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Pierre Robin (14 August 1927 [1] – 5 August 2020) [2] was a French aeroplane designer. He was best known for founding the aircraft company Avions Robin with designer Jean Délémontez.

Avions Pierre Robin

Avions Pierre Robin was founded in 1957 as Centre Est Aéronautique at Dijon. In 1969 the company name was changed to Avions Pierre Robin. The company manufactured a series of light airplanes, based on the designs created by Délémontez, of Jodel renown (Société Avions Jodel). The first airplane completed by Avions Pierre Robin was flown in 1967, designated DR.253 Regent. [3]

In October 2004 Alpha Aviation Ltd (Hamilton New Zealand) purchased the jigs, tooling and intellectual rights to the Robin R2000 series. These two-place all-metal training aircraft were produced from 2005 until January 2008, when the parent company of Alpha liquidated the company assets.

Avions Pierre Robin became known as Apex after the R2000 sale. It continued to produce all its other types consisting primarily of the DR400 series. [4]

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Apex Aircraft is a French company devoted to light aeroplane manufacture. It markets three ranges of light aircraft which it brands Robin, Alpha and CAP. The "Robin" range is the former Avions Robin DR400 4-seater aircraft of wooden construction, the "Alpha" range is the former Avions Robin R2000 all-metal 2-seater aircraft series, and the "CAP" range is the former Mudry /CAP Aviation's CAP-10 training and CAP-232 single seater high performance aerobatic aircraft.

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The Alpha Aviation Alpha 2000 is a two-seat, all-metal training and general aviation aircraft built in Hamilton, New Zealand. It continues the successful French Apex Aircraft's Robin R2000 series acquired upon Apex's purchase of the Avions Robin company.

Jean Délémontez was a French aircraft designer. He was born in Lyon. He is best known for his work with his father-in-law, Édouard Joly, on the Jodel range of light aircraft and his collaboration with Pierre Robin on the Avions Robin aircraft range.

Aircraft Manufacturing and Design Co. (AMD) is a manufacturer of three aircraft- the Alarus CH2000, the Zodiac CH601, and the Patriot 150.

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The Jodel D.9 Bébé is a French single-seat ultralight monoplane designed by Jean Délémontez for amateur construction.

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The Robin DR400 is a wooden sport monoplane, conceived by Pierre Robin and Jean Délémontez. The Robin DR400 first flew in 1972 and is still in production. The current model is designated 'DR401'. It has a tricycle undercarriage, and can carry four people. The DR400 has a 'cranked wing' configuration, with the dihedral angle of the outer wing much greater than the inboard, a configuration which they share with Jodel aircraft. This model is considered easy to fly by many and quiet during flight due to its wooden frame.

Édouard Joly, born in Burgundy in 1898, deceased in 1982 was a French aeroplane designer best known for his work with Jean Délémontez on the Jodel range of light aircraft.

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The Robin X4 was an experimental French four-seat light aircraft designed and built by Avions Robin to test different wing configurations and construction materials. The X4 was a low-wing monoplane with a tricycle landing gear and powered by a 116 hp (87 kW) Textron Lycoming engine.

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The Jodel DR1050 Excellence and Ambassadeur are part of a family of French built aircraft, designed by Jean Délémontez in collaboration with Pierre Robin, as a development of the Jodel D.10 project. The aircraft was built from 1958 to 1967 both by Centre-Est Aeronautique (CEA) and by Société Aéronautique Normande (SAN) but since the demise of the latter in 1968 has only been supplied as plans.

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The Robin DR100 series is a family of French light aircraft made by Pierre Robin, which first flew in 1958. Of wooden construction, it has tailwheel undercarriage and 2+2 seating; as a development of Jodel aircraft, its wings feature the same distinctive marked outboard dihedral. Whilst no longer produced, plans can be purchased for amateur construction.

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The Robin DR500 Président is a wooden low wing monoplane, manufactured by Robin Aircraft and marketed as a top-of-the-range DR400. It has a tricycle undercarriage, 4+1 seating configuration, is powered by a more powerful 200CV fuel-injected Lycoming engine and is larger and better-equipped than the standard DR.400.


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