Mission Bloody Mary Heston - CIA Chief
Agent 077: From the Orient with Fury
1966 The Murder Clinic Marc de Brantome
Special Mission Lady Chaplin Heston
Cifrato specialeRichard
1968Un colpo da mille miliardiGottlieb
Hell in Normandy Prof. Aubernet
Carogne si nasceDeputy Norton 'Mezzobraccio' Carradine
1969Tiempos de ChicagoBig John
1970 Tulips of Haarlem
Cerca di capirmi
1971Tre nel mille
I quattro pistoleri di Santa Trinità Marshal Thomas
Scipio the African console Marcello
Le belvePlacido(segment "Il cincillà)
1972 So Sweet, So Dead The Questor
The Infamous Column Guglielmo Migliavacca
1973 The Great Kidnapping Riccardi
1974 The Beast Owner of CISA Car Company
Conversation Piece Portiere
1975 A Second Spring  [ de ]Giuseppe
1976 The Innocent
A.A.A. cercasi spia... disposta spiare per conto spieSamos
A Matter of Time Cook
Voir Malte et mourir
1977La bella e la bestiaThe Prince(segment "Zooerastia")
1978 Silver Saddle Sheriff(final film role)

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