Premier rendez-vous

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Premier rendez-vous
Premier rendez vous 1941.jpg
Directed by Henri Decoin
Written byHenri Decoin
Michel Duran (dialogue & adaptation)
Richard Busch (German version)
Max Kolpé (uncredited)
Produced byAlfred Greven (uncredited)
Cinematography Robert Lefebvre
Music byRené Sylviano
Release dates
14 August 1941 (Paris)
20 August 1942 (Nazi Germany)
20 February 1947 (USA)
Running time
105 min
91 min (USA)

Premier rendez-vous (US title: Her First Affair) is a 1941 French comedy film starring Danielle Darrieux. It was directed by Henri Decoin, who co-wrote the screenplay with Michel Duran. During the German occupation, the film was made by Continental Films at Paris Studios Cinéma.



An orphan girl corresponds with a lonely college professor. In the end, she falls in love with his nephew.


The first film dubbed in Persian

This is the first movie dubbed in Persian in 1946.

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