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Pionerskaya Pravda (Пионе́рская Пра́вда) is an all-Russian newspaper. Initially it was an all-Union newspaper of the Soviet Union. Its name may be translated as "Truth for Young Pioneers".



The newspaper was founded March 6, 1925 in Moscow and published under the name “School Pravda” and later under “Pioneer Truth”. [1] [2] Nikolai Bukharin was the first editor of the newspaper. Different poets and artists, like Mikhail Zoshchenko, Ilya Ilf, Evgeny Petrov and Vladimir Mayakovsky, cooperated with the newspaper. [3]

The newspaper became a weekly printed body of the Moscow RKSM Committee. In the 1970s and 1980s its circulation approached 10,000,000 (almost every child in the Soviet Union had a subscription). Its title followed the name of the main Soviet newspaper of the time, Pravda , as did multiple other newspapers.

The newspaper continues to exist today, but now it is not associated with Young Pioneers, and the circulation is greatly reduced.

Similar newspapers were published in other languages of the USSR: as of 1974, six newspapers in Russian and 22 in other languages.

Chief editors

Awards and recognitions

In 1995 Pionerskaya Pravda was awarded the Red Banner of Labor, in 1950 the Order of Lenin and in 1985 the Order of Friendship of Peoples. [7] [8] [9]


USSRПионерская правдаPioneer's Truth Moscow Russian 1925
Russian SFSRЛенинские искрыLenin's Sparks Leningrad Russian 1924
Baskhir ASSRБашҡортостан пионереPioneer of Bashkria Ufa Bashkir 1930
Chuvash ASSRПионер сассиPioneer's call Cheboksary Chuvash 1930
Mari ASSRЯмде лийBe ready Yoshkar-Ola Mari 1933
Tatar ASSRЯшь ленинчыYoung Leninist Kazan Tatar 1924
Udmurt ASSRДась луBe ready Izhevsk Udmurt 1930
Yakut ASSRБэлэм буолBe ready Yakutsk Yakut 1936
Ukrainian SSRЗіркаLittle Star Kiev Ukrainian 1925
Ukrainian SSRЮный ленинецYoung Leninist Kiev Russian 1922
Belarussian SSRПіянер БеларусіPioneer of Belarus Minsk Belarusian 1929
Belarussian SSRЗорькаDawn Minsk Russian 1945
Uzbek SSRЛенин учқуниLenin's Spark Tashkent Uzbek 1929
Uzbek SSRПионер ВостокаPioneer of the East Tashkent Russian 1927
Karakalpak ASSRЖеткиншекChange Nukus Karakalpak 1932
Kazakh SSRҚазақстан пионерiPioneer of Kazakhstan Almaty Kazakh 1930
Kazakh SSRДружные ребятаFriendly children Almaty Russian 1933
Georgian SSRნორჩ ლენინელიYoung Leninist Tbilissi Georgian 1931
Azerbaijani SSRАзәрбајҹан пионериPioneer of Azerbaijan Baku Azerbaijani 1938
Lithuanian SSRLietuvos pionieriusPioneer of Lithuania Vilnius Lithuanian 1946
Moldavian SSRТынэрул ленинистYoung Leninist Chisinau Moldavian 1941
Moldavian SSRЮный ленинецYoung Leninist Chisinau Russian 1941
Latvian SSRPionierisPioneer Riga Latvian 1946
Kyrgyz SSRКыргызстан пионериPioneer of KyrgyzstanFrunze (Bishkek) Kyrgyz 1933
Tajik SSRПионери ТоҷикистонPioneer of Tajikistan Dushambe Tajik 1929
Armenian SSRՊիոներ ԿանչPioneer's call Erevan Armenian 1925
Turkmen SSRМыдам тайярAlways ready Ashkhabad Turkmen 1930
Estonian SSRSädeSpark Tallinn Estonian 1946

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