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Portland Japanese School (PJS; ポートランド日本人学校 Pōtorando Nihonjin Gakkō) is a Japanese weekend supplementary school located in the Portland metropolitan area. [1] The school has its office in Park Plaza West in Beaverton, and its classes are held at Hazelbrook Middle School in Tualatin. [2] The Japanese Business Association of Portland (ポートランド日本人商工会 Pōtorando Nihonjin Shōkōkai), also known as the "Shokookai," oversees the school, which serves levels PK through 12. [3]



It was founded in August 1971. During the 1980s the school was meeting in Twality Middle School in Tigard as the PJS began its relationship with the Tigard-Tualatin School District. When Hazelbrook Middle School opened in 1992 the Japanese school moved its classes there. [1] In 2000 the school had about 280 students. [4]

Curriculum and operations

The school teaches kokugo (Japanese language) and mathematics. [1]

Every summer the Japanese school sends some Tigard-Tualatin school employees to Japan so they can study Japanese culture. [1]

Student demographics

As of 2011 the school had 363 students. Students originate from the Portland area, with a portion coming from Salem, Oregon and Longview, Washington. Many of their parents are businesspersons temporarily residing in the United States. [3]

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