Poopó Municipality

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Poopó Municipality, Bolivia
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This is a view of Lake Poopó taken from the south eastern shore near the village of Llapallapani.
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Poopó Municipality, Bolivia
Location of the Poopó Municipality within Bolivia
Coordinates: 18°20′0″S66°35′0″W / 18.33333°S 66.58333°W / -18.33333; -66.58333 Coordinates: 18°20′0″S66°35′0″W / 18.33333°S 66.58333°W / -18.33333; -66.58333
Country Bolivia
Department Oruro Department
Province Poopó Province
Cantons 3
  MayorNicanor Lopez Choque (2008)
  PresidentJorge Choque Bautista (2008)
  Total269 sq mi (697 km2)
12,100 ft (3,700 m)
Time zone UTC-4 (BOT)

Poopó Municipality is the first municipal section of the Poopó Province in the Oruro Department, Bolivia. Its capital is Poopó. [1]



The municipality lies east of the Desaguadero River where it connects Uru Uru Lake and Poopó Lake.

Some of the highest mountains of the municipality are listed below: [1] [2]

  • Chuqi Nasa
  • Chuwallani
  • Ch'alla Wintu
  • Ch'ankha
  • Ch'api Ch'api
  • Kisuri
  • Kuntur Ikiña
  • Llallawani
  • Pä Qullu
  • Puka Kancha
  • Pukara
  • Qachi Qachi
  • Qala Pirqata
  • Quri Mina
  • Tani Tani
  • Tanka Qullu
  • Taypi Qullu
  • Urqu Jipiña


The municipality is divided into three cantons.


The languages spoken in the Poopó Municipality are mainly Spanish, Quechua and Aymara .

Quechua 4,439
Aymara 1,105
Guaraní 13
Another native6
Spanish 5,189
Only native733
Native and Spanish3,769
Only Spanish1,420

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Lake Poopó

Lake Poopó was a large saline lake in a shallow depression in the Altiplano Mountains in Oruro Department, Bolivia, at an altitude of approximately 3,700 m (12,100 ft). Because the lake was long and wide, it made up the eastern half of the department, known as a mining region in southwest Bolivia. The permanent part of the lake body covered approximately 1,000 square kilometres (390 sq mi) and it was the second-largest lake in the country. The lake received most of its water from the Desaguadero River, which flows from Lake Titicaca at the north end of the Altiplano. Since the lake lacked any major outlet and had a mean depth of less than 3 m (10 ft), the surface area differed greatly seasonally.

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Uru–Chipaya languages

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Poopó may refer to:

Desaguadero River (Bolivia)

The Desaguadero River in Bolivia drains Lake Titicaca from the southern part of the river basin, flowing south and draining approximately five percent of the lake's flood waters into Lake Uru Uru and Lake Poopó. Its source in the north is very near the Peruvian border.

Uru Uru Lake

Uru Uru Lake is a lake in the Oruro Department in Bolivia. It is fed by the Desaguadero River and the Jach'a Jawira. It is situated at an elevation of 3,686 m, its surface area is 214 km².

The Uru-Muratos are descendants of an old indigenous community in Bolivia, the Urus or Uros. Because of their place of living, surroundings of Lake Poopó, they were commonly known as the "men of the lake". In 1930 their lands and lake were invaded by the Aymara people. Consequently, most of the Uru-Muratos lost their place as the sole fishermen of the lake, and their economic livelihood and relations with other communities were drastically worsened.

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Pazña Municipality Municipality in Oruro Department, Bolivia

Pazña Municipality is a municipality of the Poopó Province in the Oruro Department, Bolivia. Its capital is Pazña.

Jatun Wila Qullu

Jatun Wila Qullu is a mountain in the Andes in Bolivia, about 5,214 m (17,106 ft) high. It is located south east of Poopó Lake in the Oruro Department, Challapata Province, Quillacas Municipality, Soraga Canton, east of Sevaruyo and near the border to the Potosí Department.

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Jach'a Jawira is a Bolivian river east of Poopó Lake in the Potosí Department, Rafael Bustillo Province, Chuqi Uta Municipality.

Wila Chankha

Wila Ch'ankha is a 4,701-metre-high (15,423 ft) mountain located in the Andes in Bolivia. It is situated in the Oruro Department, Poopó Province, Poopó Municipality, Poopó Canton, near the Desaguadero River and northeast of Poopó Lake. The town of Poopó lies at the foot of the mountain, north of it.

Isallavi Place in Oruro Department, Bolivia

Isallavi is a village in the Bolivian Oruro Department. It is the birthplace of Evo Morales, Bolivia's former President.


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