Plumbum, or The Dangerous Game

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Plumbum, or The Dangerous Game
Directed by Vadim Abdrashitov
Written by Aleksandr Mindadze
Starring Anton Androsov
Yelena Dmitriyeva
Elena Yakovleva
Music by Vladimir Dashkevich
Cinematography Georgy Rerberg
Edited by Aleksandr Tolkachov
Release date
  • 1987 (1987)
Running time
97 min
Language Russian

Plumbum, or The Dangerous Game (Russian : Плюмбум, или опасная игра, "Plyumbum, ili Opasnaya igra") is a 1987 Russian coming-of-age drama film directed by Vadim Abdrashitov.


The film was entered into the main competition at the 44th edition of the Venice Film Festival, where it got the President of the Italian Senate's Gold Medal. [1]


Fifteen year old gifted teenager Ruslan Chutko longs to do good and help the police to identify offenses under the pseudonym Plumbum (Latin for - Lead). Plumbum decides in a single provincial town to eradicate the evil. However, in his interest of being a fighter against evil he goes far beyond what is permitted in a children's play and ends up ruthlessly invading people's lives.



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